Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Saturday...CKC portland. Cause like I need an excuse to shop for scrap supplies. maybe more buttons. And ribbon. Eyeing a crop a dile...because what's old is new again can't wait to meet folks at the dinner. should print out directions for that--at least it is in my state. Which, unfortuantely, means sales tax.

No classes this time but this time I might (only because I planned on doing it today and didn't so might is looking very iffy now) get to enter the contests. Just the layout ones...I've about given up on cards (smile).

Sunday though, Crop Addict is having the one year anniversary party! I'll be hosting an online crop from 2-4 pm Eastern...11-1 Pacific (my time) just after getting in the door. It will be fun...promise. It's hybrid so make sure to have your computer handy (I promise, it will be easy and only as "digital" as you want to make it...think "print off a journaling block" if that is how you need to roll) and rummage through your stash with the CA store up so that you can see what you have from the shop. That will be a requirement (hint/hint). You'll have 2 hours to complete the challenge and I'll have some regular scrappy happy fun games definiteyl come on by and chat, scrap and win some FANTASTIC prizes!

See ya Saturday in person in Portland or Vancouver. See ya Sunday online at I'm Imanisasa. Fun it is!

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