Friday, December 15, 2006


Yeppers--likely, if you asked, you are on my jury. I wanted to get together a mini portfolio to mail to you with the "thank you for offering your services, let's get to work email" but alas, we have no power. Lovely.

I'm at work trying to blog with no in the fishbowl. Not working so well. Supposedly we get power Monday so I'll get back to you then!

Till then...thanks!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Jury Duty

Your summons just might go out tomorrow. Still looking for a few interested jurists...

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Looking for a few good jurists

well, the time has come. I've got a slew of stuff to show and no one to show it to. Why? Because I think I will give HOF one last shot. So this is where you might come in.

See, I'm in need of a jury. Not just a mentor, but a whole jury of folks that I can share my lovely work with. You don't have to be local, I can email it to ya, but I will have to have you sign your first born over to me. Not really, but seriously. I'll need folks who are willing to look at my goods and be honest. Sometimes, I'll send you a slew of stuff and say "pick your fave and tell me why". Other times, I'll send you a few things and a link to the assignment/rules and tell you to tell me which you think stands out within the parameters. No matter. I just need folks who are:

1. honest. Both in regards to telling me what does and does not work, but also in regards to not grabbing and running

2. reliable. I procrastinate. So if you procrastinate too and won't get back to me with feedback, then I'ma be in a world of hurt. Let me tell ya.

3."good" now this is relative. I'll want a link to your gallery of work. I want my jury to consist of folks with various styles/attention to detail and the like. Because I know what I like, that will be on the jury pretty heavily because I want to keep to my style. But I do want input from others as well. So if I don't pick you don't fret--you can look at my public stuff and let me know what you like/don't like and be an unofficial jurist.

What's in it for you? Aside from good karma (word of the moment evidently) all my jurists will be handsomly rewarded for their scrap helpfulness. I won't say with what just yet (cause I don't want you to submit your name just for that), but I promise you WILL NOT be dissapointed.

Okay--so if you want in, you need to email me at

And be sure to link me to someplace where I can see your work and tell me why you want to be a jurist. Let me know if you can do it in person (I live in Seattle) or if you want to do it via email. Most of the work will be during January--expect to do weekly communication via email, daily towards the end of the month. Duties will end January 31. You will be held in strictest confidence--meaning I don't even want you to let folks know you're on my jury. After Jan 31, all is fair game. Including scraplifting of any cool ideas I may throw your way. I would just ask that you not post said scraplifts until March 1.

Be sure to tell the world--you also don't HAVE to be a scrapper to be considered for this. Non-scrappers should let me know such (as you won't have a gallery to link me to) but definitely let me know why you are interested in helping out.

Kay. we're off.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Oh my freaKIng goodness!

So there are those (who know me well) who would say:
"She only entered for the Ipod"

And really, those folks would be so dead on.
But they, nor I, knew what all this would REALLY mean!

Holy good KIness!! I am so in love.

I already loved the letters and "photo corners" (ie, arrows to me)

But the ribbon

and the big box of good KI ness!

Totally cool!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Coolness - Legacy!

So it's official. Legacy has selected my most favoritist piece I've ever created for the August/September issue. I've posted it here before. And online at 2peas. I've santized for the "newness" but if you've been observant, you'll of course know which one it was (smile).

Congrats to Sue T and Jen for their RAK wins from CKC-Seattle (well, Bellevue really but we won't get into that just yet). They join Andrea in the rak winnings. Two more rak winners (or, perhaps, yet another double winner like Andrea and Jen), a scrapbook photos gig to give out and then the major prize winners.

Fun times!

Now if only I could skate to the post office and get those gifts sent out.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

So here we are

A year later, we're still here!


Lots of great things in life to be happy about. Most of all, that a year ago, I was pretty miserable--not in the traditional sense, but just kinda surreal. Not with anyone, just kicking it with really no idea about this whole scrapbooking thing. I mean yeah, I had been pubbed in Simple Scrapbooks at that point and I had just come off an amazing weekend at CKC-WA. But even then, after that weekend, I had no idea of what I was capable of. I never would have dreamed that I'd actually get as involved with this as I am, much less that I'd be having fun doing what I'm doing. I mean scrapping started off diferently and for different reasons than for most folks. But still.

So a year later I'm at a point.

I've just made my third design team.
I've just been asked to pub in my third major magazine
I've just been asked for a submission in my third idea book publication.
I made finalist in my third major manufacturer national contest.

For thost that know me, those threes are very significant to me. Back in high school (seems so long ago), I had a fave teacher who told me of the power of 3. Everything in life, for good, for bad and for indifferent, happens in threes. I have no illusions about having "done it all"

No illusions at all there.

And I'm not typically the type that settles or gets content.

But I'm at a point. A point where I don't look at others and think "I can do that".

A point where I don't see the new list of calls at pub calls and think "WOW, I have to do that too"
A point where I'm not trying to kid myself into making a living with this.
A point where I can look in my scrap room and honestly say "I have enough. I don't need to go out and buy x" A point where "x" luckily, oh so luckily, comes to me by way of friends, family, and just play old moxie by looking for ops that matter to me. Really matter to me.

I'm at a point. A good point where the opportunities that I'm lucky enough to come across really mesh with who I am and match my goals. A good point where I'm super excited about living life--not just scrapping it. I love it. I really love everything this hobby has done for me. But I honestly need to keep it just that--a hobby. What that means, we'll see this coming year. Just thinking about it now cause I have some resolutions to get together and this should be fun. It is fun and that is why I feel a renewed committment to this, but I want to make sure that that committment isn't misunderstood.

Till then.

Friday, November 17, 2006


well...choices to make. And I think I made the right one. It's odd. You get to points where you think you know what you are walking into, you walk on in and it is really quite the house of mirrors! Which, by the way, was my FAVE destination at Western Playland until they moved it into the middle of nowhere...bummer.

Totally happy right now. Got a call I've been hoping for a long time. Cept that it was a call with conditions. Sigh. Now I know how it feels for the students I waitlist cause in a way, that's what I'm faced with now. Accept the offering with hopes that more will come of it. Honored of course that they think highly enough of you to even give you the shot, but scared to death that you won't be able to measure up. So is me in the moment. And then I get another totally unrelated call about something I cannot share until Monday and though this is not modeling that by posting this vague teaser here, that call I just got is testament to patience and compromise. And it works so well for me. So totally well. So just more to contemplate and be totally happy about. More on that latter one on Monday.

It will work out. That I'm confident of. Even better, I'm now so totally motivated to get cracking! Just posted 7 more challenges for the CKC-WA dinner and I'm pretty excited by what the ladies have done there so far.

Really thinking of doing CHA-Anaheim this year...but have to figure out what's what and then some what.

On a somewhat side note--woke up this morning to a pretty severe accident on the East Side--construction crane crashed down through like three buildings right out by the Convention Center where I was just at for CKC-WA. Kinda crazy. Kinda close to home.

Alas...lots of scrap stuff at the BF's house. I should scrap something. Digitally at the very least. Reading up on HOF for Creating Keepsakes and just not sure. I like the challenges but I'm really for some reason or another getting to the point where I'm like...kay...I like me and that's okay. Less competitive if that is even possible (smile).

We'll see but thanks for asking. Promise...besides my own little mind knowing...I'll post the breaking news here if I decide to go for it. Messin' with ya...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

And in a month's time...

Wow...not like I have done nothing scrap related for a month.

Most notably, got to meet some fantastic, amazingly talented online scrap friends (some for the "again" time) at the 2peas Pub Dinner at CKC-Seattle.

It really was a blast being in touch with mf's to get donations and I can't wait to see all that the women do with the products. I even gave away a super rak!

So aside from that...what else? Got my first call for Legacy and shipped that off this week! I really hope they like it in person and pick it up!

Been getting some good progress on some other assignments and I'm really looking forward to hearing back about a DT call this week that I have really, really REALLY wanted to be on for some time now. If I don't make it, the time isn't right ya know what I mean? I truly believe it with this particular one because of some history there, but definitely would be a thrill to work with them.

Oh and back at to see the "innards"...the sausage being made. I helped set up one of my most fave mfs of all time at the show. Not biased at all (smile). I worked with Deb from the Fiber Scraps booth. I have to email her to get her to send me the pic we took but I was more than half a wreck. She called just as I was getting out to Azteca to make final arrangements on Thursday and I was like "yeah, I can help". Well...cause I'm not a no girl (smile). This was one of the thousands of reasons why I am happy to be a yes girl--met a really great person who was in a bind and I was so happy I could help her out.

Last trip on the road so I get to play with my CKC goodie bag and create some great stuff for the challenges to post here and at 2peas. Be on the lookout!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I've got style!

Blue Media style that is. Got a call for a layout--number 12...the infamous Moments. I love that layout. So simple, so clean. Love it. And it got picked up for pub. Finally.

Much love to all.

So I have a whole bunch of layouts I did on the road. Didn't take the scrap supplies as I wanted and that is probably a really good thing. But did do it to it digitally. Got lots to share and hope to have lots of internet time thsi coming week to get some of it posted.

Till then!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

WHAT?! MM Idol?!

Yeah...that was my reaction when, after seeming forever of no internet access, I signed in to my email to find out that I hadn't made the top 5. I was like "well, duh...1000 entries, that's no shocker".

So really, I was thinking that it was a standard (but really nice--in wording and thought) mass generated email to everyone who entered.

Then it dawned on me.

Girl, you are one of the 20 finalists!

I think I about sucked all the air out of this here 10 story hotel. Yeah, I was beyond shocked.

Not in a "well, it would be really cool, keep the fingers crossed, sure I have as good a chance as everyone else please, please, please call me KI" kinda way (smile).

But in a genuinely "Oh snap, I didn't even get to worry over this one and what a pleasant email to come online to" kinda way.

You know what this means right? Well, aside from the cool notion (cool notions being those that are always handy to have when you're on one of those "I'd rather be doing something else" moments) that this past year has shown me love from Scrapworks, KI Memories, Making Memories and the lovely Effers, to me, this also means more confirmation. No, not that I create cool or great things. Far from that. But confirmation that doing it "just because" is just as fun. It is a lot less pressure. It is tons more rewarding. Not creating for calls. For this, they said you could enter new or old stuff. I entered all old stuff. Didn't ask anyone which pieces I should enter, I just entered some of my faves. No, they were not totally all MM'd out. No they were not totally complicated and technique heavy. They were just my faves. Kinda like the KI album--wasn't all KI'd or Color Theory'd out. Was a bit more complicated and definitely very me--not sugary sappy sweet (cause, honey, though sweet, the sap runneth dry when adulthood showed me the reality light)--but very...I don't know. Just me. Not preachy, but "consider this" debatable. In a very subtle way. You'll see.

But anyhow, I totally digress. So which pieces did I submit? I submitted...14 (You Inspired Me), 12 (Moments) and 7 (Pieces of Her) from the SOY entry I posted here. Check em out. Next internet access moment I'll post links!

Friday, September 29, 2006 don't create anymore?

That is certainly the double edged sword. I do create. TONS. Just so much of it is for assignment and "sneak peaks" are okay but need to be taken down by... I just need to drop the dime and get a high speed card. A whole nother story.

This past week I took so many great pics. And I have so many great kits to scrap with. And so many RAKs to send off. I promise. If I owe you a RAK it will be WELL WORTH THE WAIT. Pinky swear ya.

I have a room full of fun stuff to play with and just no time to sit down and do it. That whole "no sharp objects on the plane thing. But that makes me think. Maybe...just maybe, I'm going to go ahead and pack a scrap bag with me. Take some stuff to have fun with. Especially since I keep using the same stuff over and over with now, I should just take a slight sidebag full of stuff and challenge myself to scrap a layout a day while on the road this week. How fun would that be?

Ambitious. We'll see if we can pull it off!

I did find layout/project 20 by the way. It's a file on the other computer that for the life of me I cannot get to transfer over. Looking back on those traumatic moments, I remember that I had to print it off individually (and then realized that my home printer did AS GOOD a job as shipping everything to and learn) so I did have 20. If you come by my digs, I'll show it to ya. Or when I get back in again, I'll get a photo. So much to do. Lots of time to do it in, but I'd prefer to go and contact some more mfs for the pub dinner! Boxes are rolling in. It is so friggin' fun!

Friday, September 15, 2006

19 of 20

uhhmmm...19 of 20

Uhhhm because evidently, I'm an idiot.
20 required...20.
And I can only find 19 of mine.
I hope for the life and love of all sacred I had it together enough to include 20.
I'm sure I did. had to have.
Now I need to go home and look at my actual copy.
Annoying. Almost as much...check that, not nearly as much as it is embarassing.
I'll figure it out. I'm on a mission now!

18 of 20...

18 of 20?
A Rose is a Rose...and then some

I know...I so promised to have it done before I left. So it's only fair I give you two. is the thing.

I have my least fave and one of my faves left. Here's to least fave's to get it out fo the system...

IRL (nope...not at band camp, but in real life) I liked the concept and was going for more. They actually look really cool on my window ledge. ask...where is the photo. Took a chance with this one.

There are actually three shadowboxes to this one. One, with a single flower is the first set of roses the current fantastic guy gave me. Alas, I didn't keep the first single rose.

Another set is one rose each from "that relationship". Uh huh.

And the other set is a rose from each significant event in my life--graduations (plural--I have one from high school, one from undergrad and one from grad).

I used to have these all in this really REALLY neat wood bowl. Which I no longer have. It was hard to move coast to coast. Then I had these in a plastic bag. Really not good. And in another shadowbox frame--a gold one. But the collection outgrew it and the white ones really go with the current decor...

so it goes. Not my fave, but growing on me and one of the few entries that actually gets air time now know how it goes.

And as I upload this. I realise that I'm off...gotta find two more after this...hmmm...

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


delivered. @ 10:23 am. see how it all works out when you stop stressing so much?

I so, so SO want to share that album. I cannot. But you're gonna LOVE it. But since I cannot share that, it kinda sorta seems only fair that maybe we take this old school eh? Show you how I USED to scrap?

Yeah right!

In any event, I just did a whole lotta shopping for digi stuff. What? She does digi? Yeppers...when I'm on the road. Which is through the end of the year. I have some paper projects to finish when I get home. Gotta see about taking Thursday off from work (usually we get the day after we get back off) but might just go in later. In the morning, or evening--depending--I'll get the stuff done for the Summer Bash at Scrappin Trends. I hope I'll have my kit for October at Diversity Designs so I can get that done before I hit the road too.

I've got some great ideas for three layouts I want to get done tonight. And I can actually share one (probably two) of them. Fun times!

Be on the lookout and thanks for stressing the postal issue for me so that I could let it go.

Philly is almost over. Check the life blog for why that is a good and a bad thing.

Monday, September 11, 2006


Is that the post office's way of saying "We messed up"?

Cause they did. Don't know where McKinney, TX is. But I do know where Plano is. In relation to Addison. Thank goodness for insurance in case something was missent and never delivered. Thank goodness for delivery confirmation to know where it is going. Thank goodness for priority mail to make it a bit more "urgent" that they fix that mistake.

Oh heck for not just sending it express or something like that to make SURE it got there in a reasonable amount of time. Breathing. I sent it Friday. Relax. It's Monday night. Everything is fine.

This post brought you from the fantastic town of Philly. And then she said.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Tracking...the numbers we have to track it one more time:

0306 1070 0001 5801 0859

Insured it this time too. Yeah and of course.

So 18 of 20. We're really at the point of "who knows what she posted" and's only 3 more. So I'm going to hold off on that. That way, when I get back on Thursday, I can finish out with Thursday, Friday and a Saturday flutter out with the full 20. Fun times.

So in the scrap world--was asked to do another DT. Coolness. Have to really think on it though. As I get ready to travel, I switch from paper into more digi scrapping. I need to find the site where I can have my handwriting made into a font for my computer. In love with my handwriting nowadays and that has been the stalling factor on me really getting back to digi. But I did just buy a whole lot of elements for the road. Fun times!

Also in the scrap world, got my totally cool Urban Lily Kit for the Summer Bash Round 3. Rocks! Gotta do two layouts and alter my sugar cube. Now to think how I want to do all of the above. Had some ideas looking at the paper. We shall see. Have all sorts of new pics to fall in love with so...there that is.

On the road I hope to finish contacting all the pub dinner sponsors. We shall see how that goes (smile).

Have fun and I hope to be able to check in here a couple of times while out. At the very least I hope to be able to update Colored White and get some Philly photos for the Shots Fired blog. Which reminds me that I need to pack up the baby camera.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

17 of 20...or thereabouts...

Okay okay...
17 of 20 SoY Unloved
(commentary: see...on the MBs they said it was okay to do non-layout memory related items. But, really, I think all the mini books and non-layout items in my entry did go a bit overboard. Live and learn!)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

See now...

"Some folks...they let that win just get all up in their head" is what you are thinking. But really, it is nothing like that.

Totally, TOTALLY psyched cause that number we tracked...remember way back on the 15th of that Other Month...

it totally rocked my world on Friday night. In the midst of making Enchiladas. Green chicken enchiladas to be exact.

It was a funny ring--because it was a blocked call. So, of course I knew who it was. I lept out the couch to get the phone. Only, my phone is a hata. Hata.

I touched the thing and it stopped wringing. Flipped it open and shouted hello for the hood to hear. Yeah...uhm nothing.

Sigh...was probably nothing.

Settle in for some time on :that couch: with :that guy: and the voice mail ring comes on. Okay...I gotta check that.

Open up...tells me it is from a blocked id. Then there are Ira and Kim (in order of apperance for my message) telling me what I was in denial about most of the weekend--

I'm a FinAList! Did you hear me? I'm a FINALIST?

You know what so totally rocks my world about this? Okay...moment of honesty here. It rocks my world that I get an Ipod (smile). Cause that means BF can get me something else for Christmas. Something about 6'6" tall, and warm and snuggly...

but i digress.

Aside from the ipod, what is so totally earth shattering about this to me was that for once, I did what I wanted to do and it worked! I know I know...follow your own style, stop messing on "what you think they want" and all that jazz. I finally followed my own big headed advice and low and behold!

Totally cool.

Cannot wait to share that album. Loved it before the phone call, loved it after the phone call, love it more every day.

Peace out.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

16 of 20 right?

We're getting to the point where I don't remember which I have shared
and which I have not...
so don't get crazy if this is up already.
Gently remind me and I'll switch it out (smile).
16 of 20
SoY unloved
Live Your Life

Gotta love the Urban Lily paper!
Lots of really great stuff happening in the scrap life. But...alas...I have to go tend to the sick boyfriend (aka, play hookie).
In brief:
1. Great DT (one I'm already on, don't flip out with the "why didn't you tell me") is going through some changes. Changes I was afraid of at first, but think I might well like. Love it.
2. Tomorrow...heartbreak. But...the good of that is that I can SHARE a really wonderful album I so totally love. If only I could find those pictures. Had a thought about where they might be. Interesting...if not, I'll have to rephotograph and that won't happen tomorrow (or tonight either...patience!)
3. Speaking of album shares, just did another album (which took me forever only because I kept getting bogged down with other stuff). Simplified, simplified, simplified. And so very much love it. Gonna get it and give it back (yeah...I swiped it...and what?!) to the boyfriend this weekend. When we're back on the beach. yeah.
Kay...I like threes so this will throw me off BUT...remember that CK WA Pea Pub Dinner? Yeah...I have a rak that I have to send to Gina cause she guessed correctly--Threee Bugs and Scrapworks. Fun sponsors eh? I just got another confirmation yesterday so we're up to 4 major manufacturers. So totally fun!
That's all the scrap stuff folks...back to the regularly scheduled blogging...right after I stop for my Mc D's yummy.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Messy Share

Blurry...but that is kinda the point.
you can peep it at 2peas (username Imanisasa)
for the journaling details but here it is

As promised...from the Beyond Appearances challenge blog


as in...we're in it.
15 of 20 SoY Unloved
Be Friendly
(well, page 2...seems like 1 doesn't want to load)

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Out...and it's all good!

So then. I'm out of the Last Scrapper Standing competition with the Dares. And it is such a good thing. They posted dare 3.5 on Thursday night/Friday morning. That knocked me out. I didn't drive to work, didn't have my laptop and the dare required the use of wet media anyhow. So I had about 25 minutes to get something done, photographed and posted because...well...we had the wedding this weekend!

That was fun times...but that is on the other blog.

I am completely fine with not moving on. This last layout was nothing like what I do lately and unlike the other layouts, not something I was really feeling. I LOVE the layout I just did for the Beyond Appearances Blog though...tomorrow...I'll link ya. There are RAKS involved this week ya'll so DEFINITELY get over there and complete a layout.

Got three big name sponsors for the Pub Dinner and two more I'm pretty sure will come on board.

Gina wins! She guessed the two sponsors we had at the time the challenge was posted--Three Bugs in a Rug and Scrapworks. Figured she'd get the second one cause she like only loves her some Scrapworks (and she can rock it at that...check out their blog cause she was a recent winner over there). Why she is not on their DT...beyond me (smile).

Kay...I'll add links to lots of this stuff tomorrow.

Just wanted to get posted here that I'm okay with not moving on. Had lots of really great folks consoling me and I much appreciate it but it there are no regrets for going to the wedding I didn't originally want to go to.

Much love!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Love Share

And yeah I guess it is that time where I share the Last Scrapper Standing Love eh?

Here she goes...Round three.
Likely be sitting after this, but it was fun!
Challenge this week was all about the circle--straight lines not allowed.
Gotta love that straight line journaling not so straight though...

WOW...I can do separate titles now?!

14 of 20
Soy Unloved:
You Inspired Me

Guess I fidgeted with the settings enough to actually get there.
Anyhow...what were we at? 14 of 20?
Let's say that is it.

Monday, August 21, 2006

******************THIS JUST IN****************

Oh I'm organizing that pea dinner eh? Guess I need to get on creating another blog for that but since it is scrappy related,
I suppose I can update ya'll here.

Got two sponsors confirmed already. Let's just say buggy ya'll and Work it. Post in the comments who you think the two sponsors are and I'll put together a RAK of fantastic stuff from one said sponsor (cause...honestly, I probably have enough of their stuff to fill goodie bags on my own...maybe not) and pick a random winner from those that get the two right.

Good luck!
13 of 20
SoY Unloved
Journey Challenge Flip Book

Coming up close on the homestretch chicas.
Now onto circles...

Friday, August 18, 2006

And for the love of all else!
12 of 20
Soy Unloved

Enjoy the weekend!
11 of 20
SoY Unloved
I'm Not a Lawyer

Happy Friday!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Vicariously. In Texas

10:07 am.
My package arrived in TX. The story and the delivery is there. The color is there. Execution...not so much. So really, have to brace myself for this isn't it either. but it was a great project and now I just have to wrap it up and voila--Christmas present number 1 already done. Love it for that alone (smile).

And in the lovefest of sharing, I leave you with this: deep:

okay...or not. GoTta love Blogger for being there when you need it.

Check it at this link Warning: She's a Heartbreaker.
10 of 20
SoY unloved:
How dO i Love The mini album

Halfway there!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Almost halfway there...

sharing the love. On the SoY stuff. But really, I have so much more to share. Funny stories too. I think this needs a list and lots of pictures. Brace yourself for my impatience with blogger...

Piece by piece.

Didn't make it to the next round of the Queen of Paradise contest. Honestly...kinda stunned by that one. All the contestants were loving my stuff. Poured my heart into it. Guess it was too depressing. Or I said too much. In any event, I love both of the layouts--one of them got me caught. Online. Typed the journaling and Mr. Google happy went and done found hisself online. And my dreaming all sappy on him. Sigh...I tell ya.

But that Smile Love it. Love that little boy. I don't know how people who scrap about their kids can handle the rejection of submitting. Yeah and no.

Anyhow...didn't make it past that round. Will post those layouts momentarily here.

Track it with me now: 0306 0320 0000 7135 0587
Good ole post office this time because unlike most contests, KI isn't trying to put no one into debt over their pipe dreams. Postmark deadline. Still sent it priority mail to TX, but $6.00 sure beats $20 some odd to get something to Utah by the next day.

Act like you don't know what I'm talking about.

I'm sure I'll be sharing that album shortly. Why do I wait last minute on this stuff? Because then I don't have to wait so long for the announcement.

Off to get that Last Scrapper Standing layout done (I HAVE to kick it up a notch from last week) and the rest of the non Scenic Route entry together. Yeah. I go there.
And for tomorrow
Soy 9 of 20:
What New Outfit?!
8 of 20
SoY Unloved:

Monday, August 14, 2006

And then there was this
7 of 20 SoY Unloved:
Pieces of Her
(memory photo project)
A week very sorry about my slackerishness. So...lots of great things to post for your patience.

So there is of course this:

6 of 20
SoY unloved:
Do Something Amazing!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Friday: 5 of 20:
Don't Hide in the Shadows

Thanks for looking! Just uploaded my Round 3 entries at Croppin' Paradise. nothing like some genuine "made me cry" praise to ease the sting of rejection (smile). And to imagine that I finished way before a week early. That's what I get for being clueless lately.

KI album--so very loving it. Just need to let go of the fear of my handwriting and finish that out this week. Whoa now the journaling on that one promises to be intense. Been very free flowing and open and honest lately. I like it lots!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

And Thursday:
Soy 4 of 20:
[seen layout]
Shopping? What New Outfit...

For Wednesday:
SOY 3 of 20:
Nap Time


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

And, in honor of not hater-ating, I have to post another SOY entry:

Here is 2 of 20 (smile).
Trust: The Gift
They posted the list on CK's site so you should check it out. Lots of really REALLY great folks on that list and I'm honored to have even gotten it together to enter. Been doing a lot of reading, self reflection and the like and finally came to see two things:
1. If you want it like that, you have to do it like that Madame revolutionaryist
2. You are you and only you, be true to hold truth.
I've been email debating with the BF this morning. LOVE this life!

Monday, July 31, 2006 I'm no benefit.
I get to post layouts! I think maybe I'll do one a day.
Starting with my fave:
What are you afraid of: Out There
Basic Grey pp, Bazzill Cardstock
Heidi Swapp ghost letters
Fancy Pants & Making Memories chipboard (doddle thingy and hearts)
Hero Arts stamp
Colorbox Liquid chalk
trusty sharpie (brown this time...go figure)
acrylic paint
Think you can read the journaling.
1 down...19 more to go.
Wow...something to post about daily and pics to go with it!
Maybe we'll make it through August yet!

Well...when one door closes, another opens. No SoY...(really...REALLY...truly) but did get that other opportunity. I get to be on the DT for As the World Scraps. Totally psyched because it is ALL about scrapping other people's pictures through your own lens. This is exactly what I do more times than not. When I'm scrapping for "myself" I am scrapping other people. This will be so absolutely amazingly cool.

And for being good kidos, I have to post a layout:

You can read the journaling and be sure to check out the amazing

Beyond Appearances Challenge Blog!

Sigh. Grin! Can't wait to get home and get back to that other project!


Wow. WOW! Gotta a really GREAT opportunity come my way. Creating the way I create for a cause I care for. This blows me over that I get to do this. I'm so excited I need to back away from the computer before I say something I'm not supposed. Promise that soon as I get the okay...I'll spill it!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

**ETA...sob...not till tomorrow. If I had not checked that thread over there, I wouldn't have known and could just go about my life already. But I would have so stupidly posted my LO's online. So it's a good thing.**

***And I just saw something way cool pop into my email...another post becons...***

Soy...whatcha waiting for? Calls of course. End of today, we should know who made finalists. Dream come true. That would SO be a dream come true. And then some.

But in equally eventful news...made it to the next round for all of the obnoxious links I left you to browse in the last post. And now I have to get up the nerve to show BF said winning los. Winning because so many folks have been touched by it. I was touched by it (smile). Anyhow...check it out from the last post. I'll check in tomorrow to whine the heartbroken dream but in the meantime...

Till tomorrow.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Phew...just been scrappin' away.

No...not for that pretties...for just basic deadlines. Doing stuff I love for folks I love and inspiring a soul or two along the way. I just did an interview (stay tuned!) that really got me thinking about why I do what I do and how I do it. Just plain goodness.

So... I did realize that I have not gotten to share a whole bunch of stuff lately because of various reasons. about I link you over to them instead? Okay. Now...on this place here: {ScrappinTrends} I made it to the final round and get to play with some really fun Urban Lily goodies such as this:

You can check out my sketch layouts from assignment 2
{Life Is Unscripted} and {Chatty Gal}.

In other contests, I just finished my upload to Round 2 of the Queen of Paradise contest. You can check out the Contest Rules for Round Two

and then peep my A-Z layout and my 10 Things layout.

Phew...lots of linking there...

What else have I been up to? Oh...I suppose I could link you to my Round 1 layouts from both contests too:

Scrapping Trends, Round 1 of Summer Bash:
{What are You Afraid Of?}

Croppin Paradise, Round 1 of Queen of Paradise:
{Famous Last Words}

{If I could Turn Back Time Left}

{If I could Turn Back Time Right}

Okay! The rest is DT and whatnot

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Life is:
Wonderful. Of course!

I got so much great news this past week I can barely STAND it! One piece that I can share...remember these:

Well they were in the Innovator Showcase at CHA: Chicago AND she displayed one of them in her booth. How cool is that? Some folks are saying they got nibles and hits off of their cards and the like. And that a certain manufacturer actually asked to see someone's shoe up close! How cool is that for the designer? I'm just so happy to have had the opportunity to do the work and to have done a good enough job on it to get it showcased. Totally ROCKS!

Then...something I don't think I can so much share but I can say be on the lookout for the December Making Memories Magazine. Awesome! A toot I never knew how to pursue, but less been pursued to do. What an awesome email to wake up to and such a fantastic individual to work with. Okay...saying so much and nothing at all...December MM mag.

The chatter is heating up for the KI contest (just about done with that album) since the DL is August 15 and of course there is less than a week before we find out the 10 finalists for the SOY contest. What an honor it would be but really...really.

Got quite a few deadlines to hit this week I go.

Oh yeah...some of the best news of all? You have to check out Check out that chica on the "cover" (smile).

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Diversity Designs peek:

What do I do over there?

Well I design things like this:
and this:
and most recently, this:

That last one is a sneak peek of what's to come on the 15th my pretties! Okay. I promise. No More "my pretties".

It cannot have been like 10 days since I have posted. Nope...that would be blogger acting a fool. No need to worry my pretties...massive update for ya. what have you been up to missy? Well, for one, I created these:

Happy 4th of July!!

Catch them live and in living color at CHA in Chicago! Holey Soles booth...or who knows...maybe they'll make the Innovator's showcase. A gal can dream... oh and yeah. Likely wouldn't want to set them upon your feet...unless you like acupuncture.

Surely, you cannot have JUST decorated up a pair of shoes you note. Well...of course I did more than that. The pictures are not the hottest, but for the happening, crisp pictures, you should take your pretty little self over to (yeah, I could give you a cool link with just the name instead of the ugly url, but really. They'll be up on the 15th ish. Find them on the board in the many places our layouts hide. Oh yeah...the pics. That would be in the next post dears...

Friday, June 30, 2006

It got "there"

All for this:

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


How much did it cost me? Do you really want to know? Keep in mind that the materials costs pretty much include my scrap budget for the last two months since everything I bought (but not everything was used) was with SOY in mind. That said:

CK SBOTY contest.
materials for 20 layouts: $197.00
Kinkos color copies on 10 pt glossy cover stock 67.00
Patent Leather Portfolio for said color copies 11.00
2 Day Fed Ex to Bluffdale, UT 19.00

Finally coming up off it and entering this amazing contest Priceless!!

Stay tuned for the KI Memories tally. That album is coming out AMAZINGLY. I had to tie myself down to focus on SBOTY instead of tinkering on that one. I had half a thought to finish it and enter it as one of my 20 projects but then I woke up and realized I wanted to give it the time it deserved. All in the details my pretties.
8560 2968 4654

Track it with me now. FedEx. Two day. Be there by Thursday afternoon. I am so happy with the way it turned out it moved me to tears. I cannot believe I actually pulled it off. I want to jump up and down and scream. Now, I won't say the whole "I don't have a shot in hell" because, well, everyone has a shot right? Well, everyone who enters and the like.

I love my essay. Love my portfolio. Love my work, but...

This is such a huge dream. To be able to travel the world telling and hearing stories and getting creative in how we document our legacies. I would fall out my chair and hit the floor if I made even an honorable mention. Heck, if my portfolio even made enough of an impact to make it into a "table shot" of all the neat things they received. But if...check that WHEN (positive thinking...that's the only way I'll make it through this) I make Top 10!

Whoa...hold on sista!

I'll post photos of said entry later this week. Well, pieces of it that is (smile).

I'm such a tease...I know, I know...

Monday, June 26, 2006

Guess who...

Just finished up a fantastically smashing portfolio for about 20 items? (hint, hint)
Has one last Kinko's run to pick up said essay and title strips to finish the portfolio?
Has only to stick it in the box, address it and ship it on off already?

Know what I'm talking about? I love on the next update...

Friday, June 16, 2006

Fun toys!

I bought this:

yesterday at the Paper Zone bag sale. It was 30% off. So of course I bought extra little tag citcles and squares and rectangles. Oh my. Hey...I have some neat pictures to make into tags. It was all about the packaging. I saw the above and said to myself "Self, you really don't use tags that much to justify this."

Then I flipped it over and there was a picture of someone cutting out a small portion of a black and white photo and making THAT into a tag. I know...I never use my QK had tool either but...really. I almost bought an alpha for that. Yeah...and I said ALMOST.

What else did I buy you ask? Never mind that I got out spending a MERE $55 (that is good self control for those not in the know). What is most important is that I spent said money MOSTLY (not entirely, cause it is me after all) on stuff that is reusable. See the picture above.

Other reusable purchases--I bought some cool clear stamps--alpha set and NOT Technique Tuesday. Shhhh...don't tell anyone. I needed a relatively small set that I could color in. All for that KI colorful album. Couldn't help it.

I guess I'm back on the Making Memories train as well. I went into the place looking for those oldschool clear travel stickers. With travel quotes.

Couldn't find them. But I DID find some really cool MM foam flower stamps. And, of course, the tool above.

All said and done right? Well...uhhmmm. I also just bought a non (well, not really) scrap toy. It was a present for getting my column done. Check it on the Colored White blog.
Guess what? I need to count.

15 when I'm not looking at the floor. 4 more ideas. I constantly have to remind myself--it is NOT what they are looking for. It is who you are. You are unique, so rock it.

One is an ambitious project for a weekend. Well...not really. But really.

Time to start taking pictures and assembling. The writing is not an issue. which reminds me. Column due in t-minus 2.5 hours. Uggh. Uninspired. Gotta love it.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I committed. Now I need to be committed.

Over on the Creating Keepsakes MB, I said to Erin "sure gal. you throw down the challenge, I'll bite."

So less than 20 days to get a Scrapper of Year entry together. I have a neat idea for how to get it done. I have 12 layouts done. I have three projects that I can throw in. I have two more projects half done that I can finish. That means three actual more projects/layouts. I have a couple of events this weekend and next. I think I might have another project I can include (I fluctuate between having 7 and 8 seen layouts that are currently in my entry). Think I just might do that. We shall see. I really want to get everything done this weekend so it can be assembled by Monday. Shipped by Monday after that. I can do it. Really...I can.

Especially if I get off of here. Not about winning because chances are very slim. But it is about being happy with what I do as a scrapper AND moving beyond the "should of haves".

Peace out.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Well if it ain't just me!

Got a toot for mag. Now that place is cool to beyond cool. Lots of stuff to get lost in for hours on end. Their online mag is fantastic. Got a call for a birthday tradition layout I did and it just might make the cover! It does get pubbed regardless so I'm doing the happy dance over that. {ETA: Didn't make the cover, but here's the layout!}

Banged out some fantastic Diversity Designs projects for the June kit. Ya'll watch out now and head on over there ( check the monthly inspiration tab).

Nothing like some shameless plugs.

Just submitted an application for a really cool looking kit club design team. Though I'm not much of a fan of competition (I'm honest!!) I AM a fan of sharing really cool stuff. So check THEM out at . {ETA: Didn't make the team, but their kits still rock the house!}

Okay...I promise. Enough enabling for one day.

Off to scrap some more!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

KIss Me Happy...

You know what I love about huge contests? I always get this notion that I'm going to enter. I buy all sorts of product. Make all sorts of plans. Plot all sorts of "so not me" projects. Which is interesting because in a regular moment, I use the stuff ANYHOW, in my regular life. Just that I tend to use it with other products instead of as just one manufacturer showcased so that doesn't go so well in DT competitions, etc.


I started this project for the KI album contest. With their Color Theory line. I like the line. Don't love it. Or I should say didn't love it. Probably still don't love it. But do very much like the colors of all things KI--from the pastels to the muted to the much more bold color theory line, I'm liking it.

So one night, I woke up with this grande scheme of what I would be doing with this here contest. I absolutely ADORE my book so far. I love that it is really me. Love that it is really special. But everyone creates something special. So just because I think my topic is dear and close to my heart, it is indeed a bit non-standard and doesn't have huge audience appeal. Overthinking the contest has lead me to slowly (but surely) come back around to what I like and what is important to me.

Lovely. Love it. Can't wait to more fully get this out and done because regardless of the outcome of it, I'm going to give it away. Because most of the products I got to create this were given to me. I so love what I've done and thought and come to with this and though I love KI, I love them moreso for pushing me to create this great album. No hard feelings, but I may not enter my album because I love it so much. But I'll definitely share it.

Here's to contests that get you creating from the heart again!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A bit of love right on time. I think that's what I am working on for my latest, greatest, starting to consume my life project. I never want to put it down. I just adore what I'm doing. It's going very off course--I had some specifics to work with and I've done that, but it is really getting out of hand and brimming with amazingness unexpected. It will be another of those "love this myself" even if no one else does. Well, that's a lie. It is a gift so SOMEONE better love it. And I am sure he will. He loves stuff like this. Thing is, I may keep it myself and he can come and look at it from time to time (smile). I can play nice...

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

And....not. They don't love me but that's okay. I'll still horde their paper (smile).

Working feverishly on a project that I'm falling more and more in love with. And there are DT projects to get done for Diversity Designs. And BF is going to get a computer up and running for me (laptop is dead...and photos too...thank goodness most were backed up and I've had no camera in forever)...

Okay...time to work. Or something.

Friday, May 19, 2006

And on Urban Lily. Love them.

Adore them. Call me okay? Yeah...I know...loooooooong shot. But, I so love their papers. Particularly since I can cut them, slit them, sand them, jewel them...oh I could go on and on. I love how I can create works of art with them. I love how I can create giftable pages with them. I love how i can give it away to folks who totally adore and appreciate the goodness. I love how it photographs well, stands out from the crowd and blends in when needed.

The DT will be posted tomorrow. Not much of a shot as I figure they had hundreds of entries, but as you can see...I'll work me some UL. And I love it. number is (360) 970-19...


Treats for my patient pretties. Here is half my entry. There's another layout and a project I also had to submit.

"We Will Cry"
Return of the original photos. This is from my wedding *what?~! you were married??* and hence the title/journaling. I couldn't scrap these in forever because it was such a bittersweet moment. Then the write papers came along and well... UL papers, Scrapworks and 7Gypsies ribbon, Darice rhinestones and poetry word beads and Making Memories Rub Ons.

"Nap Time"

Bit more traditional. My nephew would never take his nap until you counted down from 6. I sliced into the UL patterned paper, used an SEI art iron on, Lil Davis bubble word and background and wood numerals, Making Memories and Maya Road ribbon and Technique Tuesday Functuation. Also Lil Davis Foreign Exchange alphas.


Thursday, May 18, 2006

But you ARE a finalist!

Now I didn't know whether I should be happy or sad or flustered at this point. The laptop is goners. Have to reboot and hope that helps, but I'm 99% sure it's a dead harddrive. I heard the clicks of death the other day. I started it find to transfer photos. First it tried to tell me I didn't have a writable drive. My arse.

Then it wouldn't do anything. So I shut down. Went to restart, it said "yeah...maybe not"

Anyhow, I'm beyond that. Have most of my pics, lost alluva my digi stuff. So very flustered over that. Live and learn--catalog your holdings since most of those things I could probably go back and redownload...if only I knew where they were. Sigh.

But the good news! Luda is going to be at Summer Jam. So kidding. So kidding. He will be, but I gives half a care about that. Especially since I saw...never mind.

Good news is that I made the finalist round at ScrapStreet for the digi scrapping contest. $50 first prize to the store...$25 to second and even $15 in digi scrap goodies would make me feel a bit better now. I tell can be hard. Good thing of it is that you are only allowed to use their kit for this last round. Yeah! And it was FREE! So I might actually get to do this one!

In the meantime, check out the may blossoms at Diversity Designs. The design teams are rocking the house if I might say so myself. And I might...(say so, myself, that is...)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Yooooooou're OUT!


Didn't make it past Round 2. And since no one and their mama (or their mama for that matter as well) visits my blog, I can put up a few treats for you here. Here was the militant post that got me axed:


{ETA: for the full view...}

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Round 2...of the best scrap contest eva! And I made it. Imagine that! Now I needa complete a page about me. Should be easy which means I should be eliminated this round. 200 in it now...100 will be dropped. But the pages are amazing! I was showing them to my landlord and he was pretty amazed. I of course told him he could do this too and set him to scrapping. Like anyone can ever say no to me...well...not and feel good about it (smile).

By the by...Martha Stewart and Fran D (won't even attempt to spell her name) are making a very NASTY looking cocktail. And my WORD the alcohol they are pouring in it. Talk about product placement and it's like not even 9:30 in the morning (here at least) and they're drinking! The heck?? Watermelon and rum and what in the world? I'm noticing that they are not taking a sip...let's see if they do on the out to commercial. YES!! She just took a sip. Crazy. What is this world coming to??

You know I'm so joking, but still a bit shocked. But I am hungry so time to eat, scrap, send raks and cards. Mama's day is almost here and I'm so very happy that there are 4 *yes FoUr!!* special mama's in my life! My mama (who is absolutely amazing), my BF's mama (who is four shades of amazing), my sister (who is ghetto fabulous amazing) and my new sister in law who I have never met but who just produced my baby brother's FIRST baby...a boy of course (smile). Oh yeah...neva met her but she's amazing with two snaps because she's doing it to it with her two little babies while her man is away in the Gulf. Fun times with military life. At least he's not in Iraq. Thank the Lord for small miracles...

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Yes...she does.

So I times. She was funny as all get out and smart to boot. What a woman that former Sec'y of state... you...

I wonder if Madame Albright scrapbooks? I'll ask her tonight and let you know...

Off to see the former Sec'y of State then home to scrap away. I have a lovely little soiree coming up that I'd love to share my pictures at. It is always such a fantastic way to get people talking--break out some art, get some opinions, relish in the memories and then SUCK THEM IN! Get them to start doing it too!

Works like a charm every time. They never see it coming (smile).

On to covert some more boys into scrappers...

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Whoa now...

Who DO you think you are? If you stop pushing and wait patiently, she'll sign your book already aight?


Yeah right.


...guess who is pubbed? In a book? That you can buy? At a real store? A real (very comercial) bookstore? As in walk in and say "Do you have Scrap City" only to be told...why yes we do ma'am.

Well, at least they do in Seattle. Downtown. Big time!

I'm in the new, awesome, fantastic Scrap City book. Not that I'm all that, but the artists in that book...definitely all that.

And on June 29th, there's a book release party in NYC for it. Yeah...I'm so there. If I were not so poor. Maybe I'll take a collection. Maybe I'll ebay my soul away so I can go. Just to get to say, yeah, I traveled to NYC to pimp myself in the most scrapalicious of ways...

Rock on with it. Go'n and lean with it.

I'm giddy...can you tell? I went back to the hood for a moment.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

It is Wednesday...of course there is much love.
This is a promised one too. Very work in progress, but my laptop is crashing out on me again so I'm going to post this as is with the disclaimer that this is a work in progress. This is how I scrapped one of my Tulip Fest pics!

{ETA} This is the finished copy of the layout and it is all digi!
Check that out if you will

I have lots of little details (inking, stitching and what not--this is a direct lift of the same layout I did as a paper version) to save to this version, but I've tried a few too many times and I'm losing my patience. Before bashing my laptop, I'm going to go ahead and step away from this. But did want to follow through with posting what I have so...enjoy! This weekend I'll post the list of materials and where to get them so that you can do cool digi layouts too! need love. I understand. I have three's hard to keep up with all of them. And with this scrappy know that I so post everywhere under the sun so I know you all are a bit more forgiving...

Okay. Really, there is no excuse. So a little treat for you!

All digi of course cause I own paper anymore. Yeah...and I do. And I have lots of work there. But currently camera less so it's hard to upload. But if you stop by my pad, I'd be happy to share!

Not to mention digi is addictive.

Look me up (imanisasa) at 2peas and you'll see the inspiration for the one above. Some would call it freestyle. I will call it graphic expose. It really FOCUSES (believe me...or don't) on the real lifeness of...well...real life.


Sunday, April 09, 2006

Oh I think they like me...

Oh I think they like me...

Okay...I listen to crap. And what? But really...I do think they like me. I'm still a survivor. Yep, Yep.

And whoa...I get to shout a big one come the 15th. It's not huge to most folks, but this is so completely, totally, up my niche. I'm appreciated...I'm known, I'm actually sought out. How ya like them peas?

Download queen tonight...all sorts of digital goodies galore. Scrapbook Bytes...Designer Digitals...Peppermint Lots of great folks. Evidently, I'm a big fan of Jen Wilson--racked up like $30 worth of stuff from her tonight. And I could have probably managed $50 more if I didn't have BF asking whether I should be spending up the vacation fund. Or something like that.

Time to upload a pic. And get on home.

What a fantastic weekend indeed.

Friday, April 07, 2006

You Inspired Me

You Inspired Me
You Inspired Me,
originally uploaded by imanisasa.
And here is the flicker noted version. Go me it is worth it. There's a little challenge for you to guess away at (or sit here and actually figure it out). You have until 8pm PDT Sunday and I will have a cool rak full o' product for the winner...good luck!

Yeah can email me guesses, but I'd prefer you post them here so everyone knows what they're up against...
Happy Anniversary. No...not of blogging (although lots of scrap blogs are celebrating a year nowadays...who knew I was getting in on this in the early days...). But of meeting that lovely BF of mine.

So in tribute, I give you all this:

Shhh...he doesn't know it's for him yet...
For those of you with absolutely nothing to do, check out the post right before this one for a cool little challenge involving the heart. Super RAK involved for the winner!
Have a great weekend!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Oh happy day. Getting blog hits on the photo blog (shots fired) AND got invited to a Design Team AND found out that I'm not out of the Scrap Survivor. Wow. What a happy Monday morning. Lord knows poor BF was not feeling the moodiness yesterday.

More on yesterday on the "real life" blog (Colored White).


Thursday, March 30, 2006

kiss the cook card

kiss the cook card
kiss the cook card,
originally uploaded by imanisasa.
Oh my Dear sweet goodness. I just fell out my chair with Flickr. Notes on my pictures?? Who knew! You'll definitely have to go to and check out my photos when I say ready set go so you can see all the cool stuff I did with the photos.

All the best!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

So What DO you do?

I do to do. I love to capture life. Little slices of it. In pictures, in words, usually out of context.

Typically, scrapbooking is about capturing the perfect moments and only the good times. But is that really an accurate, true picture of who we are? Admittedly, I'm a bit quirky. So maybe I'm just the only one without a perfect life. That said, I do still like what I take the time to create to be beautiful. To be a reflection of my efforts. To be me.

As such, I love the process just as much as the finished product. Some days, I like to keep it simple. Others, I like to go deep. You certainly see that reflected in my scrapbooking but really, I don't scrapbook. I'm a collector, so I collect life. I collect scraps. I collect thoughts, words, moments. Really, though I create, moreso I just organize and shuffle. To that, I'm more of a Collective. Maybe a Collective: Individualized. Yeah...that's it.

Ahhh...Wednesday. I actually do need to work today so off I go. But before I leave you...something simple and fun...

I invite you to live happier. Enjoy life!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Scrapbook Survivor.
I know, I know...campy.
Are you in it? I am?
Did you get your (s)crap[s] yet?

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Party Time!

This chica has gone digital. this is not the most smashingly smashing bit. BUT! It is my first card so give it a lay already mate.

But really. I love this whole digital thing and as I learn more and more about how to play with it all...this is going to be so fun.

So April 1. Know where I live? Know how to get down to the water? Then you're invited. Otherwise, you gotta luck up on a lucky e-vite to come to this Beachy Housewarming deal.

I cannot believe I just blew $50 on digital scrapbook stuff. I figured it wouldn't be as bad as "real life" scrapping. Yeah right. So many cute little time. I already have some fave designers (can you tell?!). Sigh...time to go do some real scrapping. Just saw a yummy, yummy pasta dish on tv. But...before I go...check out the cool (s)crap[s] you can buy from a po gal just trying to make it already and be inspired to do your own venture by this groovy chic!


Thursday, March 16, 2006


I know...I should be a more considerate blogger and post more often here. But really...this is a scrap blog so when I'm not posting here, I'm actually busy scrapping. yeah right. But let us pretend.

Check this out:

My very first digital layout.

Wow. I think I'm addicted.

It was so easy. I need to learn how to edit stuff once it is layered and how to change .png files so that I can actually move them around on my layout once I alter them but this was so friggin' easy I don't know why I have not moved over to this side sooner. Especially since it is still so relatively new that I could so do this for HoF next year. I'm on it. So on it. Since this is my first (and I'm sure I'll get much better from here), I'll go ahead and post this. This is also my entry for the Epson Digital Scrapbooking contest at the Portland CK convention this weekend. Since it took me a couple of hours to create, I assume that no one else can bite it that quickly before the deadline to enter. Don't hate or I'll stop sharing. Disclaimer aside...


Friday, February 24, 2006

Okay then. I thought I had posted this here, but I'madorkafobicloser.


So...Day after I mail in lovely layout to Creating Keepsakes, I get an email from Scrapbook Trends requesting the exact same layout. Well...without the alterations CK wanted.

I was like whoa

When you're hot, you're hot.

So then I posted a play a long challenge for the Scrapbook Survivor gig I didn't make it out of the first round for. Much love. Wanna see it? Here it goes:

Life moves fast. Move with it. Or at least just lean with it and rock with it. I need music in my life. Blue skies, another blog to update. Time to move it. 30 minutes and my weekend is here.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Anyone? Anyone. Have a few kids...a spare husband...I could really get wicked with what I want to say here, but then I wouldn't be sugary sweet and nice enough. Yeah. Like I ever was.

Anyhow. I think I just need to do my own thing. Really. I have all sorts of crazy ideas brewing in my mind, so I think it is time to do as all the folks in person tell me to do and just start my own revolution.

Believe it or not, not every scrapper has kids and a hubby by 28. Just another of those "not cool enough to play with the popular kids" moments. It has passed.

So this weekend I am going to go and make copies of my recent creations so that I can add them to my portfolio. I think I might go back and teach classes. I think I might also do my own book. Crazy...I know. But I have wanted to do this for a while so instead of dreaming of and talking about "when I get famous" it's time to do it myself. Really, there is no other way. Trust me, I've tried. I'm just a bit too odd, out there, trite, and tongue in cheek for America (smile).

So off to seak out inspiration in life and then twist and screw it until it is something of me. Fun times!

Friday, February 17, 2006

Do I ever scrap?
Why yes I do.
This little doozie is for the
Scrapbook Survivor contest
at one of the many blogs I read.

If I had a clue, I'd link the html here, but I don't so you'll just have to search for it. patience when I'm on break...

More to come...

I of course will be altering this one and now I have the funds to go out and buy a real camera so...let the fun and games begin.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Done. Postal.

V-day is done. I made the lovely fun coupons for the BF and he seemed to appreciate them. I didn't get the time to make a card and didn't buy one either--don't think I'd find one that really says what I want to say so I let it go.

Postal. Supposedly, priority mail will make it from Seattle to Utah in 2-3 days. I'm tracking them. Sent off the 2 pager to Creating Keepsakes this morning. Brittany has been a pleasure to work with. Just like Angie was at Simple Scrapbooks. Really, they're just real people (smile).

Time to try and create. I'm blocked right now for the good stuff. Or is this really when the good stuff will come out? We shall see. Check the other blog...

Sunday, February 12, 2006


Oh what is a girl to do. I think I am pretty positive what I want to do, but it is Tuesday. And it is now Sunday. And I have to be in Oly tomorrow night. So yeah...not so much.

I have to really get a shake on the CBX deal if I'm going to do that. I think I want to go simple which is really not conducive to a CBX win, but somewhere along the lines I saw people posting that they were journaling finalists. I have a lot to say on this album. So for the very least it will make a great gift for a very deserving individual on a special day to come. I look forward to this.

But that brings me back to Valentine's Day and what is a girl to get a boy who has it all. Or at least who knows where to get exactly what he wants a lot cheaper than I ever would. I'll get it done. I always do and it always comes off better than anticipated.

So that brings me now to the AmEx ad questions. Another popular scrap worthy expose. To it goes [be sure to thank Rick's daughter on this one...gotta love those AmEx folks]:
Childhood ambition: to become a geneticist and play God.
Fondest memory: sitting in a group of super smart kids at the Coca-Cola Scholars Weekend and debating racial issues--super charged, super smart, super empowered. Tied with seeing my nephew Q for the very first time
Soundtrack: Miss New Booty. Yeah right. would be my own little special mix tape of angry girl/hate men/love/remorse/happy songs.
Retreat: my deck/balcony in a pinch. Someplace warm with only one person by my side
Wildest Dream: Africa. I have to get there
Proudest moment: making the decision to leave home and go to Cornell
Biggest challenge: staying at Cornell for the long haul once my grandmother became ill
Alarm clock: yeah I have one. But typically I wake up to the "aliens" of my cell phone alarm
Perfect day: wake up, see blue sky. It's warm (say 55...), I'm outside. I do something active, eat something good, drink something better, read something fantastic and spend time with someone important. preferably the bf. I'm not rushing to get something else done or to go and do something else.
First job: cotton candy maker at the local ball park
Indulgement: shoes? Where?? Are they on sale? Do I really need to eat? I've made such good progress...I can resist...must...resist...
Last Purchase: scrap stuff (of course) for a project
Favorite Movie: Shawshank Redemption in this moment, Crash in the next...depends on mood
Inspiration: backwards. Looking outside of the box. Seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary
My Life: daughter, sister, wish grantor, good luck charm, lost soul

Friday, February 10, 2006

HoF. Not. But I did help to make another woman's entry into another major contest possible by RAKing a bit of supplies to her. Here's hoping she is a finalist and uses some of it so that I can live vicariously through others.

I just ran out of time on HoF. And I was starting to create pages that I really, REALLY loved. So perhaps I'll use the assignments as impetus for creating more great pages and really getting on the submission ball this year. I'm hyped about the CK page request and need to get over the whole "fear of networking" thing and do as I'm told--use those connections! Why not send your materials directly to the people who can make the decisions. So why not indeed.

Time to work it all out. Evidently, I'm dramatic enough for another Laura adventure at 2ps so...yipee!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Hof. Yeah right. Maybe, likely not. We'll see after tonight. Move on to CBX instead? I think so. I'm a bit burned out on it. Gotta send the scan of the altered LO. Fun times to finally make Creating Keepsakes. Life is good. Tired, but good. maybe I'll sit on the deck this evening, have a nice huge bowl of pasta and just enjoy it. Weather has been fantastic lately. Plenty of good light for pictures. Time to research a great camera since this will be my last major purchase for quite a while.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

And since the question of "10 years ago" not only came up (and is discussed on Colored White blog), and I saw it on all my fave scrap blogs, time to tag and tell again:

What were you doing 10 years ago? Getting ready to graduate from high school. More specifically, I was prepping for the Miss Black El Paso Pageant, completing my Coca-Cola Scholar Semifinalist application, waiting on my letter of admission to Cornell and just loving life as the stat keeper for my little brother's AAU basketball team.

What were you doing one year ago? In relationship counseling, "finishing up" my master's degree, trying to figure out what to do with my life

Five snacks that you enjoy:
1. uhhhmmm...I rarely eat.
2. seriously
3. really.
4. well, i eat like one big meal a day
5. most folks "snack" is typically my meal so...can't really get into this one

Five songs to which you KNOW all the lyrics: [singing along to...]
1. Check up On It (Beyonce) [goodness they play it enough on Kube 93]
2. Twinkle Twinkle Litte Star
3. My Old Cornell
4. Cornell Alama Matter (of course)
5. Star Spangled Banner

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:
1. Invest most of it so that I'd have more money to play with
2. pay off all the bills first (grad school wasn't cheap...) the usual (house for mama, set up college plans for the nephews, take care of those who cared for me)
4. hire a lawyer to stick it to my ex landlord (I'm kidding...I'd just pay it all off and be done w/it)
5. travel, travel and then travel a bit more

Five bad habits:
1. making people wait for me
2. never saying no
3. requiring absolute perfection
4. not sticking it out with my to do lists
5. procrastinating

Five things you like doing:
1. spending time with boyfriend
2. a good job--at work, in scrapbooking, in my board work, in life.
3. organizing/REALLY cleaning something (like scrubbing, etc.)
4. hanging out on the phone (and even moreso in person) with my family (nephew, mom, etc.)
5. taking pictures

Five things you would never wear, buy or get again:
1. leg warmers (like dancers wear)
2. size 8 clothes (alas)
3. film camera
4. cheap, knock off, printer ink (like refillable cartridges)
5. a vcr tape

Five favorite toys:
1. cell phone
2. laptop
3. colored post it notes (nerdy, I know)
4. asssortment of ultra fine sharpies in wonderful colors (super nerdy, I know)
5. it is long gone and hard to replace, but I ADORED my PDA

Five people you will be emailing tomorrow:
1. random wannabe lawyer confused by the application deadline
2. random wannabe lawyer #2 worried that we didn't yet process their ap from 12/24/2005
3. BF (of course)
4. probably Andrea
5. likely Liisa

Fun times. Roll with it.