Friday, December 15, 2006


Yeppers--likely, if you asked, you are on my jury. I wanted to get together a mini portfolio to mail to you with the "thank you for offering your services, let's get to work email" but alas, we have no power. Lovely.

I'm at work trying to blog with no in the fishbowl. Not working so well. Supposedly we get power Monday so I'll get back to you then!

Till then...thanks!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Jury Duty

Your summons just might go out tomorrow. Still looking for a few interested jurists...

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Looking for a few good jurists

well, the time has come. I've got a slew of stuff to show and no one to show it to. Why? Because I think I will give HOF one last shot. So this is where you might come in.

See, I'm in need of a jury. Not just a mentor, but a whole jury of folks that I can share my lovely work with. You don't have to be local, I can email it to ya, but I will have to have you sign your first born over to me. Not really, but seriously. I'll need folks who are willing to look at my goods and be honest. Sometimes, I'll send you a slew of stuff and say "pick your fave and tell me why". Other times, I'll send you a few things and a link to the assignment/rules and tell you to tell me which you think stands out within the parameters. No matter. I just need folks who are:

1. honest. Both in regards to telling me what does and does not work, but also in regards to not grabbing and running

2. reliable. I procrastinate. So if you procrastinate too and won't get back to me with feedback, then I'ma be in a world of hurt. Let me tell ya.

3."good" now this is relative. I'll want a link to your gallery of work. I want my jury to consist of folks with various styles/attention to detail and the like. Because I know what I like, that will be on the jury pretty heavily because I want to keep to my style. But I do want input from others as well. So if I don't pick you don't fret--you can look at my public stuff and let me know what you like/don't like and be an unofficial jurist.

What's in it for you? Aside from good karma (word of the moment evidently) all my jurists will be handsomly rewarded for their scrap helpfulness. I won't say with what just yet (cause I don't want you to submit your name just for that), but I promise you WILL NOT be dissapointed.

Okay--so if you want in, you need to email me at

And be sure to link me to someplace where I can see your work and tell me why you want to be a jurist. Let me know if you can do it in person (I live in Seattle) or if you want to do it via email. Most of the work will be during January--expect to do weekly communication via email, daily towards the end of the month. Duties will end January 31. You will be held in strictest confidence--meaning I don't even want you to let folks know you're on my jury. After Jan 31, all is fair game. Including scraplifting of any cool ideas I may throw your way. I would just ask that you not post said scraplifts until March 1.

Be sure to tell the world--you also don't HAVE to be a scrapper to be considered for this. Non-scrappers should let me know such (as you won't have a gallery to link me to) but definitely let me know why you are interested in helping out.

Kay. we're off.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Oh my freaKIng goodness!

So there are those (who know me well) who would say:
"She only entered for the Ipod"

And really, those folks would be so dead on.
But they, nor I, knew what all this would REALLY mean!

Holy good KIness!! I am so in love.

I already loved the letters and "photo corners" (ie, arrows to me)

But the ribbon

and the big box of good KI ness!

Totally cool!