Sunday, March 18, 2007

Tally it on up

Discovered this totally cool new ingenious site:

Don't walk, RUN over there. This site is so totally cOoooL in the way that you dole out praise. It's addicting too. I need to find a way to link all my other faves up. I don't think they are all that fond of 2peas (all sorts of backlash to them...such is the life of the popular girl in the football locker room), but I think I can find a way to post my layouts from Diversity Designs and Crop Addict and note that I did it for those Design Teams off of the kits I got there. Kinda easing my way in to the community at first and loaded just about everything I own and dolling out tally points because there is some GREAT talent there. It's a great way to really track your stuff and it's a great gallery because people have an incentive to comment and give you points and that always helps when you want your stuff out there for some constructive crit. the site. Gotta get off the site and go do other stuff tonight.

Overall had a very productive scrap weekend. Got a lot of stuff up on my Imanisasa gallery over at 2peas--got a whole new album of CKC-Portland Challenges...upt to almost 500 points there. Time to get more done tonight and tally up more points...not at tally scrapper (still, the concept) but at 2 peas for the challenge.

Tomorrow is call day for the HOF folks. Good luck gals! Can't wait to see the hooplah and toots and everything. I'll be pushing on trying not to get a parking ticket. And just kinda hoping the sky doesn't fall down tomorrow. I think I just heard a gunshot. Maybe it was a car backfire. Yeah...and yesterday, I saw a shooting star. And thought maybe, because it was so bright and close, that maybe a plane was falling out of the sky. I live close to the airport. I have a vivid, wicked imagination. I should work on that.

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Vee said...

i know,, it is a cute site
but I love 2peas too :)