Tuesday, March 13, 2007

GASP!!! 801 area code?!

Oh my good sweet things that are dear and sacred! I got a call from the 801 area code. But I don't know anyone in the 801 (Utah folks...UTAH...as in scrap mecca of the world...as in "HOF CALL REALLY???").

Yeah. Not so much. Cause...well, first, you have to enter and make sure your entry is there on time. Second, you have to actually GIVE THEM YOUR WORK NUMBER to call you at. Thirdly, I KNEW I had a friend about to call me. I knew said friend's name was Kristen. But somehow, when I picked up the phone and was like "hmmm...direct line call...I don't recognize the area code" (cause, honestly, I didn't recognize the 801 until after she told me her name) it wasn't until just after Kristen said "Hello Bernadette, this is Kristen X" Pause. As if someone was waiting for something major to happen (ie, a scream) that I even started to think "Are you serious???!"

Then we started talking about my old employer (which she is interviewing with) and I started realizing that I spend way too much time on the message boards caught up in the hype. I mean really now...there are lots of things that have to happen before you get an HOF call. Chief among them...they have to know your number--which usually happpens only after you enter.

I need to lay off the message boards. Really. I do.

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Lara said...

that is too funny. You should've entered, looking at your work! :)