Tuesday, July 11, 2006

It cannot have been like 10 days since I have posted. Nope...that would be blogger acting a fool. No need to worry my pretties...massive update for ya.

Okay...so what have you been up to missy? Well, for one, I created these:

Happy 4th of July!!

Catch them live and in living color at CHA in Chicago! Holey Soles booth...or who knows...maybe they'll make the Innovator's showcase. A gal can dream... oh and yeah. Likely wouldn't want to set them upon your feet...unless you like acupuncture.

Surely, you cannot have JUST decorated up a pair of shoes you note. Well...of course I did more than that. The pictures are not the hottest, but for the happening, crisp pictures, you should take your pretty little self over to www.diversitydesigns.com (yeah, I could give you a cool link with just the name instead of the ugly url, but really. They'll be up on the 15th ish. Find them on the board in the many places our layouts hide. Oh yeah...the pics. That would be in the next post dears...

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