Thursday, February 08, 2007

38 what??!?

38.52. I about smallowed my tongue. So much for keeping promises to self. " can't enter if you can't get it done in enough time to mail it regular. Or priority mail". Yeah...I actually finished last night and maybe could have pushed for earlier. But I hit a bump in the road (the nomojo bump) and was crying a storm that I just couldn't figure out what to do. I did a pure digi entry and I don't know how to incorporate other "crafts" into my work on this kind of timeline. Sure I can do my hybrid beauties, but I so wanted a full digi entry all in 8.5 x 11 so I finally got unstuck with the crafty combo option and instead chose to go with a color layout.

Which scared me at first because they just did a helpful little bit in the Top 10 issue on color and I was like...can I really evoke color in my love of all things streamlined and white? I mean really...I was a finalist in a major color contest by KI Memories (LOVE that album by the way and can't wait to share it!) and here I was afraid of color. Terrified of it as a matter of fact. But it came out to be one of my fave layouts of my entry.

Looking back on it now, there isn't a single layout that I don't love. And across all 10 of the assignments/faves, there is a definitive "style" going on. And I dare say it is like nothing else I have seen before. Which isn't really saying much. Because I've seen little, but it is definitely a different "digi" style than the current stuff. I mean, there's the whole "It doesn't even look digi, it looks 3d" thing that folks love. Me, if I'm doing digi, I'm doing digi. As you see a bit below, I don't try for the 3d deal because it comes across as 2d to me. The eye sees what the eye sees. So instead, I go for a cleaner, more graphic look. We'll see how that goes off.

Regardless, I've got some great pages I can slap in my Christmas book this year. And the assignments, though I was crying over them, challenged me and got some really cool results. I especially love my journaling layout. But then again, unlike most, I love to journal. So...there that is.

tomorrow...before 4:30 pm. 857359988850. Track it with me now.

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Tiffany said...

I am so happy you finished your entry! Not an easy test to finish but you got it right. You love your pages and that's the BIGGEST thing. 'Cause if you love them then they will too! :) Can't wait to see what you did and your KI album too!