Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Relative Perspective

And on that note...

I was at lunch today. You know. My usual spot. Across the street. These two gentlemen are sitting behind me. They order Chai tea...alas, there is none to be had. So instead they request water. With no ice.

Generally, I figure you know--that ice thing is so American. So no big deal. But then the one guy asks the other guy "Do you not trust the ice or do you not like it?"

Coming off of the trip of a lifetime (A bit ago, but still fresh in my mind in situations like this) I had a good ole well times lesson in relative perspective. I yearned for cold drinks abroad because I didn't "trust the ice". Yet I don't wash my hands everytime I touch a doorknob here in the states. Or break out the germ killer. Relative Perspective.

Here's to keeping sight of what is most important when it is most important. Now I've gotta run to the post office or there will be no relativity OR perspective about much of anything...least of all a cell phone bill.

Off to do some scrap funness too. Soon as I find another yellow cartridge for my printer. How I ran out of yellow ink in about 2.2 weeks is beyond me. Really, beyond me.

Monday, July 23, 2007

cha, cha, cha: C.H.A. #1

Wow. What a long, amazing 4 days of scrap absolute goodness. I almost don't know where to begin. As if (smile).

So. I attended CHA as a buyer with ScrapinStyleTV. As such, Jeannette arranged for all the Fashionistas to gather up in groups to create a kit of our own. I was paired with the ever amazingly talented and gorgeous Kerry Lynn Yeary and all of her altered, shabby goodness. Which, when you check out my work, is completely polar opposite to mine. I also was matched up with Lisa Garay--bold, fabulous color in all her works and I totally dig her style--very artsy. Lisa couldn't join us in Chicago, but we still managed to pull off the most amazing kit of all times. Which is saying a ton of stuff when you consider we're talking about a Scrap in Style kit here. I absolutely cannot wait to purchase the kits of all the other teams (there are, I think 6 teams total) and I really need to breath again after re-looking over the amazing kit that we pondered and repondered and Kerry totally sold me on. She is creative genius. I'm the one that just likes to play one on tv.

Speaking of which...on tv. Jeannette came up with the most amazing webisodes. Watching filming was just too much. But participating in one--throwing tape around and all, was just so fun. And you'll have to watch out for the intro sessions she does with each Fashionista. I'm a bit partial to Kerry's intro cause it's a bit different than the rest of our's but so totally TOTALLY cool and her. I can't wait to see it. And Adrienne's too, from what I remember (it really is blurring together), her's was a demo too. One which I totally thought she should keep bottled up inside and remain the creative genius she is BUT...she's giving like that. Totally.

I'm going to need to break this down into pieces rather than a really long post so we'll conclude CHA recap #1 at that. Creating kits is fun!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

You know...

...scrapping is fun. Really, REALLY fun. But sometimes, I have to live life to get those memories to scrap. Alas (smile).

Got a pretty major project done and off in the mail last week. And yeah, I was in El Paso last week. Land of no laptop, no internet, and since I checked no bags, no scrapping. I was going through a tad bit of withdrawal but for the project that I took with to finally assemble and get sent off. I was stressing that a bit but as per usual, just got it done. It was a happy happy day to have that sent off.

A couple of more projects in crunch time here. Have a meeting this weekend, but beyond that, I should get everything together and off to the races for Monday. I leave on Thursday for CHA. Shopping one day, filming another day and then wrap up (shopping, saying goodbyes) on the last day. It will be my first trade show and I'm kinda anxious because there are so many things I want to do. One involves a super cool dream that my better half actually seriously wants me to sit down and ponder. A bit overwhelming what I've seen so far, but between the two of us, we have enough degrees and common sense to figure it out. Gulp. Then there are a few shirts to wear--going as a Fashionista for Scrap in Style TV (we might just have a cool t-shirt for that)but also as a Hall of Famer looking to meet others (we have a cool t-shirt for that too) and also as the project head for that anxious air gulping mention above. Lots of people I want to meet in real life--the folks who put me on their teams before "all this" and the folks I work with now. Just overwhelming. And I have not even gotten to the product yet!

Anyhow...in some ways I wish I was just working the show. That is the skin I'm comfy in...I do that sort of thing for a living.

And then she signed off and figured on doing more scrappy stuff. Sunday...more scrap goodness posted with another HOF challenge. I promise to get Shabby Rockstar collection stuff posted...soon as I get it to play with. I know I know...I really WASN'T holding out on you, my PO just doesn't have a clue sometimes. Did I mention I love Fed Ex (smile)?

Oh and you so can't wait. Got some lovely stuff done with the Impression Obsession stamps. That was fun times!

Till then...