Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bookworms (she still does it)

Well, yes, that way too.  But more layouts are in store.  You can peep them quickly here:

Some with more detail are Below plus two extras I still need to post at SiS but you'll get here first:

I heart your old soul
I heart your old soul: I love the colors and textures to this one.  Almost as much as I love those photos of that adorable child.  I can't wait to have some of him of my own.

Play Hard 07
Play Hard '07: I LOVE watching the two of them together.  They of course jive because it is all about gaming.  Love how this hybrid layout turned out too.

Sagitarian: This one started really simple.  Then I went to town on it digitally.  I saw a cute t-shirt that had all these "sagitarian" traits on one side and the sign on the other side.  So I figured I'd go with it.  Lucky you.  Or shall I say lucky me (smile).


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