Friday, May 29, 2009

Ironically...talking about class

So I got a really awesome request from Jean at 2peas the other day. The request was to feature this layout:

Campfires are My Fave
on her blog here. Cool blog about her love of camping which you should also check out.
I giggled a bit when she mentioned that my layout was classing up her joint a bit. I mean, because I keep it classy an updated here all the time right? Right...

In other grander than grande news...

This layout in all of it's awesome "Oh I should fix that, and that...and maybe I'll wait to post it" glory not only seemed to knock everyone's socks off at my homecoming to the place where I started this scrap journey, but it is awesomely one of the top 10 layouts of the past 30 days there. Awesome!

Flair is Cool Again

So yes. In answer to that question. I still scrap, I still blog. Just gotta spread the time evenly after my love affair this past long weekend with Facebook. I much little time. For your patience, a boatload of {s}crappy goodness:

My Fave Part of Christmas
Ten Months Into Forever

Tweety Girl
(hit me up, followingb is my twitter id)

Thin Mint Cookie Monster

PNW Love

Leavenworth Traditions

Still on a mission for Big Lots Thickers. If you find them anywhere in the grande state of Washington and you don't tell me, I'll hunt you down and hurt you. In ways only a true scrapper would ever dare. Papercuts anyone??

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Cuteness personified

It's Saturday. I'm going to go play. Without hearing anything of course. Until later:

Thanks for stopping in!

Friday, May 08, 2009

For all things NSD

Yeah yeah yeah. Some eye candy to make up for it is in order. Got super sick and tired (the no sleep probably contributed to it) and had to work and do all sorts of other stuff. If you stalk me online, you've seen it all, but if you're the one stop shop type...there you have it. All of it from my stash...didn't have to spend another penny to create them.
Ahhh...50/50 is going GRREEAT!