Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bookworms (she still does it)

Well, yes, that way too.  But more layouts are in store.  You can peep them quickly here:

Some with more detail are Below plus two extras I still need to post at SiS but you'll get here first:

I heart your old soul
I heart your old soul: I love the colors and textures to this one.  Almost as much as I love those photos of that adorable child.  I can't wait to have some of him of my own.

Play Hard 07
Play Hard '07: I LOVE watching the two of them together.  They of course jive because it is all about gaming.  Love how this hybrid layout turned out too.

Sagitarian: This one started really simple.  Then I went to town on it digitally.  I saw a cute t-shirt that had all these "sagitarian" traits on one side and the sign on the other side.  So I figured I'd go with it.  Lucky you.  Or shall I say lucky me (smile).


Friday, October 10, 2008

The Words

Behind the layout.  As promised.

Focus Vote

When you flip up the top flap:

Read between the lines...focus. Read between the lines. Connect the dots.  Are you tired yet?  Tired of being scared of what might happen instead of hoping for what could happen?  Does your life depend on this? Will you have a job tomorrow if you wait in long lines to maybe have your voice heard?  Read between the lines....Does it matter enough to you to be so impolite as to actually talk about politics?  Did you ever think you would see the day?  Read between the lines..Do tears come to your eyes making it hard if not impossible to focus on what is really at stake?  Read between the lines...Is it your home?  How about your little brother?  How about your safety?  If you happen to live on a coast?  how about your basic way of living if you live on a gulf coast? Is this the time? Is this the time to say one thing but do another?  Read between the lines...Do you really believe in campaign finance reform? Are you really putting country before self ambition?  Do the polls matter that much if no one tells the truth rather than their own version of "facts"? Read between the lines...Does everything have to be so political?  So lacking in common sense? So overboard and underhanded?  Is it really okay to win at all costs? What happened to common decency?  What happened to at the very least being respectful of other people?  People.  Fellow Americans. Why does it always have to be such a long drawn out game? Complete with scare tactics that prey on the worst of us and then implore us to trust and have faith that really everything will be alright.  Read between the lines...What is the worst that can happen? Will it really be that bad?  Read between the lines. Are you sure?  Where is your faith now? Where is our faith?  Why are we even here?  read between the lines.  I thought we had come for enough to connect the dots.  I thought we were better than this.

Thanks for looking/reading.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

But there was nothing to see here

And for your patience, a flood of epic proportions. Wonder what's on my mind lately (smile).
Enjoy and thanks for hanging in there and waiting for something to squirt out of my brain again.
Baby Card
Baby XO card. I have cute babies on the brain. Like JF's beautiful little boy. Congrats Jody!

Empty Words
Empty Words. Probably my fave of the bunch. Very simple, very ready, very much sums a lot of it up right now. All I can say is thank the Lord I've got R to snuggle up with.

Flick Play
1st Flick. 2nd Play. This one is totally fun. Flicking through travel mags and clipping pages came across some great fall shots. I so miss the "northeast". Only been there once and not really in the fall, but one of these falls I'm so going back. (Hybrid)

I Do. Another simple one. Rare with no journaling but was just using up some scraps. This was a fun and simple one to do to document July. Without July pictures of course.

Worldly. I've sat on these pictures forever. Waiting for the perfect paper and reason to scrap them. So I got off of it. One of the things I miss most about my last job is the crazy travel. Only the part where I got to meet lots of really great scrap people in person like all the ladies pictures here.
They are like stars. shiny. beautiful. unique. out there bit right here. I travel and travel so that I can see the world but really, I don't have to be anywhere to be with them. some say i scrap to be worldly. at the best, i scrap t be other worldly. to meet and play among the stars. just to be of this world.

Thanks for looking~!