Thursday, December 27, 2007

Faves of 2007

You know how everyone is doing like those Top 100 countdowns? I know...nothing like they did back in 1999 when we all partied like it's...well...anyhow. I thought I'd do a quick run down of my top ten fave layouts that I did of 2007. I won't be here to ring in the new year with ya (Philly here we come!) but when I get back, it is ON. In no particular order, but with some commentary as to why. You can peep the journaling and details of all of these at Just check my Fashionista profile until you come across the ones you're looking for. Be sure to share a link with me of your top fave 10 layouts of 2007. I'm nosey so I'd love to know why they are your faves too!

Strange Fruit. So...I was doing the original Last Scrapper Standing Dares and they told us to do something with all circles. I got so caught up in trying to figure out the circle thing that when it finally started to come together, it was as I was watching PBS and a documentary on Ms. BH (hmmm...I JUST now noticed she has the same initials as me!) and they were talking about how she did this song. Oh how those men in my life have been some strange fruit indeed.

Love Full Circle. And then CK knew I was alive. This was the layout that won first place in the CKC-Portland layout competition. There was a theme of coming full circle and our love has totally come full circle. Definitely peep the journaling, but our trips to Oregon always blow my mind.

If I am to stay. This was a take on looking back at an old photo and trying to remember what was going through my mind. I was in a pretty difficult relationship. He would say I made it so, but no matter, these words have never crossed my mind with R, but back in the day, I had to kind of muster up the courage to say no and move on. It was hard for me. Probably harder for him.

Twisted. By far one of my top 3 of 2007. I LOVED how funky this came out and I was drinking I don't know WHAT (truly...there was this purple stuff in the fridge) when I just started playing with this. You definitely have to check out the journaling here because it was at a pretty intense crossroads with my current relationship. I was feeling very VERY good and thinking "how did I ever deserve this?"

Dire: Down Hill from Here. I really love this one for finding a way to just work with it. From the arrow paper to the hidden word title to the journaling...was just trying to convey some sort of meaning and the more I look back on this one, the more I really like it.

Wow! Me? This is another contender for top 3. And no photos...go figure. Whole lot of back story to this one you should check out on sistv, but this layout still makes me smile everytime I look at it. Every. Time.

Futurethink. I LOVE this layout. Definitely another top 3. It is actually hybrid (There are some printed and cut out flowers, some bling, the photo is an actual paper photo cutout) and I just love the whole "thought cloud" up top, the time line, the garden of eden/garden of love...just love how it totally came together.

Dude Play Like a Boy This layout almost ended up on the trash heap. It started as an 8.5 x 11 and when I finished I was like "uhggg". But then it fell on some white cardstock and I looked down while I was shuffling stuff to finish and was like "wow...I like that." Green and yellow not my fave colors, but ended up really REALLY loving this sis kit and making lots of good memory pages from it. Of course my fave little dude doing his thing.

And it is Okay. So, not only did like my scrap idol lift this (thanks KC!!), but I just loved the simplicity of this. And the font. And the white space. And the photos. And all of the tiny little things on the list. And the secret. Which is that the title reads "And it is okay that you love me more". Secret being that it is okay because I love you, you love me more, and I love you most. Even though you love me infinity times as much. Ahhh...sappy. Probably knocks out one of my other top 3 as this was by far my fave layout of the year.

Maybe Forever. I tell you. This layout was. Is. Well...everything. At that time, with those photos, we're still trying to figure out us. Still maybe forever, but absolutely more definitely now. Bittersweet layout for all the drama of 2007, but the memories, good and bad, both in life, relationships, lessons learned and all...defiintely worth top 10 status.
There you have it!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

And Still She Does...

...lots of wedding planning going on now including scrap happy stuff there so sorry to not be as actively posting here. But for your patience:

October Afternoon stamps: journaling spot circles, little dotted lines, tiny words in the dotted lines. Doodlebug glitter letters from the lovely ScrapinStyle Boutique. All the rest from my stash.

October Afternoon: calendar stamp, journaling circle spot, alpha. Owl and convo bubble are rub ons (I layered the white owl over the brown one for a "shadowed" look) and some to die for orange patterned paper. Inky and tag book from my own stash.

October Afternoon: stamps are alpha for titles, circle journaling spot, dotted line and lined paper (at the corner of the "love" page). Patterned paper by OA and on the first set of pages, the branches and owls are rub ons by OA. The buttons were from my stash.

October Afternoon: flower branch, bird and "smile" are all stamps from two different steps (bird and branch in one, smile in another). I JUST found pigment dye inks. And watercolor paper. And I am in absolute LOVE with it all.

October Afternoon: rub on alpha in white, flower and dotted line stamps, two gorgeous patterned papers (the strips and the tabs). The title orange alphas are by American Crafts and from the SiStv Autumn Bliss kit.

October Afternoon: seriously. I love that flower stamp. But honestly, I was making two sided cards (stamped on one side, covered with pp on the other) before I thought to myself that I should be making lots of projects instead of calling cards. So the cards ended up on here. I used some horrific crayola markers that I clearly need to replace, was an effect I liked. But could probably never duplicate so away they go. Please come is OA rub on letters.

October Afternoon Impression Obsession: So sometimes I like to mix it up some. Title was stamped with OA alpha and then cut out...piece by piece. Yeah...I'm crazy like that. Used the IO gorgeous clover stamps as a border. The wood post card is from the SisTV Kristina Contes collection.

October Afternoon: Just a quick use of scraps. Patterned paper on the inside and owl/quote rub on on the outside all by OA.

Impression Obsession: Just the tip of the iceburg of all the craziness I have played with here. Simple card with the gorgeous snowflake stamp and a sentiment stamp. Heat embossed it all.

Back to photographing in the dark the rest of the goodness I have from them. Thanks for looking!

Friday, December 07, 2007

And yeah...I still do

From the last two SiStv kits (Kristina Contes and Autumn Bliss)

Treelover (Autumn Bliss)

Take Off (Autumn Bliss)

Signs of Fall (Autumn Bliss)

Outside the Box (Autumn Bliss)

Miscomm C7215 (Kristina Contes SiS Collection)

K.I.T. (Kristina Contes SiS Collection)

Jump Crawl Push Hike Play (Kristina Contes SiS Collection)

Give Thanks Cards (Autumn Bliss)

Get Me Home (Kristina Contes SiS Collection)

Fresh Cut (Kristina Contes SiS Collection)

Boy Genius (Kristina Contes SiS Collection)

Sunday, December 02, 2007


...done. Lots of fun stuff going postal.

Mom by choice, sent me the absolute BEST box of love like you don't even know.
Mom with the mostest, supposedly the book you want is in the mail. Depending on when I get that, I'll either forward it as is for your lovely wall of shame OR if I have time I'll rescue the madness and make it into a Blurb book.

On the scrap by choice front...lots going on there. Time to photograph and start sharing again--three kits, two packages (thank you Wilna for the generous box of goodness), a way WAY older package that I totally just want to pull out for the fun of it.

Given that I've pretty much got the wedding all designed up, just need a date. Preferably in 2008, but 2009...would definitely give me lots more time to scrap.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


...this shouldn't count. But I am a woman obsessed. Obsessed with getting things off my to do list. So last night, I went out and bought a few things. To start on maybe finally thinking about doing an invitation. Or some save the dates. Which is kinda hard cause I don't have dates pinned down to save, but that isn't the point. My point is that I want the style and colors nailed down so that I know what my invite will look like and can do the save the dates from there. Yeah...I'm ambitious. Doing my own invitations. This is a disaster waiting to happen. I know this...but still I persist. I just really REALLY want to transfer the excess funds from that over to something far more important to me in the budget so I took a deep breath and said I could do it. Now to only do it. Theme, color, design all notwithstanding. Maybe tonight I'll get to actually scrap. Long day ahead (back to work the office) so maybe not. Mushroom garden rolls today...yummy.

Friday, November 02, 2007

And How it went down (scrap life)

It was the hardest decision I ever in my LIFE had to make.  Fighter that I am, champion of tug of wars world wide, a very dear, wise friend said to me (well, wrote to me) three simple words.  And as such:

Greetings to one and all,
I apologize for my absence, but from all the posts written about me I am sure you can understand that most of these boards, private messages and emails have been the last place I've wanted to spend much time lately. Whether on purpose or not some of you have said some very mean statements about me that I feel are totally untrue and I can't begin to tell you the pain I have gone through and witnessed others go through over the last couple of weeks. I apologize if something I have said or done has in some way done any of you or anyone any wrong. This is and has never been my intention.

As someone who spent a bit too much time learning the theory behind communication, I am really sad that so many of my posts were interpreted incorrectly. It looks like I need to go out and spend some money brushing up with some practical communication courses instead of spending so much on scrap supplies (smile). I will not go further into detail on the misinterpretations because from the fire storm of comments that have been made it has been proven that anything I say will be twisted, misconstrued and then held against me and this was not what I expected or was hoping for when I made those original posts. In the context of being asked how someone COULD do something and how I DID do it, there was a lot of liberty used in interpreting my statements by not only connecting the wrong dots, but creating dots that do not even exist. This whole episode would be a perfect case study for that communication course I would love to take.

To all those that have supported me through this whole ordeal, I send out my warmest thoughts. I will never be able to express to you how valuable you have been in helping me to keep my sanity. Helping me keep my faith in the "industry." Helping me to realize that in the bigger picture, this isn't what scrapbooking is about. This isn't what I'm about.

For those that truly know me I feel very comfortable that you know I have very high moral values. When I entered the HOF contest and throughout this ordeal, I 110% felt that I was following all the rules and in no way felt that I was going to somehow slide something by someone. I also don’t believe any of the other HOF winners would intentionally violate any rules set out by CK in an effort to game the system. And above all else, I believe CK is a highly reputable company and would never jeopardize their reputation by intentionally overlooking rules for any contestant or entry when there are so many fantastically talented, reputable, ready women and men who could have just as easily been HOF on any given day.

With that said I will raise the white surrender flag and officially announce that I have withdrawn my HOF entry for 2007. This was a very hard decision, but when I stepped back and looked at the bigger picture, at what scrapbooking and sharing memories was becoming, this was clearly the right decision for me, for the contest, and for the sake of us continuing to be able to share our memories with friends and family. With each other. As a wise woman passed on knowledge from her mother to me, in this tug of war, it is time to put down the rope.

Again after all that has taken place I am hesitant to post. Agree or disagree with my decision, I do hope you will have a blessed day. Or at least a somewhat happier day. I hope this will bring you some closure. I hope you will keep perspective. I hope you’ll be inspired by the fantastic work presented in the HOF book this year and for the years to come. I hope you will keep on scrapping and sharing. I know that is exactly my plan…to keep on scrapping and sharing. To keep perspective.

Much love and then some.

An inch to save a mile. And to meet some amazing people in the process and become closer than I ever imagined to others.  Lots more than much love to ya'll.  Or is that ya'lls?  Yalls's?  I'm in Texas (home) and the "ya'll" debate is in full force tonight...

Back to scrappin'.  Get home this weekend, get to play in all sorts of paper.  My scraproom misses me lots!  I miss it even more.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

9.18 Tidbit Tuesday is a bit behind.
But I'm committed to getting them back on track.
With that, Tidbit Tuesday for 9.18.
One down, three more to post. Enjoy!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Can you See Me now?

Cause if you can' watch out now.

If you can, a few quick notes.

Yes, there will be a Tidbit Tuesday tomorrow. Have yet to figure out the whole "what do you do when your laptop crashes on the road and you can't post bit", but for now, I'll double up with Tidbits when I am in town for when I'm gone. Because I'm going to be gone for a whole lot of time coming up, I anticipate getting everything set up and I think (hopefully) I can time when I post posts and they will forever more pop up on Tuesdays. We shall see.

In the meantime, want a clue as to what last Tuesdays Tidbit was? All "write" know...maybe not after all (smile).

If you pre-ordered they are in the mail. Everything through the mono Tidbits (last ones posted) has been shipped off. Let me know if you don't get your order by Friday.

On other tips, made it to Round 3 of the Bad Girls contest...still strugglin' up a simple layout for the Dares Part2 without going too simple. We shall see. Tally Scrapper also has a survivor contest that I've been spreadin the point love I just need to get my layout posted there as well.

Here's hoping you can see me now and this blog is no longer private (hint, hint Blogger).

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tidbit Tuesday 9.11

So it is that time of week again right? Tidbit Tuesday!

This week it is a set of stamped, grungy, blinged out mini-monograms. I even hand cut them out for you. You get a set of 4. They're about 2 inches on any longest side...good for creating titles, using as stuff.

$2 for each set, shipping is $1 total for up to 7 sets in the same envelope. Above 7 sets, (or shipped separately to different folks) let me know before you paypal so that I can update your shipping estimate. for paypal. Get em fast--we did have the foaming flowers through yesterday, but those are all out now too. Thanks so very much from the bottom of my heart for keeping me on my toes and on track here.

Oh and yeah--if you prepaid for sets ahead of time, I send out immediately the current set but for future sets, I usually hold off to have at least two sets ready to go for you so that I can combine your shipping. So dont' worry if we sell out here and you've prepaid--that takes into account the sets we've set aside for you as well.

Again, thanks so much everyone! Keep those emails coming!


Friday, September 07, 2007

DT Applications: 10 tips we'll try a pictureless version of this and see how it goes. Here are ten tips I tell folks when applying to law school, applying for jobs and cause this is the way I view it, I think it applies for design team try outs also. I'm by no means a pro. But I've been blessed with more than my fair share of success (and failure--see tip #1) in my scrapping journey. So here it goes!

#10. You can't make the team if you don't show up to try outs. Simply put, be on time. If you're auditioning for the softball team, you don't show up the day after try outs and ask them to make an exception to let you try out for the "team". There is no "i" in team (you know, you know....) but there IS an "i" in exception. If you're expecting one, you're setting a tone you don't want to set that says "I'm a dIva" (yes capital "I") and I expect you to accomodate me.

#9. You won't make the dance team if you show up to auditions without your game face on. Okay...this is going back to high school dance team (I'm from TX) but every girl knew you didn't go to try out day without perfect hair and perfect makeup. Same with DTs. Make sure your submission is flawless. Check your spelling (almost all teams now want some sort of brief writing sample--ie a bio). Make sure your photos are photographed/scanned/copied well.

#8. You won't get most jobs if you don't fill out the whole application. That means don't forget your supply lists. It doesn't have to be as rigid and detailed as in a mag, but at the very least, for each submission sample, give a brief 1-2 line summary. That summary should include the title, if the piece has been published or is going to be published, what was the purpose of the piece and at least a couple notes on obvious/noticable materials. And yes, if you're applying to a DT and you're not trying to niche yourself into the one or two "fresh face" spots, then your work leading up to that application should have a "purpose" beyond scrapping just for you.'re applying for a job and that job is to market product. That takes many forms from getting published to doing work for tradeshows to creating work for others (even if it is "just" a gift for someone--it has a purpose).

#7. Most jobs require a resume. Personalize and keep your's up to date. No...I'm not talking a "scrapbook resume" from that site, although I do have one there myself. But with Blogger nowadays, you can do something very similar for free. Essentially, have an easy to read running balance of all you are doing. On my resume I did some really simple formatting. If you're struggling because you think "I have no pubs, I'm not on any teams...I just need to catch a break." well read on to number 6.

#6. Give yourself a break. Most folks get frustrated with all the same people making design teams. They make teams because they have a consistent body of work that people can go to and say "I need x by then" and it happens. Get yourself your own break by seeking out opportunities to work under deadlines and consistently produce under other people's parameters. There are lots of challenge blogs, online message board contests, ezines and the likes out there. Try some of those out. As you start getting "published" in the zines (I only say it like that because I'm old school and it took some hard convincing for me to embrace this, but I think of publication more traditionally as "in paper"), you build up a body of work and have info for your resume. If you have NOTHING on your resume, you really may not be ready to try for a particular kind of DT (ie Memory Makers Masters or Scenic of the "huge showing" calls) at this moment. Doesn't mean you'll NEVER be or that you shouldn't even try. But just go into it knowing that it is a long shot unless you really have and can convey #5. In the meantime, you might be better served beefing up your own resume (instead of fretting other's) by trying for online dt's...etc.

#5. Be passionate, not fake. Be passionate about a company, site, blog BEFORE the design team call goes out and (most importantly in the eyes of authenticity) AFTER the team is announced and you're not on it. If you really love a product, site or blog, it will show in your actions, not your words. You'll be active on the boards (if possible/applicable) well before the call is announced and you'll stay put after the call ends. You'll use their products in your layouts before and after the call. If you are passionate and not fake, it really shows and can make that difference between two equally talented scrapbookers vying for that last shot on the team.

#4. Sell yourself. Well...not like that. But really focus on what it is the team needs (almost every call puts pretty clearly what will be expected of team members) and outline how you can fulfill their needs in detail. I tend to go line by line--must be able to post layouts in online forums...I mention that I'm active (and give them links where they can easily see my gallery and info on my activity) on specific message boards. Go line by line. Match your skill set to their needs. That is key--THEIR needs, YOUR skill set. Match them together with concrete examples beyond "I can fulfill your DT needs."

#3. You sure are is she. Just remember it isn't (more times than not) about the talent. So you shouldn't necessarily submit your three-five best/favorite pieces. You should pick the 3-5 that best convey a sense of what you can do on the team. While I'm all for getting product specific, if the call does not SPECIFICALLY tell you to use just their materials, use what you like and are GOOD AT but also take time to push yourself. That means starting well before the deadline. More specifically, I'm saying if they want 3-5 examples of your work and they are a company that sells paper, embies, stamps and pens and you only have some of their paper, dont' submit 5 examples using just their paper. Submit 1 or 2 to showcase your use of their product, but then use the stamps you DO have to show what you can do with stamps. Use the other embies you DO have to show what unique ways you can use similar embies. If you truly want to push yourself for a bigger team, understanding the requirements of the team can easily be replicated in real time--just make sure to create all new layouts for the call and maybe even go hunting for that obscure object that you're supposed to use on a page but somehow can no longer find. That will go a long way to pushing you to "experience" what life will be like on the actual team (tight deadlines, not executing just as you thought that idea would and so having to go out and find another set of buttons to retry your idea...etc.) and if you're ready to do that.

#2. Your looks will only get you so far. That said, I think 99.9% of life is in the presentation. Pay as much attention to your presentation as the layouts themselves. I promise the extra time is absolutely worth it especially if there are bigger calls with a bigger turnout where you really need to be able to stand out from the crowd.

#1. Keep trying. Only you can decide this but I have a threshold where I say something along the lines of "I need to 'make' x number out of the y number of things I try for." I use the threshold as a gauge of where my "talent" fits into the field at the moment. I do this by adjusting the teams/contests/etc. I try for to make sure I hit those x and y numbers. For example, if my threshold is that I need to make good on 1 out of every 3 things I try for, then I apply accordingly. Meaning, if I've tried for 2 whatevers and not made it, my third try is NOT going to be for Hall of Fame or Memory Makers Master. I make my own determinations (as you should with your's) in regards to what is "not likely" on an individual basis. But for me, I wouldn't try HOF on a third. Some folks would, could, should and have it like that. I don't. My parameters. Dig deep in your soul for own.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

On this Afternoon...

...well...really on yesterday evening, I came to find that I made the October Afternoon Design Team. As if that was not exciting enough (smile), I found out who a few of my team mates are and I am in heaven. Now that I have actually had the opportunity to meet people in person on my teams--especially SiStv, it is hard for anything to match that. But a lot of my fellow sisters are on the team and I even have a Fashionista Partna in Crime! How cool is THAT?

That said, I got asked by a couple of folks and it was a no brainer for me to comply. They wanted to know "Girl, what DO you do to get on the teams?" Yeah you gotta have talent (which I think is so relative and lots more people have this than they think they do). Yeah, you should use some of that team's product. No I ain't no pro--far from it. But a bit of something to help ya along in the design team application process. Soon as blogger decides to not take 4 hours to upload my photos. I'll come back and try to try again. But in the meantime, here's the altered project I submitted with my OA application. Thanks for looking!

Don't forget to check out the

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Tidbit Tuesday 9.04

Tuesday Tidbits #2: September 4, 2007:

Foaming Flowers.

$2 each set of 2 plus $1 shipping (which will ship up to two sets).

If you want more than two sets, email me first at so that I can make sure I have what you want.

First come first served. I did make twice as much as last week so hopefully I don't run out as quickly this time. I thank you all so much for all the really GREAT support of this.

Have a great day after Labor Day!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

TidBit Tuesday 8.24

So...I finally have gotten back to playing again. Just making stuff for the fun of it. Well almost. One year. One year from now I want to do something big. Something I've wanted to do for a while now. But I can't even begin to imagine actually doing it because you know...economy going Lots of excuses. So yesterday, in the middle of the night, I thought to myself this:

One year. One year from now, if you don't do it, you won't do it. You have all the time in the world to figure out what the "it" is (crafty related of course) which also set a timeline of one year to get the funding together. Which means...lots of saving, lots of "where else can I be more productive?"

Hence...Tid Bit Tuesday. For a year. Every Tuesday, I'll post here a little tid bit. This week, they'll only cost $2 and for the first week, that will include shipping for the US gals. Email me for a special International dealio. Just a little set of little somethings. Starting next week, They will be 2.50 each plus $1.00 for shipping (3.50 total). Occasionally, the tidbit might be more than a bit in size in which case, I'll update the actual shipping costs that should still only come to like 1.25 or so. Lots of times you won't have to pay anything at all for shipping as well--look forward to those. Lots of other ifs ands and whatnots (smile) like if you order multiple sets you only pay shipping as it is of course charged (ie, this week, I could easily get two sets in for the cost of shipping one set). Anywho...So this week's tidbits:

For two bucks on Tuesdays, you get a set of whatever the tidbits are. Mostly they are stuffs put together for class kits (I make stuff for stuff in their times!), but I think if I'm more purposeful (ie, I need to get something imagined, made and posted for Tuesday) I'll be more task-oriented and on it. Which as you know is something I'd love your help with.
So this week's tidbit is the Buttoned Down Felted Flowers. Use them in scrapping, sewing, adorning or however else you see fit. Your set will include four flowers pieced together and sewn all up with a cute little coordinating button. Of coures, you can specify one of the color sets in the picture above, but if you're open to any set, let me know that and you will be handsomly rewarded (smile). The 2 bucks includes shipping in the States this week, otherwise, email me and we'll make the international shipping worth your while.
These are in limited quantities so once they are gone, they are gone. When I post the next week's Tuesday Tidbit, I'll also post some of my own creations using the previous week's creations.
If you want a collection of Tidbits, email me with your contact info at I'll pass along some PayPal info. If you'd like delivery confirmation, tack on another $1 to your total order (not per set, but for your total order no matter how many sets).
One year from now...Well...from September 1. Mark this entry (smile).

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

This is getting out of hand...

...and I like it. LOVE when my life consists of scrapping, scrapping a little more and still some more scrapping. It makes me really happy. This morning...a couple of new ones:

Congrats to the MMM gals! We'll see names tomorrow but I think I "know" a few folks to be very happy for!

Monday, August 20, 2007

I [heart] scrapbooking

Almost as much as I [heart] this dude. One of my most favorite people in the world right now. Perhaps even my most fave person. Shhhh...don't tell him cause his head will get big.

So utterly and so totally. Lots of people hearing lots of really good news these coming weeks. From the SOY chicas finishing up there to the MMM folks listening to happy calls and the American Crafts ladies getting that happy much excitement around is contagious.

To all of ya'll - good luck! Now let us get to scrappin'! Check out what I've been up to at Scrap In Style TV...plenty more American Crafts, SiStv Collections and if you look soon, more digi fun. You know you wanna look...

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Days like this...

Well...technically, like yesterday, are days that make me totally happy.

Way back (feels like forever but was totally not) when SiSTv launched, Kelli Crowe was the first ever guest designer. She designed these awesome papers, did a collectible set of mini flowers (which I still hoard to this day), did some really great webisodes...was just an all around GREAT guest designer. Really set the bar high.

So day before yesterday when I get this email from this really cute email addy, I was like hmmm...what a cute addy...but wait. Is this spam?

Thank goodness my over-agressive spam filter didn't dump it because indeed it was not spam.

Check it out here. I would link the photos but good old blogger is giving me issues as per usual.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

CHA Recap #2

So wanted to know what I loved. But of course:

10 faves from the show in no particular order of course (uh huh):

10. Zoom Albums - Right...not album girl but this is a totally hybrid (digitally created then printed) mini album that is so fast and easy to do your photos up in. Totally all over that.
9. WorldUS - for this not album girl they had an absolutely fabu leather one that I totally have to have.
8. Maya Road - chipboard heaven. Such CUUUUTE albums
7. Prima - Seriously. From bling to fluffy flowers to paintable patterned paper...sweet!
6. Making Memories - just like, a given. So many very standard staples...I could spend the whole show in their booth feeling stuff up.
5. Buttons Galore - as if you didn't know this
4. Beaux Regards - ribbon. yeah. And their site is down...I'm so in need of more samples.
3. KI Memories - I so totally would have had a lace paper album if they had it back then
2. October Afternoon - there clear stamps and paper and journaling spots and...newbie!
1. American Crafts - oh swoon felt thickers. And tissue wrapping paper. And nice reps who totally "get it"

Monday, August 13, 2007

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Memory Lane: AC style

I figured today, I might well give you a little something special. A trip down memory lane, complete with a tribute to one of my fave person's fave manufacturers of all things scrapbooking. Here's a hearty "knock 'em dead" going out to my girls trying for the American Crafts design team. From the follicles on my head to the tips of my toes I cannot think of a better "SiSta" for their team than one of my fellow Fashionistas. I don't know if she's put it out there that she's going for it (we tend to be hush hush about these types of things for some odd reason) so I won't go all out on her name, but she knows who she is.

Without further ado...I bring you a few of my faves with American Crafts products:

Enjoy the weekend!