Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Saturday...CKC portland. Cause like I need an excuse to shop for scrap supplies. maybe more buttons. And ribbon. Eyeing a crop a dile...because what's old is new again can't wait to meet folks at the dinner. should print out directions for that--at least it is in my state. Which, unfortuantely, means sales tax.

No classes this time but this time I might (only because I planned on doing it today and didn't so might is looking very iffy now) get to enter the contests. Just the layout ones...I've about given up on cards (smile).

Sunday though, Crop Addict is having the one year anniversary party! I'll be hosting an online crop from 2-4 pm Eastern...11-1 Pacific (my time) just after getting in the door. It will be fun...promise. It's hybrid so make sure to have your computer handy (I promise, it will be easy and only as "digital" as you want to make it...think "print off a journaling block" if that is how you need to roll) and rummage through your stash with the CA store up so that you can see what you have from the shop. That will be a requirement (hint/hint). You'll have 2 hours to complete the challenge and I'll have some regular scrappy happy fun games definiteyl come on by and chat, scrap and win some FANTASTIC prizes!

See ya Saturday in person in Portland or Vancouver. See ya Sunday online at I'm Imanisasa. Fun it is!

Really...550? is as it is. Come to find out HOF only had about 550 entries this year. 550. Which is so great and so bad. Great in that that is about the same chances of winning a spot (HOF or Honorable mention) as it is to get admitted to my law school. Bad in that there are about 9 out of every 10 folks who get turned away. Sure the numbers make you feel better about being able to stand out in the sea, but if you ain't got it you just ain't got it.

Some things that stood out for my "application" if you will:

All digital
All 8.5 x 11
All graphic, clean style

Some things that stood out looking back on it that are just either love it or hate it
So totally not CK style subjective--innovative to me, tried and done by others...
Not every layout was a total WOW--collectively...they flow...some really are my faves, others are not my faves, but then again, every piece I've ever had published (so far) hasn't been my fave's been me, but just not a "wow, look at that technique or that journaling"

Anyhow...overthinking. So to that...such is HOF. About two weeks before they call some really happy folks. And the other 475 of us bemoan that even in a small pond, we didn't have what it took to be CK material.


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

See...I told you...

(smile)...that's why once I've done it okay, I don't do it again. Didn't make it as number 49 this year. Went from Top 20 to...don't know where but not Top 50. Alas. Some of my fave folks did make the 50 so I'll be rootin' for them.

Got asked today what I want to do after work this week. Not like a life "what do you want to do with your life" but a quickie, what are we up to this week. Thought about work and doing more of it. Thought about scrapping and doing more of it. Then really sat down and thought about it. And what I want to do is spend more time living. Now if only I could figure out what in the heck that means!


Anyhow, March 3 -4 Crop Addict is turning 1! Totally cool right? But wait for it.

I'ma host a totally cool hybrid challenge. And of course there will be Crop Addict (aka, coolest kit club EVA) prizes to go with it. on the look out. Right....So I'll be hosting likely Sunday night in between a hop and a skip here and there. Saturday, I'll be at the CKC-Portland and the dinner that evening. Soon enough we'll get introduced to the new Hall of Famers chance in all get out at that. My style was way too simple once I shipped it out all proud and what not and then thought to myself really...get a grip. Alas...I can stick em in some really great blurb books (seriously--totally cool "print on demand"...check them out at and FINALLY get my mama that book of photos she wanted from waaaaaay back when.


Sunday, February 18, 2007

Ooops...I did it again.

No silly...I did NOT shave my head. And I already talked about entering HOF again. What I did do again that is the subject of this blog thread is that I entered MMIDOL Season II. Yeppers. I hate doing something well enough the first time and going back and trying again because then I think I'm jinxed and can't top it. So it was quite a push to even get me to submit something. Because this time around people know they have to go big or go home and there were some really neat tips on the blog that gave away my secrets to success (number 1 being that 99% of life is howing up and the other 1% is presentation)...alas.

Lots more talented folks than me out there. I'm still a bit shocked I lucked up on a Top 20 finish out of the thousands of entrants. Here's hoping I might slide to number 49 this time--that would still get me on to the next round because they are taking the top 50 this time. In honor of that, I think a RAK is in order.

All three of the pieces I submitted are somewhere here on my blog. If you can guess the three I turned in , you're a winner! If no one guesses all three correctly, I'll give it to the person who guesses two...or the first person who guesses one. In that order. And what the heck, I'll throw in a RAK randomly as well.

Guess as many times as you like and have your friends guess too--if a friend team (they have to say in their comment or their email to me since every other time I've run these contests I get far more entries via email than comment field--that you referred them) wins, then I'll send a RAK to each of ya.

Happy guessing!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Remember when...

...way back in the day...I told you I had style? Well you have sooooo got to check. this. out.

That's the style book.
And if you go to
and scroll threw a couple of clicks (page 29 of the actual book, page 2 of the preview)
you might see someone/something you recognize in the top right corner.
How absolutely sweet is that?!
15.95 on pre-order right now.
You better head over to
to pick up a copy now.
Tell them I sent ya.
Not that you'll get a discount or anything...but it's cool in any event!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

38 what??!?

38.52. I about smallowed my tongue. So much for keeping promises to self. " can't enter if you can't get it done in enough time to mail it regular. Or priority mail". Yeah...I actually finished last night and maybe could have pushed for earlier. But I hit a bump in the road (the nomojo bump) and was crying a storm that I just couldn't figure out what to do. I did a pure digi entry and I don't know how to incorporate other "crafts" into my work on this kind of timeline. Sure I can do my hybrid beauties, but I so wanted a full digi entry all in 8.5 x 11 so I finally got unstuck with the crafty combo option and instead chose to go with a color layout.

Which scared me at first because they just did a helpful little bit in the Top 10 issue on color and I was like...can I really evoke color in my love of all things streamlined and white? I mean really...I was a finalist in a major color contest by KI Memories (LOVE that album by the way and can't wait to share it!) and here I was afraid of color. Terrified of it as a matter of fact. But it came out to be one of my fave layouts of my entry.

Looking back on it now, there isn't a single layout that I don't love. And across all 10 of the assignments/faves, there is a definitive "style" going on. And I dare say it is like nothing else I have seen before. Which isn't really saying much. Because I've seen little, but it is definitely a different "digi" style than the current stuff. I mean, there's the whole "It doesn't even look digi, it looks 3d" thing that folks love. Me, if I'm doing digi, I'm doing digi. As you see a bit below, I don't try for the 3d deal because it comes across as 2d to me. The eye sees what the eye sees. So instead, I go for a cleaner, more graphic look. We'll see how that goes off.

Regardless, I've got some great pages I can slap in my Christmas book this year. And the assignments, though I was crying over them, challenged me and got some really cool results. I especially love my journaling layout. But then again, unlike most, I love to journal. So...there that is.

tomorrow...before 4:30 pm. 857359988850. Track it with me now.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Got it, get it, good

So...they got the doodle layouts. All is well there and very liked. I figure if the doodle layouts for the Doodle Book got all the way to AL already, then the Simple style layout should have arrived up the road for the Blue Media Style book. This is all so exciting. Being published. In books. That are sold in stores. Totally cool. I can't tell you how cool it was to pick up the first book I was pubbed in. I was walking through the downtown Seattle Borders store and there it was. I was giddy with excitement! For my first pub ever I stalked JoAnns for the Simple Scrapbook issue. And then the so totally nice cashier actually asked for my autograph. I felt so silly and we laughed so hard but's not everyday you get to see something in print and say "hey...I KNOW that person."

But you know what? Of my pubbed layouts, Simple, CK, the Blue Media book--they were all "me" layouts. And then there is now the doodle layouts. Both are actually rafting pictures. Both two of my faves. I say that a lot. but I like what I create. I was in a groove (smile). Cause my total all time fave layout (and most creative in my opinion) will be in Legacy. That should go over well. I should get back in touch with Alex and let him know he'll be pubbed. Or something.