Tuesday, August 28, 2007

TidBit Tuesday 8.24

So...I finally have gotten back to playing again. Just making stuff for the fun of it. Well almost. One year. One year from now I want to do something big. Something I've wanted to do for a while now. But I can't even begin to imagine actually doing it because you know...economy going down...house plans...work...life. Lots of excuses. So yesterday, in the middle of the night, I thought to myself this:

One year. One year from now, if you don't do it, you won't do it. You have all the time in the world to figure out what the "it" is (crafty related of course) which also set a timeline of one year to get the funding together. Which means...lots of saving, lots of "where else can I be more productive?"

Hence...Tid Bit Tuesday. For a year. Every Tuesday, I'll post here a little tid bit. This week, they'll only cost $2 and for the first week, that will include shipping for the US gals. Email me for a special International dealio. Just a little set of little somethings. Starting next week, They will be 2.50 each plus $1.00 for shipping (3.50 total). Occasionally, the tidbit might be more than a bit in size in which case, I'll update the actual shipping costs that should still only come to like 1.25 or so. Lots of times you won't have to pay anything at all for shipping as well--look forward to those. Lots of other ifs ands and whatnots (smile) like if you order multiple sets you only pay shipping as it is of course charged (ie, this week, I could easily get two sets in for the cost of shipping one set). Anywho...So this week's tidbits:

For two bucks on Tuesdays, you get a set of whatever the tidbits are. Mostly they are stuffs put together for class kits (I make stuff for others...to stuff in their kits...fun times!), but I think if I'm more purposeful (ie, I need to get something imagined, made and posted for Tuesday) I'll be more task-oriented and on it. Which as you know is something I'd love your help with.
So this week's tidbit is the Buttoned Down Felted Flowers. Use them in scrapping, sewing, adorning or however else you see fit. Your set will include four flowers pieced together and sewn all up with a cute little coordinating button. Of coures, you can specify one of the color sets in the picture above, but if you're open to any set, let me know that and you will be handsomly rewarded (smile). The 2 bucks includes shipping in the States this week, otherwise, email me and we'll make the international shipping worth your while.
These are in limited quantities so once they are gone, they are gone. When I post the next week's Tuesday Tidbit, I'll also post some of my own creations using the previous week's creations.
If you want a collection of Tidbits, email me with your contact info at henderso@seattleu.edu. I'll pass along some PayPal info. If you'd like delivery confirmation, tack on another $1 to your total order (not per set, but for your total order no matter how many sets).
One year from now...Well...from September 1. Mark this entry (smile).

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

This is getting out of hand...

...and I like it. LOVE when my life consists of scrapping, scrapping a little more and still some more scrapping. It makes me really happy. This morning...a couple of new ones:

Congrats to the MMM gals! We'll see names tomorrow but I think I "know" a few folks to be very happy for!

Monday, August 20, 2007

I [heart] scrapbooking

Almost as much as I [heart] this dude. One of my most favorite people in the world right now. Perhaps even my most fave person. Shhhh...don't tell him cause his head will get big.

So utterly and so totally. Lots of people hearing lots of really good news these coming weeks. From the SOY chicas finishing up there to the MMM folks listening to happy calls and the American Crafts ladies getting that happy email...so much excitement around is contagious.

To all of ya'll - good luck! Now let us get to scrappin'! Check out what I've been up to at Scrap In Style TV...plenty more American Crafts, SiStv Collections and if you look soon, more digi fun. You know you wanna look...

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Days like this...

Well...technically, like yesterday, are days that make me totally happy.

Way back (feels like forever but was totally not) when SiSTv launched, Kelli Crowe was the first ever guest designer. She designed these awesome papers, did a collectible set of mini flowers (which I still hoard to this day), did some really great webisodes...was just an all around GREAT guest designer. Really set the bar high.

So day before yesterday when I get this email from this really cute email addy, I was like hmmm...what a cute addy...but wait. Is this spam?

Thank goodness my over-agressive spam filter didn't dump it because indeed it was not spam.

Check it out here. I would link the photos but good old blogger is giving me issues as per usual.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

CHA Recap #2

So really...you wanted to know what I loved. But of course:

10 faves from the show in no particular order of course (uh huh):

10. Zoom Albums - Right...not album girl but this is a totally hybrid (digitally created then printed) mini album that is so fast and easy to do your photos up in. Totally all over that.
9. WorldUS - for this not album girl they had an absolutely fabu leather one that I totally have to have.
8. Maya Road - chipboard heaven. Such CUUUUTE albums
7. Prima - Seriously. From bling to fluffy flowers to paintable patterned paper...sweet!
6. Making Memories - just like, a given. So many very standard staples...I could spend the whole show in their booth feeling stuff up.
5. Buttons Galore - as if you didn't know this
4. Beaux Regards - ribbon. yeah. And their site is down...I'm so in need of more samples.
3. KI Memories - I so totally would have had a lace paper album if they had it back then
2. October Afternoon - there clear stamps and paper and journaling spots and...newbie!
1. American Crafts - oh swoon felt thickers. And tissue wrapping paper. And nice reps who totally "get it"

Monday, August 13, 2007

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Memory Lane: AC style

I figured today, I might well give you a little something special. A trip down memory lane, complete with a tribute to one of my fave person's fave manufacturers of all things scrapbooking. Here's a hearty "knock 'em dead" going out to my girls trying for the American Crafts design team. From the follicles on my head to the tips of my toes I cannot think of a better "SiSta" for their team than one of my fellow Fashionistas. I don't know if she's put it out there that she's going for it (we tend to be hush hush about these types of things for some odd reason) so I won't go all out on her name, but she knows who she is.

Without further ado...I bring you a few of my faves with American Crafts products:

Enjoy the weekend!