Monday, April 27, 2009

50/50 challenge...on the cheap

***Previously recorded post - I love scheduled posting not that I remembered how again so get used to it***

So how do you spend only $50 a year on scrap supplies? I mean seriously...especially if you're a paper scrapper ( package of stickers can cost ya $4) or even if you're a digi scrapper? Those folks like myself who have already been doing it to it have a wealth of stash to get started with and really it just isn't fair to expect a newbie or a non-hoarder to spend only $50 for the rest of this year on scrap supplies.

But yes it is. You just need to know how to get your stuff on the cheap (aka, free).

You're reading a blog right? So probably my best tip for free scrap stuff is blog hopping. And make it easy for yourself by signing up for a blog reader like where you can track all 232 of your blogs effortlessly. Seriously...I'm back down to 62 and probably need to clear half of those out and add about 50 more of folks I've mysteriously managed to link to on my blog, but not on bloglines...go figure.

To that, some of my fave blogs to follow that are great with giveaways:

Robyn Werlich's {Discovering} Life - lots of stamp/scrap goodies
Ali Edwards' {A} - lots of scrap (paper and digi) and even scrap retreats
Kayla Aimee Only Slightly Neurotic - lots of SiS class spaces
KelliCrowe [i love folks that keep the blog name simple] - lots of scrap goodness
Ikea Goddess [did i mention my love of simple names?] - lots of digi scrap goodies

That should tide you over for a minute.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Layout of the Day | Sis eye candy faves

Actually of several days, but no matter. This was fun with a template by Tiffany.

So on most of the scrap galleries, there is an ability to save some of your fave layouts or even layout artists.

This past week at SiS, I asked folks to show me some of their personal fave layouts (of their own creation) and hip me to why they loved them. I promised I'd post an entry about why I loved their well loved layouts so here it goes! Definitely click on the name of the person to check out the photo of the layout - you won't be dissapointed~!

Pegasus - I LOVE how she used photos of folks near and dear to her that have passed. I'm always so scared to scrap photos of my grandmother because, well, I'll never get to take another picture of her and I don't want to run out of pictures of her to scrap. Hardly an issue since I hoard them all (smile).

BlessedinTexas - We all know I'm all about the pink. But I especially love how she did pink and soft and flowly on a totally grungy background with that ripped and stripped cardstock. The texture to this layout is to die for and so are the colors.
lalscrap - She rocks some awesome blue (even with a hint of pink) in this page about her son. Yes...her son. Yes...hints of pink. She really REALLY rocks the BamPop stamps and reminds me that I have a whole slew full of stamps that I need to use more often in my scrap happy fun times.

Juliaom - Yes...I linked you to her whole portfolio. Mostly because if you love heritage scrapbooking, you'll love what she does. I, admittedly, tend to play around more than preserve memories and do the research involved with heritage scrapbooking but looking at her portfolio is like reading an AWESOME story of someone else's family tree. And she does beautiful photography on the side to boot (smile).

haggith - Technique scrappers are some of my fave scrappers in the world. Mostly, because I don't have the patience for it. Something about getting out the art supplies and doing something step by step and having it turn out the way I intended is intimidating. But every time I see a page like this, I think "hmmm...bleach stamping might be work another try". Right after I try some masking... She rocked the stars on this page. Break out the inks girls!
jenniferP - She reminds me why I LOVE the SiS gallery. Every morning, before work...something bright and fun and "hey, I need to check that out today" catches my eye. Her title is actually a song lyric which I had to look up because hey...that page is FLY! Beautiful bright colors, great photo, fun take...definitely worth a peek.
JamieBoBamie - Rocks. Mostly because I love lots of couple's pictures (for obvious reasons) but also because as much as I LOVE journaling and want to see lots of it on layouts (check), I HATE cutting out journaling strips. Anyone with the patience to do that is hands down a fave in my book. LOVED the tongue in cheek humor/honesty to that journaling too.

Maritscrapworld - This layout BLEW. ME. AWAY. I was literally breathless reading the poem. And the way she scrapped it...all dark monotones with that ray of light through the window...that glimmer of hope. I'm tearing up on this one so I'll leave it at that. You HAVE TO click on this one and read it through. Scrapbooking is about not forgetting. This page so captures that.

smilesfrommel - more fun with heritage photos, but in a very unexpected way. I LOVe pages like this that use old photos (we've been over that already) BUT, in this case, I also love how she stayed pretty true to her fun scrapper style and didn't use muted colors and take us totally back to "back then". She kept it here with fun little twists (literally) like those twine stiched frames.

Got a fave layout you want me to peep at the SiS gallery and leave some love on? Link it up for me on this thread and I'll stop on by!

I'll do another installment soon with some eye candy of folks I love to love (aka, Ms. Jody).

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another day, another page

Layout of the day:
Wedding Note to Self
photo by my amazing wedding photographers
50/50 challenge for me cause I made it hybrid (you can use digi over and again)
AND because everything else was from my stash. Tip 'O the day:
Do good work, get on a design team.
They give you TONS of extra stuff
Like all the October Afternoon on this layout.
This one will need to tide you over.
Till at least Friday.
I have to work for a living Thursday night.
Friday is "Show me your Faves" day.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

scrap 50/50 challenge

Ready for some fun?

The other day, I was in JoAnns for the Daffodill Days sell and I thought to myself:
Really. You don't need a lot of stuff to scrap fun pages.
So I challenged myself. Spend no more than $50 this year (well, the remainder of this year...and that doesn't include glue for you glue sniffers, but for me, it does on a go-forward basis cause I also click scrap and can totally do that without glue), get at least 50 layouts done.

Which, is a good enough challenge for me. Cause I LOVE to buy the digi pretty stuff. I've gotten better about the randomness in scrap stores mostly because I live nowhere near a reasonably priced scrap store anymore and because, well, it just is far less interesting to me the stuffs that I can find in big box places. And cause we don't have a box on the porch anymore, I totally don't order online because who has time to go and pick up packages that they won't leave for you.

I digress.

50/50. $50 spent on scrap the rest of the year. 50 layouts completed. Join me?

I know I can get more than 50 done (on weekends that I'm home) but that will totally make up for those bogus work long weeks where I get nothing done. Spreads out the pressure and all.

This challenge works well for hoarders (you can shop your stash and not count that towards your $50...thank goodness I have plenty of cardstock and adhesive). It also works really well for newbies because you can see that you can shop purposefully and get it done.

To that...let's go. Each time I post something to this strand, I'll be sure to include a link or two for inspiration (get it scrapped) or good finds.

Good inspiration and free goods find: Pencil Lines Sketch Blog
Plenty of good sketches and layouts by their amazing design team for the glue sniffers (paper)I'm a bit partial to TraciH's stuff and have been her scrap stalker for a while. Free digi templates to download for the confused (hybrid) and clickers (digital).
Show me what you do and I'll leave love in your galleries and on your blog for ya.

Monday, April 13, 2009

They lift me up (Mojo Holder)

So a little bit ago, a sweet person emailed to ask if she could lift this page:

For as long as I can remember, there has been a raging debate in the halls of scrap justice about scraplifting. I've settled on inspire and be inspired. And you know that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery (so they say).

To that, I love blogs like Mojo Holder because they actually credit the folks they lift (which is the only bone, if any, I think most people truly have with "lifting" aka "copying" a page).

Check out the amazing takes on my Urban Glimpse Farm Life layout right here at MojoHolder.
I was lift # 106 posted on April 10th.
At Mojo Holder, you'll find a sketch of my page to follow.
You'll also find lots of great samples like this one by Angie
Check out all the links.
You'll like them. I promise.

Thanks for looking!
And don't forget (yes, another link)
to check out the contest at
Guessing games are fun!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

New Day...old stuff

So I spent a good chunk of this morning (and some unclocked other time) re-arranging my galleries about the world. I would say my most updated gallery still remains at SiStv, but I'm working on cleaning up the 2peas gallery and Tally as well.
It is getting there.
But in the midst of getting, figured I'd share some of my fave layouts for this time of year:
Wow! Me!
Birds are back and love is springing

Anniversary Card
4 years of breathing again

Tibetan Memories
april 2007 trip to Tibet

Happy Springtime!