Thursday, March 08, 2007

Any Day Now...

Creating Keepsakes HOF calls will start. I cannot wait to see the new crop of folks. Everytime I get the mag, I'm like "wow...I can see why she's an HOFfer". They got so few entries this time...which for some is like "wow...better chance (almost 1 in 7) of placing. For others, more like "if I don't get picked I'll feel REALLY bad". I'm just really excited to see all the hoopla over it all. Love how excited people get about this.

But on a more personally relevant note...THIS weekend is the convention. This weekend, I'll probably have to walk a mile to the Convention Center from my parking spot. I'll probably get there late because of crazy weather. But I know I'll DEFINITELY have a great time at the pub dinner. Almost tempted to go down, shop during the day and then go to the dinner at night. And I don't mean scrap shop. Do so much digi lately I really don't find much purpose to buying scrap scrap stuff. Get lots of it for free from my DTs so...really...I tend to just buy really unique stuff now. But that's getting expensive so...that's the thing with digi--you can make it yourself and it is so inexpensive to buy stuff...alas.

Gotta consolidate my digi scrap stuff from the laptop (FINALLY got the adaptor for that...can take that with me to the Convention this internet!) and vice versa. Uhhhgh. That's definitely a procrastination thing. It's almost 11, but I totally want some banana nut ice cream. Think my grandmama is visiting me again...she LOVED the stuff. And butter pecan syrup. For the longest, when I went to IHOP, I always had my three pancakes individually--one with strawberry syrup (my fave), one with butter pecan syrup (in memoriam and all) and one with warm maple syrup just because...uhhhmmm...I lived in the Northeast for so long and it just seemed the natural thing to do.

But there I got talking about what I'm going to eat on my blog again. My better half made a yummy cake to boot--I'm not a chocolate cake fan, but he did devil's food and vanilla tasty. Uhhhhmmmmm....

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