Thursday, March 30, 2006

kiss the cook card

kiss the cook card
kiss the cook card,
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Oh my Dear sweet goodness. I just fell out my chair with Flickr. Notes on my pictures?? Who knew! You'll definitely have to go to and check out my photos when I say ready set go so you can see all the cool stuff I did with the photos.

All the best!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

So What DO you do?

I do to do. I love to capture life. Little slices of it. In pictures, in words, usually out of context.

Typically, scrapbooking is about capturing the perfect moments and only the good times. But is that really an accurate, true picture of who we are? Admittedly, I'm a bit quirky. So maybe I'm just the only one without a perfect life. That said, I do still like what I take the time to create to be beautiful. To be a reflection of my efforts. To be me.

As such, I love the process just as much as the finished product. Some days, I like to keep it simple. Others, I like to go deep. You certainly see that reflected in my scrapbooking but really, I don't scrapbook. I'm a collector, so I collect life. I collect scraps. I collect thoughts, words, moments. Really, though I create, moreso I just organize and shuffle. To that, I'm more of a Collective. Maybe a Collective: Individualized. Yeah...that's it.

Ahhh...Wednesday. I actually do need to work today so off I go. But before I leave you...something simple and fun...

I invite you to live happier. Enjoy life!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Scrapbook Survivor.
I know, I know...campy.
Are you in it? I am?
Did you get your (s)crap[s] yet?

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Party Time!

This chica has gone digital. this is not the most smashingly smashing bit. BUT! It is my first card so give it a lay already mate.

But really. I love this whole digital thing and as I learn more and more about how to play with it all...this is going to be so fun.

So April 1. Know where I live? Know how to get down to the water? Then you're invited. Otherwise, you gotta luck up on a lucky e-vite to come to this Beachy Housewarming deal.

I cannot believe I just blew $50 on digital scrapbook stuff. I figured it wouldn't be as bad as "real life" scrapping. Yeah right. So many cute little time. I already have some fave designers (can you tell?!). Sigh...time to go do some real scrapping. Just saw a yummy, yummy pasta dish on tv. But...before I go...check out the cool (s)crap[s] you can buy from a po gal just trying to make it already and be inspired to do your own venture by this groovy chic!


Thursday, March 16, 2006


I know...I should be a more considerate blogger and post more often here. But really...this is a scrap blog so when I'm not posting here, I'm actually busy scrapping. yeah right. But let us pretend.

Check this out:

My very first digital layout.

Wow. I think I'm addicted.

It was so easy. I need to learn how to edit stuff once it is layered and how to change .png files so that I can actually move them around on my layout once I alter them but this was so friggin' easy I don't know why I have not moved over to this side sooner. Especially since it is still so relatively new that I could so do this for HoF next year. I'm on it. So on it. Since this is my first (and I'm sure I'll get much better from here), I'll go ahead and post this. This is also my entry for the Epson Digital Scrapbooking contest at the Portland CK convention this weekend. Since it took me a couple of hours to create, I assume that no one else can bite it that quickly before the deadline to enter. Don't hate or I'll stop sharing. Disclaimer aside...