Monday, September 24, 2007

Can you See Me now?

Cause if you can' watch out now.

If you can, a few quick notes.

Yes, there will be a Tidbit Tuesday tomorrow. Have yet to figure out the whole "what do you do when your laptop crashes on the road and you can't post bit", but for now, I'll double up with Tidbits when I am in town for when I'm gone. Because I'm going to be gone for a whole lot of time coming up, I anticipate getting everything set up and I think (hopefully) I can time when I post posts and they will forever more pop up on Tuesdays. We shall see.

In the meantime, want a clue as to what last Tuesdays Tidbit was? All "write" know...maybe not after all (smile).

If you pre-ordered they are in the mail. Everything through the mono Tidbits (last ones posted) has been shipped off. Let me know if you don't get your order by Friday.

On other tips, made it to Round 3 of the Bad Girls contest...still strugglin' up a simple layout for the Dares Part2 without going too simple. We shall see. Tally Scrapper also has a survivor contest that I've been spreadin the point love I just need to get my layout posted there as well.

Here's hoping you can see me now and this blog is no longer private (hint, hint Blogger).

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