Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Life is:
Wonderful. Of course!

I got so much great news this past week I can barely STAND it! One piece that I can share...remember these:

Well they were in the Innovator Showcase at CHA: Chicago AND she displayed one of them in her booth. How cool is that? Some folks are saying they got nibles and hits off of their cards and the like. And that a certain manufacturer actually asked to see someone's shoe up close! How cool is that for the designer? I'm just so happy to have had the opportunity to do the work and to have done a good enough job on it to get it showcased. Totally ROCKS!

Then...something I don't think I can so much share but I can say be on the lookout for the December Making Memories Magazine. Awesome! A toot I never knew how to pursue, but less been pursued to do. What an awesome email to wake up to and such a fantastic individual to work with. Okay...saying so much and nothing at all...December MM mag.

The chatter is heating up for the KI contest (just about done with that album) since the DL is August 15 and of course there is less than a week before we find out the 10 finalists for the SOY contest. What an honor it would be but really...really.

Got quite a few deadlines to hit this week so...off I go.

Oh yeah...some of the best news of all? You have to check out www.diversitydesigns.net. Check out that chica on the "cover" (smile).

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