Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A bit of love right on time. I think that's what I am working on for my latest, greatest, starting to consume my life project. I never want to put it down. I just adore what I'm doing. It's going very off course--I had some specifics to work with and I've done that, but it is really getting out of hand and brimming with amazingness unexpected. It will be another of those "love this myself" even if no one else does. Well, that's a lie. It is a gift so SOMEONE better love it. And I am sure he will. He loves stuff like this. Thing is, I may keep it myself and he can come and look at it from time to time (smile). I can play nice...

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

And....not. They don't love me but that's okay. I'll still horde their paper (smile).

Working feverishly on a project that I'm falling more and more in love with. And there are DT projects to get done for Diversity Designs. And BF is going to get a computer up and running for me (laptop is dead...and photos too...thank goodness most were backed up and I've had no camera in forever)...

Okay...time to work. Or something.

Friday, May 19, 2006

And on Urban Lily. Love them.

Adore them. Call me okay? Yeah...I know...loooooooong shot. But, I so love their papers. Particularly since I can cut them, slit them, sand them, jewel them...oh I could go on and on. I love how I can create works of art with them. I love how I can create giftable pages with them. I love how i can give it away to folks who totally adore and appreciate the goodness. I love how it photographs well, stands out from the crowd and blends in when needed.

The DT will be posted tomorrow. Not much of a shot as I figure they had hundreds of entries, but as you can see...I'll work me some UL. And I love it. number is (360) 970-19...


Treats for my patient pretties. Here is half my entry. There's another layout and a project I also had to submit.

"We Will Cry"
Return of the original photos. This is from my wedding *what?~! you were married??* and hence the title/journaling. I couldn't scrap these in forever because it was such a bittersweet moment. Then the write papers came along and well... UL papers, Scrapworks and 7Gypsies ribbon, Darice rhinestones and poetry word beads and Making Memories Rub Ons.

"Nap Time"

Bit more traditional. My nephew would never take his nap until you counted down from 6. I sliced into the UL patterned paper, used an SEI art iron on, Lil Davis bubble word and background and wood numerals, Making Memories and Maya Road ribbon and Technique Tuesday Functuation. Also Lil Davis Foreign Exchange alphas.


Thursday, May 18, 2006

But you ARE a finalist!

Now I didn't know whether I should be happy or sad or flustered at this point. The laptop is goners. Have to reboot and hope that helps, but I'm 99% sure it's a dead harddrive. I heard the clicks of death the other day. I started it find to transfer photos. First it tried to tell me I didn't have a writable drive. My arse.

Then it wouldn't do anything. So I shut down. Went to restart, it said "yeah...maybe not"

Anyhow, I'm beyond that. Have most of my pics, lost alluva my digi stuff. So very flustered over that. Live and learn--catalog your holdings since most of those things I could probably go back and redownload...if only I knew where they were. Sigh.

But the good news! Luda is going to be at Summer Jam. So kidding. So kidding. He will be, but I gives half a care about that. Especially since I saw...never mind.

Good news is that I made the finalist round at ScrapStreet for the digi scrapping contest. $50 first prize to the store...$25 to second and even $15 in digi scrap goodies would make me feel a bit better now. I tell can be hard. Good thing of it is that you are only allowed to use their kit for this last round. Yeah! And it was FREE! So I might actually get to do this one!

In the meantime, check out the may blossoms at Diversity Designs. The design teams are rocking the house if I might say so myself. And I might...(say so, myself, that is...)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Yooooooou're OUT!


Didn't make it past Round 2. And since no one and their mama (or their mama for that matter as well) visits my blog, I can put up a few treats for you here. Here was the militant post that got me axed:


{ETA: for the full view...}

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Round 2...of the best scrap contest eva! And I made it. Imagine that! Now I needa complete a page about me. Should be easy which means I should be eliminated this round. 200 in it now...100 will be dropped. But the pages are amazing! I was showing them to my landlord and he was pretty amazed. I of course told him he could do this too and set him to scrapping. Like anyone can ever say no to me...well...not and feel good about it (smile).

By the by...Martha Stewart and Fran D (won't even attempt to spell her name) are making a very NASTY looking cocktail. And my WORD the alcohol they are pouring in it. Talk about product placement and it's like not even 9:30 in the morning (here at least) and they're drinking! The heck?? Watermelon and rum and what in the world? I'm noticing that they are not taking a sip...let's see if they do on the out to commercial. YES!! She just took a sip. Crazy. What is this world coming to??

You know I'm so joking, but still a bit shocked. But I am hungry so time to eat, scrap, send raks and cards. Mama's day is almost here and I'm so very happy that there are 4 *yes FoUr!!* special mama's in my life! My mama (who is absolutely amazing), my BF's mama (who is four shades of amazing), my sister (who is ghetto fabulous amazing) and my new sister in law who I have never met but who just produced my baby brother's FIRST baby...a boy of course (smile). Oh yeah...neva met her but she's amazing with two snaps because she's doing it to it with her two little babies while her man is away in the Gulf. Fun times with military life. At least he's not in Iraq. Thank the Lord for small miracles...

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Yes...she does.

So I times. She was funny as all get out and smart to boot. What a woman that former Sec'y of state... you...

I wonder if Madame Albright scrapbooks? I'll ask her tonight and let you know...

Off to see the former Sec'y of State then home to scrap away. I have a lovely little soiree coming up that I'd love to share my pictures at. It is always such a fantastic way to get people talking--break out some art, get some opinions, relish in the memories and then SUCK THEM IN! Get them to start doing it too!

Works like a charm every time. They never see it coming (smile).

On to covert some more boys into scrappers...

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Whoa now...

Who DO you think you are? If you stop pushing and wait patiently, she'll sign your book already aight?


Yeah right.


...guess who is pubbed? In a book? That you can buy? At a real store? A real (very comercial) bookstore? As in walk in and say "Do you have Scrap City" only to be told...why yes we do ma'am.

Well, at least they do in Seattle. Downtown. Big time!

I'm in the new, awesome, fantastic Scrap City book. Not that I'm all that, but the artists in that book...definitely all that.

And on June 29th, there's a book release party in NYC for it. Yeah...I'm so there. If I were not so poor. Maybe I'll take a collection. Maybe I'll ebay my soul away so I can go. Just to get to say, yeah, I traveled to NYC to pimp myself in the most scrapalicious of ways...

Rock on with it. Go'n and lean with it.

I'm giddy...can you tell? I went back to the hood for a moment.