Sunday, March 11, 2007

They love me, they really do

So then CK karma for the week is exhausted. I submitted this lovely layout:

and darned if it didn't win first place in the CKC-Portland Creating Keepsakes Layout competition. I strongly think it was because of the sappy journaling and circle goodness and the fact that it had a theme. Something that almost didn't happen because I didn't quite read the instructions clear enough. Clearly going back and re-reading paid off (smile).

So I also submitted this layout:

which is of my absolutely adorable nephew. I did this for the simple layout contest. Totally overthought it. wanted to add some more but was like "keep it simple". The winner of that contest had a pretty elaborate layout with a simple message. Really nicely done. And her's was a circle layout too.

That was my scrappy weekend. Got lots of scrap goodies from going to the pub dinner (and buying a bit too much stuff) but totally...totally worth it. Guess I should post a pic of all that momentarily too eh?


Jayne said...

Awesome layout!

Heidi said...

Congrats! Great layout.

Cheryl Wray said...

WOW!! Those both are just gorgeous layouts!!!
(I wandered over here from Tally, where they had posted about you winning HOF. CONGRATS!!! That is awesome!!!)
Now off to check out your other creations!