Wednesday, April 11, 2007

And so it goes

They posted one of our layouts from our HOF entry. One of my freebies.

I really liked this one a lot (smile).
Exciting news to share when I get back. Perhaps...about a new laptop??
Off the grid I go. I'm journaling and taking lots of pics along the way so...should be cool!

Until then...

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I want to play...antsy itchy all over I want to play and post. but lots of "grown up responsible stuff to do". Like go and find oh...say...6 cent on the street somewhere to balance my checkbook. Right.


Got all my midmonth proj's for Crop Addict done. Struggling through May. Not bad product (no such thing with a CA kit) just totally can't sit still for more than 3 seconds without hopping up and going and doing something. And that whole Sunday through Tuesday night stay awake the whole time thing...yeah...I fell out last night and really didn't quite grasp the concept of a power nap.

Waiting on a few rejections so I can post and share with the world. Little birdie told me I should hold my breath for two more days. Luckily, I have Friday off. Luckily, I now have a laptop AC adapter. Luckily, I just reorged my digi scrap goods for the ninehundredthgabillionth time and should be able to easily find anything I want to scrap with. Cause truly, I'm going to go through laptop withdraw for like three weeks here soon. But I can't scrap this weekend cause we're going places.

But in really good news--KI just sent my album back! Doubt it, but if it got here by Friday I would so totally be forever grateful and saved. I suppose Friday I should go out just in case. Or just get it together before then. Lots of ideas for an anniversary gift. Just need to get to gettin' already.

Can't wait. Life is such a whirlwind right now and I love every moment of it. Time to go gobble up the last of the banana nut ice cream. And make some simple pasta tonight. I was going to make yummy nachos before I remembered that we had Taco Bell last night. Be still my stomache.

Scrap time. Ready set go!