Wednesday, November 08, 2006

And in a month's time...

Wow...not like I have done nothing scrap related for a month.

Most notably, got to meet some fantastic, amazingly talented online scrap friends (some for the "again" time) at the 2peas Pub Dinner at CKC-Seattle.

It really was a blast being in touch with mf's to get donations and I can't wait to see all that the women do with the products. I even gave away a super rak!

So aside from that...what else? Got my first call for Legacy and shipped that off this week! I really hope they like it in person and pick it up!

Been getting some good progress on some other assignments and I'm really looking forward to hearing back about a DT call this week that I have really, really REALLY wanted to be on for some time now. If I don't make it, the time isn't right ya know what I mean? I truly believe it with this particular one because of some history there, but definitely would be a thrill to work with them.

Oh and back at to see the "innards"...the sausage being made. I helped set up one of my most fave mfs of all time at the show. Not biased at all (smile). I worked with Deb from the Fiber Scraps booth. I have to email her to get her to send me the pic we took but I was more than half a wreck. She called just as I was getting out to Azteca to make final arrangements on Thursday and I was like "yeah, I can help". Well...cause I'm not a no girl (smile). This was one of the thousands of reasons why I am happy to be a yes girl--met a really great person who was in a bind and I was so happy I could help her out.

Last trip on the road so I get to play with my CKC goodie bag and create some great stuff for the challenges to post here and at 2peas. Be on the lookout!

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