Tuesday, March 20, 2007

So....HOF, HM...SOY...what in the world??

Hall of Fame (as my better half describes it...the Super Bowl of scrapping) calls went out yesterday. Bummer.

Honorable Mention calls go out today and I think they just started. So there is hope for all yet. There are 25 HOF winners and 50 HMs each year. HMs can try again next year. Fingers crossed for everyone out there. You all--well, most of you--rock my world. The other few REALLY knock my world off kilter.

That's about it for the scrap happenings lately. The world stops for this--that is how huge a deal this HOF thing is. Don't believe me? Just log on to the message board at www.twopeasinabucket.com and check out the Sleuth thread. 9 pages of people trying to figure out who is what. We don't get to see their real names (they can sign onto message boards with cool names like: HOF4ME2007) until Thursday. I think the HMs get to tell us immediately who they are. Time to go start adding people to my book of scraps! And try to get some work done.


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