Monday, July 31, 2006 I'm no benefit.
I get to post layouts! I think maybe I'll do one a day.
Starting with my fave:
What are you afraid of: Out There
Basic Grey pp, Bazzill Cardstock
Heidi Swapp ghost letters
Fancy Pants & Making Memories chipboard (doddle thingy and hearts)
Hero Arts stamp
Colorbox Liquid chalk
trusty sharpie (brown this time...go figure)
acrylic paint
Think you can read the journaling.
1 down...19 more to go.
Wow...something to post about daily and pics to go with it!
Maybe we'll make it through August yet!

Well...when one door closes, another opens. No SoY...(really...REALLY...truly) but did get that other opportunity. I get to be on the DT for As the World Scraps. Totally psyched because it is ALL about scrapping other people's pictures through your own lens. This is exactly what I do more times than not. When I'm scrapping for "myself" I am scrapping other people. This will be so absolutely amazingly cool.

And for being good kidos, I have to post a layout:

You can read the journaling and be sure to check out the amazing

Beyond Appearances Challenge Blog!

Sigh. Grin! Can't wait to get home and get back to that other project!


Wow. WOW! Gotta a really GREAT opportunity come my way. Creating the way I create for a cause I care for. This blows me over that I get to do this. I'm so excited I need to back away from the computer before I say something I'm not supposed. Promise that soon as I get the okay...I'll spill it!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

**ETA...sob...not till tomorrow. If I had not checked that thread over there, I wouldn't have known and could just go about my life already. But I would have so stupidly posted my LO's online. So it's a good thing.**

***And I just saw something way cool pop into my email...another post becons...***

Soy...whatcha waiting for? Calls of course. End of today, we should know who made finalists. Dream come true. That would SO be a dream come true. And then some.

But in equally eventful news...made it to the next round for all of the obnoxious links I left you to browse in the last post. And now I have to get up the nerve to show BF said winning los. Winning because so many folks have been touched by it. I was touched by it (smile). Anyhow...check it out from the last post. I'll check in tomorrow to whine the heartbroken dream but in the meantime...

Till tomorrow.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Phew...just been scrappin' away.

No...not for that pretties...for just basic deadlines. Doing stuff I love for folks I love and inspiring a soul or two along the way. I just did an interview (stay tuned!) that really got me thinking about why I do what I do and how I do it. Just plain goodness.

So... I did realize that I have not gotten to share a whole bunch of stuff lately because of various reasons. about I link you over to them instead? Okay. Now...on this place here: {ScrappinTrends} I made it to the final round and get to play with some really fun Urban Lily goodies such as this:

You can check out my sketch layouts from assignment 2
{Life Is Unscripted} and {Chatty Gal}.

In other contests, I just finished my upload to Round 2 of the Queen of Paradise contest. You can check out the Contest Rules for Round Two

and then peep my A-Z layout and my 10 Things layout.

Phew...lots of linking there...

What else have I been up to? Oh...I suppose I could link you to my Round 1 layouts from both contests too:

Scrapping Trends, Round 1 of Summer Bash:
{What are You Afraid Of?}

Croppin Paradise, Round 1 of Queen of Paradise:
{Famous Last Words}

{If I could Turn Back Time Left}

{If I could Turn Back Time Right}

Okay! The rest is DT and whatnot

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Life is:
Wonderful. Of course!

I got so much great news this past week I can barely STAND it! One piece that I can share...remember these:

Well they were in the Innovator Showcase at CHA: Chicago AND she displayed one of them in her booth. How cool is that? Some folks are saying they got nibles and hits off of their cards and the like. And that a certain manufacturer actually asked to see someone's shoe up close! How cool is that for the designer? I'm just so happy to have had the opportunity to do the work and to have done a good enough job on it to get it showcased. Totally ROCKS!

Then...something I don't think I can so much share but I can say be on the lookout for the December Making Memories Magazine. Awesome! A toot I never knew how to pursue, but less been pursued to do. What an awesome email to wake up to and such a fantastic individual to work with. Okay...saying so much and nothing at all...December MM mag.

The chatter is heating up for the KI contest (just about done with that album) since the DL is August 15 and of course there is less than a week before we find out the 10 finalists for the SOY contest. What an honor it would be but really...really.

Got quite a few deadlines to hit this week I go.

Oh yeah...some of the best news of all? You have to check out Check out that chica on the "cover" (smile).

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Diversity Designs peek:

What do I do over there?

Well I design things like this:
and this:
and most recently, this:

That last one is a sneak peek of what's to come on the 15th my pretties! Okay. I promise. No More "my pretties".

It cannot have been like 10 days since I have posted. Nope...that would be blogger acting a fool. No need to worry my pretties...massive update for ya. what have you been up to missy? Well, for one, I created these:

Happy 4th of July!!

Catch them live and in living color at CHA in Chicago! Holey Soles booth...or who knows...maybe they'll make the Innovator's showcase. A gal can dream... oh and yeah. Likely wouldn't want to set them upon your feet...unless you like acupuncture.

Surely, you cannot have JUST decorated up a pair of shoes you note. Well...of course I did more than that. The pictures are not the hottest, but for the happening, crisp pictures, you should take your pretty little self over to (yeah, I could give you a cool link with just the name instead of the ugly url, but really. They'll be up on the 15th ish. Find them on the board in the many places our layouts hide. Oh yeah...the pics. That would be in the next post dears...