Thursday, August 31, 2006

16 of 20 right?

We're getting to the point where I don't remember which I have shared
and which I have not...
so don't get crazy if this is up already.
Gently remind me and I'll switch it out (smile).
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Live Your Life

Gotta love the Urban Lily paper!
Lots of really great stuff happening in the scrap life. But...alas...I have to go tend to the sick boyfriend (aka, play hookie).
In brief:
1. Great DT (one I'm already on, don't flip out with the "why didn't you tell me") is going through some changes. Changes I was afraid of at first, but think I might well like. Love it.
2. Tomorrow...heartbreak. But...the good of that is that I can SHARE a really wonderful album I so totally love. If only I could find those pictures. Had a thought about where they might be. Interesting...if not, I'll have to rephotograph and that won't happen tomorrow (or tonight either...patience!)
3. Speaking of album shares, just did another album (which took me forever only because I kept getting bogged down with other stuff). Simplified, simplified, simplified. And so very much love it. Gonna get it and give it back (yeah...I swiped it...and what?!) to the boyfriend this weekend. When we're back on the beach. yeah.
Kay...I like threes so this will throw me off BUT...remember that CK WA Pea Pub Dinner? Yeah...I have a rak that I have to send to Gina cause she guessed correctly--Threee Bugs and Scrapworks. Fun sponsors eh? I just got another confirmation yesterday so we're up to 4 major manufacturers. So totally fun!
That's all the scrap stuff folks...back to the regularly scheduled blogging...right after I stop for my Mc D's yummy.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Messy Share

Blurry...but that is kinda the point.
you can peep it at 2peas (username Imanisasa)
for the journaling details but here it is

As promised...from the Beyond Appearances challenge blog


as in...we're in it.
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Be Friendly
(well, page 2...seems like 1 doesn't want to load)

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Out...and it's all good!

So then. I'm out of the Last Scrapper Standing competition with the Dares. And it is such a good thing. They posted dare 3.5 on Thursday night/Friday morning. That knocked me out. I didn't drive to work, didn't have my laptop and the dare required the use of wet media anyhow. So I had about 25 minutes to get something done, photographed and posted because...well...we had the wedding this weekend!

That was fun times...but that is on the other blog.

I am completely fine with not moving on. This last layout was nothing like what I do lately and unlike the other layouts, not something I was really feeling. I LOVE the layout I just did for the Beyond Appearances Blog though...tomorrow...I'll link ya. There are RAKS involved this week ya'll so DEFINITELY get over there and complete a layout.

Got three big name sponsors for the Pub Dinner and two more I'm pretty sure will come on board.

Gina wins! She guessed the two sponsors we had at the time the challenge was posted--Three Bugs in a Rug and Scrapworks. Figured she'd get the second one cause she like only loves her some Scrapworks (and she can rock it at that...check out their blog cause she was a recent winner over there). Why she is not on their DT...beyond me (smile).

Kay...I'll add links to lots of this stuff tomorrow.

Just wanted to get posted here that I'm okay with not moving on. Had lots of really great folks consoling me and I much appreciate it but it there are no regrets for going to the wedding I didn't originally want to go to.

Much love!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Love Share

And yeah I guess it is that time where I share the Last Scrapper Standing Love eh?

Here she goes...Round three.
Likely be sitting after this, but it was fun!
Challenge this week was all about the circle--straight lines not allowed.
Gotta love that straight line journaling not so straight though...

WOW...I can do separate titles now?!

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You Inspired Me

Guess I fidgeted with the settings enough to actually get there.
Anyhow...what were we at? 14 of 20?
Let's say that is it.

Monday, August 21, 2006

******************THIS JUST IN****************

Oh I'm organizing that pea dinner eh? Guess I need to get on creating another blog for that but since it is scrappy related,
I suppose I can update ya'll here.

Got two sponsors confirmed already. Let's just say buggy ya'll and Work it. Post in the comments who you think the two sponsors are and I'll put together a RAK of fantastic stuff from one said sponsor (cause...honestly, I probably have enough of their stuff to fill goodie bags on my own...maybe not) and pick a random winner from those that get the two right.

Good luck!
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Journey Challenge Flip Book

Coming up close on the homestretch chicas.
Now onto circles...

Friday, August 18, 2006

And for the love of all else!
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Enjoy the weekend!
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I'm Not a Lawyer

Happy Friday!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Vicariously. In Texas

10:07 am.
My package arrived in TX. The story and the delivery is there. The color is there. Execution...not so much. So really, have to brace myself for this isn't it either. but it was a great project and now I just have to wrap it up and voila--Christmas present number 1 already done. Love it for that alone (smile).

And in the lovefest of sharing, I leave you with this: deep:

okay...or not. GoTta love Blogger for being there when you need it.

Check it at this link Warning: She's a Heartbreaker.
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How dO i Love The mini album

Halfway there!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Almost halfway there...

sharing the love. On the SoY stuff. But really, I have so much more to share. Funny stories too. I think this needs a list and lots of pictures. Brace yourself for my impatience with blogger...

Piece by piece.

Didn't make it to the next round of the Queen of Paradise contest. Honestly...kinda stunned by that one. All the contestants were loving my stuff. Poured my heart into it. Guess it was too depressing. Or I said too much. In any event, I love both of the layouts--one of them got me caught. Online. Typed the journaling and Mr. Google happy went and done found hisself online. And my dreaming all sappy on him. Sigh...I tell ya.

But that Smile Love it. Love that little boy. I don't know how people who scrap about their kids can handle the rejection of submitting. Yeah and no.

Anyhow...didn't make it past that round. Will post those layouts momentarily here.

Track it with me now: 0306 0320 0000 7135 0587
Good ole post office this time because unlike most contests, KI isn't trying to put no one into debt over their pipe dreams. Postmark deadline. Still sent it priority mail to TX, but $6.00 sure beats $20 some odd to get something to Utah by the next day.

Act like you don't know what I'm talking about.

I'm sure I'll be sharing that album shortly. Why do I wait last minute on this stuff? Because then I don't have to wait so long for the announcement.

Off to get that Last Scrapper Standing layout done (I HAVE to kick it up a notch from last week) and the rest of the non Scenic Route entry together. Yeah. I go there.
And for tomorrow
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What New Outfit?!
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Monday, August 14, 2006

And then there was this
7 of 20 SoY Unloved:
Pieces of Her
(memory photo project)
A week very sorry about my slackerishness. So...lots of great things to post for your patience.

So there is of course this:

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Do Something Amazing!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Friday: 5 of 20:
Don't Hide in the Shadows

Thanks for looking! Just uploaded my Round 3 entries at Croppin' Paradise. nothing like some genuine "made me cry" praise to ease the sting of rejection (smile). And to imagine that I finished way before a week early. That's what I get for being clueless lately.

KI album--so very loving it. Just need to let go of the fear of my handwriting and finish that out this week. Whoa now the journaling on that one promises to be intense. Been very free flowing and open and honest lately. I like it lots!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

And Thursday:
Soy 4 of 20:
[seen layout]
Shopping? What New Outfit...

For Wednesday:
SOY 3 of 20:
Nap Time


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

And, in honor of not hater-ating, I have to post another SOY entry:

Here is 2 of 20 (smile).
Trust: The Gift
They posted the list on CK's site so you should check it out. Lots of really REALLY great folks on that list and I'm honored to have even gotten it together to enter. Been doing a lot of reading, self reflection and the like and finally came to see two things:
1. If you want it like that, you have to do it like that Madame revolutionaryist
2. You are you and only you, be true to hold truth.
I've been email debating with the BF this morning. LOVE this life!