Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Round 2...of the best scrap contest eva! And I made it. Imagine that! Now I needa complete a page about me. Should be easy which means I should be eliminated this round. 200 in it now...100 will be dropped. But the pages are amazing! I was showing them to my landlord and he was pretty amazed. I of course told him he could do this too and set him to scrapping. Like anyone can ever say no to me...well...not and feel good about it (smile).

By the by...Martha Stewart and Fran D (won't even attempt to spell her name) are making a very NASTY looking cocktail. And my WORD the alcohol they are pouring in it. Talk about product placement and it's like not even 9:30 in the morning (here at least) and they're drinking! The heck?? Watermelon and rum and what in the world? I'm noticing that they are not taking a sip...let's see if they do on the out to commercial. YES!! She just took a sip. Crazy. What is this world coming to??

You know I'm so joking, but still a bit shocked. But I am hungry so time to eat, scrap, send raks and cards. Mama's day is almost here and I'm so very happy that there are 4 *yes FoUr!!* special mama's in my life! My mama (who is absolutely amazing), my BF's mama (who is four shades of amazing), my sister (who is ghetto fabulous amazing) and my new sister in law who I have never met but who just produced my baby brother's FIRST baby...a boy of course (smile). Oh yeah...neva met her but she's amazing with two snaps because she's doing it to it with her two little babies while her man is away in the Gulf. Fun times with military life. At least he's not in Iraq. Thank the Lord for small miracles...

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