Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Relative Perspective

And on that note...

I was at lunch today. You know. My usual spot. Across the street. These two gentlemen are sitting behind me. They order Chai tea...alas, there is none to be had. So instead they request water. With no ice.

Generally, I figure you know--that ice thing is so American. So no big deal. But then the one guy asks the other guy "Do you not trust the ice or do you not like it?"

Coming off of the trip of a lifetime (A bit ago, but still fresh in my mind in situations like this) I had a good ole well times lesson in relative perspective. I yearned for cold drinks abroad because I didn't "trust the ice". Yet I don't wash my hands everytime I touch a doorknob here in the states. Or break out the germ killer. Relative Perspective.

Here's to keeping sight of what is most important when it is most important. Now I've gotta run to the post office or there will be no relativity OR perspective about much of anything...least of all a cell phone bill.

Off to do some scrap funness too. Soon as I find another yellow cartridge for my printer. How I ran out of yellow ink in about 2.2 weeks is beyond me. Really, beyond me.

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