Sunday, June 07, 2009

Drumroll please...Great Thicker Stash Winner

And the winner of the fantastic Thicker Stash is...


You can't read it?

Come on down Mel! She's an early bird and posted at 8:22 am in the morning all in an effort to win the great Thicker stash. I would quote you but blogger is being a punk at the moment and not letting me copy and paste. which is really cramping my style tonight.

You specifically said" I use Google Reader and sometimes it's not reliable..." Imagine that...kinda like blogger itself. Guess I had better slurp my blog over to blurb before the blogger Gods retaliate and shut me down. Paranoid much? No...not at all (smile).

Email me Mel (and OhioArtfulYogi @11:56 am and Holly @7:02 pm) so I can get your packages prepped.

Thanks for playing along folks. That was fun! I'm in a giveaway mood now...let's see what else I've got...

Poster #100 is...and the grand prize winner...

And poster #100 is:

AScrappersDelight said...
I love Thickers too! and I am totally adding your blog to my list as well. Fantastic!
6:35 PM

be sure to email me your addy. comments were still moderated (sorry about that) BUT blogspot is pretty good about keeping track of the order of posting (smile).

Off to a meeting and then in the wee hours of the night, we'll pull the great thicker stash winner.
A little birdie tells me that someone may just have to make a side trip after said meeting to a BL or two on the way home since...well...they are on the way home. You never know what surprise giveaways will pop up around here.

Speaking of which, if you like cool free stuff be it scrappy or not and you're local (Seattleish area) you'll want to hop over to my other blog for an awesome opportunity there. No comments, reader subs required, I'll just need to know your email addy.

Stay tuned for the grand prize winner late tonight (or early tomorrow for quite a few of you).


Saturday, June 06, 2009

Questions, Answers & Winners (part 1)

If you want in on the big thicker stash giveaway
you need to comment on this post (click the link)
Clearly, I am not the only person with a thicker obsession.
Thanks for all your gracious (non-motivated, I'm sure *smile*) comments on the blog. I'm actually in the process (for years now really so don't fret) of updating it and so many new subscribers will give me the motivation to kick that in gear. at least blog more.
Couple of questions came up:
Yes, yes, yes...I don't sell my stuff here so feel free to swipe what ya like (the colors/black and white quote seemed to be the most popular). I DO ask that you attribute it (found at this crazy girls blog) and link me up and give me a clue that you're using it and where (non-commercial use of course) so that I can help ya promote it. Commercial use, I expect a cut. I'm messing with you, BUT I do work for a wholesome organization so I'd like to make sure my stuff isn't being used to know.
Yes I scoured the earth - well, Western Washington for these. Yes I found them in different weeks and yes, it was a really small (like one hook's worth) stash at almost every store. They WERE in the scrap section not set separate like the KI Ice grab of oh...what was that...2006 or 2007?
Lacey, WA (the one by Wal Mart) is the one that had them, not Olympia (the one by the mall). The one by the mall has lots of awesome KI ribbon; the one by wal mart has buttons as well as the thickers.
Federal Way may very well be out. Me and another pea were cleaning them out when I first got there.
Lynnwood may also be out. They had the least varied stash and you had to hunt for them in the scrap section.
If I were to go back, I'd go to Lacey because they were the most organized and they were JUST putting their stash out at about noon on Wednesday.
Different stores get their trucks (and offload them) at different times. Usually I think they get them Tuesday, but the Burien store got one last Saturday (with nothing good scrap wise) because of the holiday.
Just ask. The folks at the store when their next truck will be in. Take a picture with you (yes, you can swipe the pictures here), ask to leave it with them, get a name and when they are working so that you can call and ask that specific person if they have them. In some cases, it pays to let them know they are in on the great thicker hunt - one of the staffers called me to tell me they were in. Sometimes it could backfire, one store told me they didn't get any, but someone else told me they had just been in and got a bunch. Perhaps an employee was about to make a buck on ebay.
All said...the winners!
As you see above, I have four sets of the accents. I said I had three and I would pull two numbers but they actually go to four different homes. The huge stash is still up for grabs through Sunday night.
The three numbers I originally had were:
13 (who says it has to be unlucky? That's Roberts birthday)
47 (April 7 is the anniversary of when Robert and I met)
70 (that's the sum of how old Robert and I are)
And the one to grow on (that hasn't been reached yet) = 100. The last of the individual sets will go to my 100th comment on this post
#13 kee kee said...
I use Google Reader and love it! I've added your blog to my subscription list. Thanks for the chance to win.
5:17 AM
#47 Ohio Artful Yogi said...
I'd love to have that stash. Let's see your stash! Hope it is my lucky day!
11:56 AM
#70 Holly said...
Thanks so much for the opportunity to win these. I am going to check out your blog right now...I love the inspiration!!Thanks again, Holly
7:02 PM
Feel free to doubt and check my math (yes, even counting can be difficult and that is a blog update I didn't get that numbers my comments because really, usually I only get like 2).
Email me at with addresses so I can get your packets in the mail. Or to tell me I'm a moron and the real winners are...
Tell your friends...the 100th comment (almost there) gets the last set).

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I love thickers...

...but I love you more.
I'm too embarrassed to show my personal stash (shameful) BUT, this stash could be your's.
Since I'm selfish (the stash that shall go unseen) there is of course something in it for me:
To win one of the three chipboard thicker accentss I'm giving away individually, just leave a comment here. Call it good as day. I've already got two specific numbers that I'll be giving them to (as in the number X poster and the number Y poster) so good luck. No randomness, just a bit of luck. I'll pull those winners before end of Friday (Remember, I'm west coast so my "end" is probably later than your's).
But for the motherlode - which includes the above and then some, what's in it for me.
I'm a blog lurker. Like no one's business. But I love bloglines (and bloggers' blog reader and just about any RSS reader really) because I don't have to stalk ya'll to know when you update.
To get into the big drawing for the huge stash, sign up to read my blog in a blog reader. If you already are married to one (I love Bloglines myself) and you just add my blog to the blogs listed in your reader, cool. If you don't have a blog reader, check out bloglines because it is super easy.
Once ya sign me up, come back and leave a comment telling me which reader you subscribe to my blog from. Yeah, even if you unsub right after the drawing, I won't hate on ya (smile).
You have until 9 pm Pacific on Sunday (this Sunday) night to get that done. I'll draw a winner and post (both on here and via postal mail). Which means that you pretty please with a cherry on top should do the blog reader subscription thing because it is really sad when I pick a winner who didn't leave their email addy (understandable) but who never comes back to see that, alas, they had won.
All said, have fun. My gain (finally!) is your win (hopefully!).
Ready. Set. Go.
***thickers up for grabs: Prancer - chipboard; Jewelry Box - chipboard; Vera - foam; Black Tie - velvet; Dolce - fabric covered chipboard; Shoebox - chipboard and glittered chipboard; Darling - chipboard; Pajamas - felt (in black and brown)***
And of COURSE bloglines is temporarily down...And it is UP again. Have at it!

Monday, June 01, 2009


Persistance pays off.
Lynnwood, WA BL
I just got brown, black and white.
They didn't have a ton, but enough to share.
First one (of about 9 stores I've checked) that had them.