Thursday, December 27, 2007

Faves of 2007

You know how everyone is doing like those Top 100 countdowns? I know...nothing like they did back in 1999 when we all partied like it's...well...anyhow. I thought I'd do a quick run down of my top ten fave layouts that I did of 2007. I won't be here to ring in the new year with ya (Philly here we come!) but when I get back, it is ON. In no particular order, but with some commentary as to why. You can peep the journaling and details of all of these at Just check my Fashionista profile until you come across the ones you're looking for. Be sure to share a link with me of your top fave 10 layouts of 2007. I'm nosey so I'd love to know why they are your faves too!

Strange Fruit. So...I was doing the original Last Scrapper Standing Dares and they told us to do something with all circles. I got so caught up in trying to figure out the circle thing that when it finally started to come together, it was as I was watching PBS and a documentary on Ms. BH (hmmm...I JUST now noticed she has the same initials as me!) and they were talking about how she did this song. Oh how those men in my life have been some strange fruit indeed.

Love Full Circle. And then CK knew I was alive. This was the layout that won first place in the CKC-Portland layout competition. There was a theme of coming full circle and our love has totally come full circle. Definitely peep the journaling, but our trips to Oregon always blow my mind.

If I am to stay. This was a take on looking back at an old photo and trying to remember what was going through my mind. I was in a pretty difficult relationship. He would say I made it so, but no matter, these words have never crossed my mind with R, but back in the day, I had to kind of muster up the courage to say no and move on. It was hard for me. Probably harder for him.

Twisted. By far one of my top 3 of 2007. I LOVED how funky this came out and I was drinking I don't know WHAT (truly...there was this purple stuff in the fridge) when I just started playing with this. You definitely have to check out the journaling here because it was at a pretty intense crossroads with my current relationship. I was feeling very VERY good and thinking "how did I ever deserve this?"

Dire: Down Hill from Here. I really love this one for finding a way to just work with it. From the arrow paper to the hidden word title to the journaling...was just trying to convey some sort of meaning and the more I look back on this one, the more I really like it.

Wow! Me? This is another contender for top 3. And no photos...go figure. Whole lot of back story to this one you should check out on sistv, but this layout still makes me smile everytime I look at it. Every. Time.

Futurethink. I LOVE this layout. Definitely another top 3. It is actually hybrid (There are some printed and cut out flowers, some bling, the photo is an actual paper photo cutout) and I just love the whole "thought cloud" up top, the time line, the garden of eden/garden of love...just love how it totally came together.

Dude Play Like a Boy This layout almost ended up on the trash heap. It started as an 8.5 x 11 and when I finished I was like "uhggg". But then it fell on some white cardstock and I looked down while I was shuffling stuff to finish and was like "wow...I like that." Green and yellow not my fave colors, but ended up really REALLY loving this sis kit and making lots of good memory pages from it. Of course my fave little dude doing his thing.

And it is Okay. So, not only did like my scrap idol lift this (thanks KC!!), but I just loved the simplicity of this. And the font. And the white space. And the photos. And all of the tiny little things on the list. And the secret. Which is that the title reads "And it is okay that you love me more". Secret being that it is okay because I love you, you love me more, and I love you most. Even though you love me infinity times as much. Ahhh...sappy. Probably knocks out one of my other top 3 as this was by far my fave layout of the year.

Maybe Forever. I tell you. This layout was. Is. Well...everything. At that time, with those photos, we're still trying to figure out us. Still maybe forever, but absolutely more definitely now. Bittersweet layout for all the drama of 2007, but the memories, good and bad, both in life, relationships, lessons learned and all...defiintely worth top 10 status.
There you have it!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

And Still She Does...

...lots of wedding planning going on now including scrap happy stuff there so sorry to not be as actively posting here. But for your patience:

October Afternoon stamps: journaling spot circles, little dotted lines, tiny words in the dotted lines. Doodlebug glitter letters from the lovely ScrapinStyle Boutique. All the rest from my stash.

October Afternoon: calendar stamp, journaling circle spot, alpha. Owl and convo bubble are rub ons (I layered the white owl over the brown one for a "shadowed" look) and some to die for orange patterned paper. Inky and tag book from my own stash.

October Afternoon: stamps are alpha for titles, circle journaling spot, dotted line and lined paper (at the corner of the "love" page). Patterned paper by OA and on the first set of pages, the branches and owls are rub ons by OA. The buttons were from my stash.

October Afternoon: flower branch, bird and "smile" are all stamps from two different steps (bird and branch in one, smile in another). I JUST found pigment dye inks. And watercolor paper. And I am in absolute LOVE with it all.

October Afternoon: rub on alpha in white, flower and dotted line stamps, two gorgeous patterned papers (the strips and the tabs). The title orange alphas are by American Crafts and from the SiStv Autumn Bliss kit.

October Afternoon: seriously. I love that flower stamp. But honestly, I was making two sided cards (stamped on one side, covered with pp on the other) before I thought to myself that I should be making lots of projects instead of calling cards. So the cards ended up on here. I used some horrific crayola markers that I clearly need to replace, was an effect I liked. But could probably never duplicate so away they go. Please come is OA rub on letters.

October Afternoon Impression Obsession: So sometimes I like to mix it up some. Title was stamped with OA alpha and then cut out...piece by piece. Yeah...I'm crazy like that. Used the IO gorgeous clover stamps as a border. The wood post card is from the SisTV Kristina Contes collection.

October Afternoon: Just a quick use of scraps. Patterned paper on the inside and owl/quote rub on on the outside all by OA.

Impression Obsession: Just the tip of the iceburg of all the craziness I have played with here. Simple card with the gorgeous snowflake stamp and a sentiment stamp. Heat embossed it all.

Back to photographing in the dark the rest of the goodness I have from them. Thanks for looking!

Friday, December 07, 2007

And yeah...I still do

From the last two SiStv kits (Kristina Contes and Autumn Bliss)

Treelover (Autumn Bliss)

Take Off (Autumn Bliss)

Signs of Fall (Autumn Bliss)

Outside the Box (Autumn Bliss)

Miscomm C7215 (Kristina Contes SiS Collection)

K.I.T. (Kristina Contes SiS Collection)

Jump Crawl Push Hike Play (Kristina Contes SiS Collection)

Give Thanks Cards (Autumn Bliss)

Get Me Home (Kristina Contes SiS Collection)

Fresh Cut (Kristina Contes SiS Collection)

Boy Genius (Kristina Contes SiS Collection)

Sunday, December 02, 2007


...done. Lots of fun stuff going postal.

Mom by choice, sent me the absolute BEST box of love like you don't even know.
Mom with the mostest, supposedly the book you want is in the mail. Depending on when I get that, I'll either forward it as is for your lovely wall of shame OR if I have time I'll rescue the madness and make it into a Blurb book.

On the scrap by choice front...lots going on there. Time to photograph and start sharing again--three kits, two packages (thank you Wilna for the generous box of goodness), a way WAY older package that I totally just want to pull out for the fun of it.

Given that I've pretty much got the wedding all designed up, just need a date. Preferably in 2008, but 2009...would definitely give me lots more time to scrap.