Tuesday, April 21, 2009

scrap 50/50 challenge

Ready for some fun?

The other day, I was in JoAnns for the Daffodill Days sell and I thought to myself:
Really. You don't need a lot of stuff to scrap fun pages.
So I challenged myself. Spend no more than $50 this year (well, the remainder of this year...and that doesn't include glue for you glue sniffers, but for me, it does on a go-forward basis cause I also click scrap and can totally do that without glue), get at least 50 layouts done.

Which, is a good enough challenge for me. Cause I LOVE to buy the digi pretty stuff. I've gotten better about the randomness in scrap stores mostly because I live nowhere near a reasonably priced scrap store anymore and because, well, it just is far less interesting to me the stuffs that I can find in big box places. And cause we don't have a box on the porch anymore, I totally don't order online because who has time to go and pick up packages that they won't leave for you.

I digress.

50/50. $50 spent on scrap the rest of the year. 50 layouts completed. Join me?

I know I can get more than 50 done (on weekends that I'm home) but that will totally make up for those bogus work long weeks where I get nothing done. Spreads out the pressure and all.

This challenge works well for hoarders (you can shop your stash and not count that towards your $50...thank goodness I have plenty of cardstock and adhesive). It also works really well for newbies because you can see that you can shop purposefully and get it done.

To that...let's go. Each time I post something to this strand, I'll be sure to include a link or two for inspiration (get it scrapped) or good finds.

Good inspiration and free goods find: Pencil Lines Sketch Blog
Plenty of good sketches and layouts by their amazing design team for the glue sniffers (paper)I'm a bit partial to TraciH's stuff and have been her scrap stalker for a while. Free digi templates to download for the confused (hybrid) and clickers (digital).
Show me what you do and I'll leave love in your galleries and on your blog for ya.


Genevieve said...

OMG you are SO freakin' talented it kills me! I'm always amazed, impressed, drooling...add as many positive adjectives as you'd like...to your work. So impressive!

Kiwi The Kreator said...

ok, i want to play! i've been trying to come up with a way to only spend $50 additional dollars this year and i can't do it...i subscribe to three different kits! if the kits don't count, i think i can do it. if nothing else, it'll challenge me to slow down TREMENDOUSLY with my supply spending!