Saturday, March 03, 2007

So why are they picketing the scrapbook convention?

That is the first thought that rolled through my head when I rolled up to the Oregon Convention Center this morning at 10:42 all pleased as punch that I had made it before noon.

"Wow, look at all of this great parking" was the second thought.

"uhhhmmm...these don't look like 'my people' really" was the third thought.

Then when I couldn't find the registration table and I didn't get a wiff of fine scrapbooking wares for sell in the vendor faire area (today, though, the Taekwondo arena)...I knew something was off.

Evidently, CKC-Portland is NEXT weekend.

This is realized after my tantrum yesterday when my pics wouldn't load to Costco so I could take them with me.

This I realized after staying up until midnight to finish a layout for the simple page competition.

This I realized after I drove 2 hours to Portland. Yes...this is the point I realized it was TRULY time to sit back and figure out what is going on in my life. Right after I realized I would have a really tough time back at home explaining this to Robert.

Who, by the way, grinned a huge grin and said not much else. Long time since I've been in a relationship like that...but more on that on the Colored White blog (smile).

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