Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Coolness - Legacy!

So it's official. Legacy has selected my most favoritist piece I've ever created for the August/September issue. I've posted it here before. And online at 2peas. I've santized for the "newness" but if you've been observant, you'll of course know which one it was (smile).

Congrats to Sue T and Jen for their RAK wins from CKC-Seattle (well, Bellevue really but we won't get into that just yet). They join Andrea in the rak winnings. Two more rak winners (or, perhaps, yet another double winner like Andrea and Jen), a scrapbook photos gig to give out and then the major prize winners.

Fun times!

Now if only I could skate to the post office and get those gifts sent out.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

So here we are

A year later, we're still here!


Lots of great things in life to be happy about. Most of all, that a year ago, I was pretty miserable--not in the traditional sense, but just kinda surreal. Not with anyone, just kicking it with really no idea about this whole scrapbooking thing. I mean yeah, I had been pubbed in Simple Scrapbooks at that point and I had just come off an amazing weekend at CKC-WA. But even then, after that weekend, I had no idea of what I was capable of. I never would have dreamed that I'd actually get as involved with this as I am, much less that I'd be having fun doing what I'm doing. I mean scrapping started off diferently and for different reasons than for most folks. But still.

So a year later I'm at a point.

I've just made my third design team.
I've just been asked to pub in my third major magazine
I've just been asked for a submission in my third idea book publication.
I made finalist in my third major manufacturer national contest.

For thost that know me, those threes are very significant to me. Back in high school (seems so long ago), I had a fave teacher who told me of the power of 3. Everything in life, for good, for bad and for indifferent, happens in threes. I have no illusions about having "done it all"

No illusions at all there.

And I'm not typically the type that settles or gets content.

But I'm at a point. A point where I don't look at others and think "I can do that".

A point where I don't see the new list of calls at pub calls and think "WOW, I have to do that too"
A point where I'm not trying to kid myself into making a living with this.
A point where I can look in my scrap room and honestly say "I have enough. I don't need to go out and buy x" A point where "x" luckily, oh so luckily, comes to me by way of friends, family, and just play old moxie by looking for ops that matter to me. Really matter to me.

I'm at a point. A good point where the opportunities that I'm lucky enough to come across really mesh with who I am and match my goals. A good point where I'm super excited about living life--not just scrapping it. I love it. I really love everything this hobby has done for me. But I honestly need to keep it just that--a hobby. What that means, we'll see this coming year. Just thinking about it now cause I have some resolutions to get together and this should be fun. It is fun and that is why I feel a renewed committment to this, but I want to make sure that that committment isn't misunderstood.

Till then.

Friday, November 17, 2006


well...choices to make. And I think I made the right one. It's odd. You get to points where you think you know what you are walking into, you walk on in and it is really quite the house of mirrors! Which, by the way, was my FAVE destination at Western Playland until they moved it into the middle of nowhere...bummer.

Totally happy right now. Got a call I've been hoping for a long time. Cept that it was a call with conditions. Sigh. Now I know how it feels for the students I waitlist cause in a way, that's what I'm faced with now. Accept the offering with hopes that more will come of it. Honored of course that they think highly enough of you to even give you the shot, but scared to death that you won't be able to measure up. So is me in the moment. And then I get another totally unrelated call about something I cannot share until Monday and though this is not modeling that by posting this vague teaser here, that call I just got is testament to patience and compromise. And it works so well for me. So totally well. So just more to contemplate and be totally happy about. More on that latter one on Monday.

It will work out. That I'm confident of. Even better, I'm now so totally motivated to get cracking! Just posted 7 more challenges for the CKC-WA dinner and I'm pretty excited by what the ladies have done there so far.

Really thinking of doing CHA-Anaheim this year...but have to figure out what's what and then some what.

On a somewhat side note--woke up this morning to a pretty severe accident on the East Side--construction crane crashed down through like three buildings right out by the Convention Center where I was just at for CKC-WA. Kinda crazy. Kinda close to home.

Alas...lots of scrap stuff at the BF's house. I should scrap something. Digitally at the very least. Reading up on HOF for Creating Keepsakes and just not sure. I like the challenges but I'm really for some reason or another getting to the point where I'm like...kay...I like me and that's okay. Less competitive if that is even possible (smile).

We'll see but thanks for asking. Promise...besides my own little mind knowing...I'll post the breaking news here if I decide to go for it. Messin' with ya...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

And in a month's time...

Wow...not like I have done nothing scrap related for a month.

Most notably, got to meet some fantastic, amazingly talented online scrap friends (some for the "again" time) at the 2peas Pub Dinner at CKC-Seattle.

It really was a blast being in touch with mf's to get donations and I can't wait to see all that the women do with the products. I even gave away a super rak!

So aside from that...what else? Got my first call for Legacy and shipped that off this week! I really hope they like it in person and pick it up!

Been getting some good progress on some other assignments and I'm really looking forward to hearing back about a DT call this week that I have really, really REALLY wanted to be on for some time now. If I don't make it, the time isn't right ya know what I mean? I truly believe it with this particular one because of some history there, but definitely would be a thrill to work with them.

Oh and back at to see the "innards"...the sausage being made. I helped set up one of my most fave mfs of all time at the show. Not biased at all (smile). I worked with Deb from the Fiber Scraps booth. I have to email her to get her to send me the pic we took but I was more than half a wreck. She called just as I was getting out to Azteca to make final arrangements on Thursday and I was like "yeah, I can help". Well...cause I'm not a no girl (smile). This was one of the thousands of reasons why I am happy to be a yes girl--met a really great person who was in a bind and I was so happy I could help her out.

Last trip on the road so I get to play with my CKC goodie bag and create some great stuff for the challenges to post here and at 2peas. Be on the lookout!