Friday, March 23, 2007

I can't believe you missed your call

If ya'll thought I was a bit distraught over missing my call, then comes Robert listening to all the other calls. I think I counted 53 "I can't believe you missed your priceless would that have been for all of eternity?" Needless to say, I didn't tell him that this is indeed a once in a lifetime event and it's not like I can apply again a gaggillion years from now, luck up on a win and get another call. It's the little things that mean so much to people. He's so friggin' proud--I can't wait to have kids with him...I can just imagine how excited he'll be making that announcement. And when we finally decide to settle down? wow...this is just HOF. I know...I shouldn't say "just" in the same sentence, but, relative. priorities. Poor baby...I almost want to fake a call just for him.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Bad Girl...Very bad girl

Okay...I admit I'm such a bad liar. But it was fun to taunt. Yeah, yeah, yeah...that's me. I made CK's 2007 Hall of Fame. I am completely blown. away. Completely. Two folks guessed on me and called me out from my MJBofHOF2007 anon name. Sneaky gals (smile). But the calls are up. I have to get home and listen to what they have for mine. Seeing as I didn't actually get the call and got a message because I'm a moron and can't charge my cell phone. My call story should give ya'll a little laugh though!

Thanks for all the congrats. Wow. This is just too much. Amazing!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

So....HOF, HM...SOY...what in the world??

Hall of Fame (as my better half describes it...the Super Bowl of scrapping) calls went out yesterday. Bummer.

Honorable Mention calls go out today and I think they just started. So there is hope for all yet. There are 25 HOF winners and 50 HMs each year. HMs can try again next year. Fingers crossed for everyone out there. You all--well, most of you--rock my world. The other few REALLY knock my world off kilter.

That's about it for the scrap happenings lately. The world stops for this--that is how huge a deal this HOF thing is. Don't believe me? Just log on to the message board at and check out the Sleuth thread. 9 pages of people trying to figure out who is what. We don't get to see their real names (they can sign onto message boards with cool names like: HOF4ME2007) until Thursday. I think the HMs get to tell us immediately who they are. Time to go start adding people to my book of scraps! And try to get some work done.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Tally it on up

Discovered this totally cool new ingenious site:

Don't walk, RUN over there. This site is so totally cOoooL in the way that you dole out praise. It's addicting too. I need to find a way to link all my other faves up. I don't think they are all that fond of 2peas (all sorts of backlash to them...such is the life of the popular girl in the football locker room), but I think I can find a way to post my layouts from Diversity Designs and Crop Addict and note that I did it for those Design Teams off of the kits I got there. Kinda easing my way in to the community at first and loaded just about everything I own and dolling out tally points because there is some GREAT talent there. It's a great way to really track your stuff and it's a great gallery because people have an incentive to comment and give you points and that always helps when you want your stuff out there for some constructive crit. the site. Gotta get off the site and go do other stuff tonight.

Overall had a very productive scrap weekend. Got a lot of stuff up on my Imanisasa gallery over at 2peas--got a whole new album of CKC-Portland Challenges...upt to almost 500 points there. Time to get more done tonight and tally up more points...not at tally scrapper (still, the concept) but at 2 peas for the challenge.

Tomorrow is call day for the HOF folks. Good luck gals! Can't wait to see the hooplah and toots and everything. I'll be pushing on trying not to get a parking ticket. And just kinda hoping the sky doesn't fall down tomorrow. I think I just heard a gunshot. Maybe it was a car backfire. Yeah...and yesterday, I saw a shooting star. And thought maybe, because it was so bright and close, that maybe a plane was falling out of the sky. I live close to the airport. I have a vivid, wicked imagination. I should work on that.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Hp and Scraps = All good!

I love HP. Got one of their printers. On a whim, there was a snapshot diaries contest they ran. I didn't read close enough and thought the grand prize was for a trip to Sundance this year. That's long gone so I figured nothing else of it. Got an email. Good happy email. Until they contact all the winners, I can't quite say (smile), but wow. Not going to Sundance NEXT year (which is when the prize was actually for) but the prize pack I did get...and the placement I made...sweet! I'll have to link ya to the slideshow. Really.

Long weekend ahead! Loving it!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

GASP!!! 801 area code?!

Oh my good sweet things that are dear and sacred! I got a call from the 801 area code. But I don't know anyone in the 801 (Utah in scrap mecca of the in "HOF CALL REALLY???").

Yeah. Not so much. Cause...well, first, you have to enter and make sure your entry is there on time. Second, you have to actually GIVE THEM YOUR WORK NUMBER to call you at. Thirdly, I KNEW I had a friend about to call me. I knew said friend's name was Kristen. But somehow, when I picked up the phone and was like " line call...I don't recognize the area code" (cause, honestly, I didn't recognize the 801 until after she told me her name) it wasn't until just after Kristen said "Hello Bernadette, this is Kristen X" Pause. As if someone was waiting for something major to happen (ie, a scream) that I even started to think "Are you serious???!"

Then we started talking about my old employer (which she is interviewing with) and I started realizing that I spend way too much time on the message boards caught up in the hype. I mean really now...there are lots of things that have to happen before you get an HOF call. Chief among them...they have to know your number--which usually happpens only after you enter.

I need to lay off the message boards. Really. I do.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

They love me, they really do

So then CK karma for the week is exhausted. I submitted this lovely layout:

and darned if it didn't win first place in the CKC-Portland Creating Keepsakes Layout competition. I strongly think it was because of the sappy journaling and circle goodness and the fact that it had a theme. Something that almost didn't happen because I didn't quite read the instructions clear enough. Clearly going back and re-reading paid off (smile).

So I also submitted this layout:

which is of my absolutely adorable nephew. I did this for the simple layout contest. Totally overthought it. wanted to add some more but was like "keep it simple". The winner of that contest had a pretty elaborate layout with a simple message. Really nicely done. And her's was a circle layout too.

That was my scrappy weekend. Got lots of scrap goodies from going to the pub dinner (and buying a bit too much stuff) but totally...totally worth it. Guess I should post a pic of all that momentarily too eh?

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Any Day Now...

Creating Keepsakes HOF calls will start. I cannot wait to see the new crop of folks. Everytime I get the mag, I'm like "wow...I can see why she's an HOFfer". They got so few entries this time...which for some is like "wow...better chance (almost 1 in 7) of placing. For others, more like "if I don't get picked I'll feel REALLY bad". I'm just really excited to see all the hoopla over it all. Love how excited people get about this.

But on a more personally relevant note...THIS weekend is the convention. This weekend, I'll probably have to walk a mile to the Convention Center from my parking spot. I'll probably get there late because of crazy weather. But I know I'll DEFINITELY have a great time at the pub dinner. Almost tempted to go down, shop during the day and then go to the dinner at night. And I don't mean scrap shop. Do so much digi lately I really don't find much purpose to buying scrap scrap stuff. Get lots of it for free from my DTs so...really...I tend to just buy really unique stuff now. But that's getting expensive so...that's the thing with digi--you can make it yourself and it is so inexpensive to buy stuff...alas.

Gotta consolidate my digi scrap stuff from the laptop (FINALLY got the adaptor for that...can take that with me to the Convention this internet!) and vice versa. Uhhhgh. That's definitely a procrastination thing. It's almost 11, but I totally want some banana nut ice cream. Think my grandmama is visiting me again...she LOVED the stuff. And butter pecan syrup. For the longest, when I went to IHOP, I always had my three pancakes individually--one with strawberry syrup (my fave), one with butter pecan syrup (in memoriam and all) and one with warm maple syrup just because...uhhhmmm...I lived in the Northeast for so long and it just seemed the natural thing to do.

But there I got talking about what I'm going to eat on my blog again. My better half made a yummy cake to boot--I'm not a chocolate cake fan, but he did devil's food and vanilla tasty. Uhhhhmmmmm....

Saturday, March 03, 2007

So why are they picketing the scrapbook convention?

That is the first thought that rolled through my head when I rolled up to the Oregon Convention Center this morning at 10:42 all pleased as punch that I had made it before noon.

"Wow, look at all of this great parking" was the second thought.

"uhhhmmm...these don't look like 'my people' really" was the third thought.

Then when I couldn't find the registration table and I didn't get a wiff of fine scrapbooking wares for sell in the vendor faire area (today, though, the Taekwondo arena)...I knew something was off.

Evidently, CKC-Portland is NEXT weekend.

This is realized after my tantrum yesterday when my pics wouldn't load to Costco so I could take them with me.

This I realized after staying up until midnight to finish a layout for the simple page competition.

This I realized after I drove 2 hours to Portland. Yes...this is the point I realized it was TRULY time to sit back and figure out what is going on in my life. Right after I realized I would have a really tough time back at home explaining this to Robert.

Who, by the way, grinned a huge grin and said not much else. Long time since I've been in a relationship like that...but more on that on the Colored White blog (smile).