Friday, November 17, 2006


well...choices to make. And I think I made the right one. It's odd. You get to points where you think you know what you are walking into, you walk on in and it is really quite the house of mirrors! Which, by the way, was my FAVE destination at Western Playland until they moved it into the middle of nowhere...bummer.

Totally happy right now. Got a call I've been hoping for a long time. Cept that it was a call with conditions. Sigh. Now I know how it feels for the students I waitlist cause in a way, that's what I'm faced with now. Accept the offering with hopes that more will come of it. Honored of course that they think highly enough of you to even give you the shot, but scared to death that you won't be able to measure up. So is me in the moment. And then I get another totally unrelated call about something I cannot share until Monday and though this is not modeling that by posting this vague teaser here, that call I just got is testament to patience and compromise. And it works so well for me. So totally well. So just more to contemplate and be totally happy about. More on that latter one on Monday.

It will work out. That I'm confident of. Even better, I'm now so totally motivated to get cracking! Just posted 7 more challenges for the CKC-WA dinner and I'm pretty excited by what the ladies have done there so far.

Really thinking of doing CHA-Anaheim this year...but have to figure out what's what and then some what.

On a somewhat side note--woke up this morning to a pretty severe accident on the East Side--construction crane crashed down through like three buildings right out by the Convention Center where I was just at for CKC-WA. Kinda crazy. Kinda close to home.

Alas...lots of scrap stuff at the BF's house. I should scrap something. Digitally at the very least. Reading up on HOF for Creating Keepsakes and just not sure. I like the challenges but I'm really for some reason or another getting to the point where I'm like...kay...I like me and that's okay. Less competitive if that is even possible (smile).

We'll see but thanks for asking. Promise...besides my own little mind knowing...I'll post the breaking news here if I decide to go for it. Messin' with ya...

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