Sunday, November 26, 2006

So here we are

A year later, we're still here!


Lots of great things in life to be happy about. Most of all, that a year ago, I was pretty miserable--not in the traditional sense, but just kinda surreal. Not with anyone, just kicking it with really no idea about this whole scrapbooking thing. I mean yeah, I had been pubbed in Simple Scrapbooks at that point and I had just come off an amazing weekend at CKC-WA. But even then, after that weekend, I had no idea of what I was capable of. I never would have dreamed that I'd actually get as involved with this as I am, much less that I'd be having fun doing what I'm doing. I mean scrapping started off diferently and for different reasons than for most folks. But still.

So a year later I'm at a point.

I've just made my third design team.
I've just been asked to pub in my third major magazine
I've just been asked for a submission in my third idea book publication.
I made finalist in my third major manufacturer national contest.

For thost that know me, those threes are very significant to me. Back in high school (seems so long ago), I had a fave teacher who told me of the power of 3. Everything in life, for good, for bad and for indifferent, happens in threes. I have no illusions about having "done it all"

No illusions at all there.

And I'm not typically the type that settles or gets content.

But I'm at a point. A point where I don't look at others and think "I can do that".

A point where I don't see the new list of calls at pub calls and think "WOW, I have to do that too"
A point where I'm not trying to kid myself into making a living with this.
A point where I can look in my scrap room and honestly say "I have enough. I don't need to go out and buy x" A point where "x" luckily, oh so luckily, comes to me by way of friends, family, and just play old moxie by looking for ops that matter to me. Really matter to me.

I'm at a point. A good point where the opportunities that I'm lucky enough to come across really mesh with who I am and match my goals. A good point where I'm super excited about living life--not just scrapping it. I love it. I really love everything this hobby has done for me. But I honestly need to keep it just that--a hobby. What that means, we'll see this coming year. Just thinking about it now cause I have some resolutions to get together and this should be fun. It is fun and that is why I feel a renewed committment to this, but I want to make sure that that committment isn't misunderstood.

Till then.


Sara said...

You can never have to many supplies. Never. ;)

Congrats on everything you've done this year.

Keianna said...

Congrats on all that you have accomplished this year.