Sunday, December 28, 2008

2008 Recap #1: "Reverse" Hybrid

So. We come to 12/28/2008 and I feel the need (since there are three 2s up in all that) to recap the year. In scrapbooking. There were plenty of highs and a low or two, but all in all, scrapbooking is still scrapbooking and life is life. So three for 2008. Starting with my trend towards reverse hybrids.

Now. I'm not so sure that this is what it is called. But generally, my understanding is that you scrap digitally (with a computer), you scrap paper (without a computer) or you scrap hybrid (generally, paper, with some computer help that is printed to paper and then scrapped "paper").
For instance, if you break out all your letter stickers, paper, rub ons, your sewing machine and all the cute buttons and the whole layout, complete with maybe hand journaling, then that is a paper layout.

If instead, you sit down at your computer and pull up your digital pictures which you don't print out, you start up a photo editing program (ie, Digital Image in peace), you create a 12x12 canvas and you start dropping all sorts of great digi elements that you find at places like 2peas and DesignerDigitals or from the Freebie Blog (Ikea Goddess), and you basically don't print anything until you've basically finished it all, then that is a digital layout.

So for me, reverse hybrid is what I've always called layouts that start out paper. But you leave lots of space to go digi on it. It is probably really just easier for me to show than tell so here we go...some of my fave "reverse" hybrid layouts I created this year with some details on what I think makes them hybrid and reverse hybrid at that.


You Are My Everything
This one is pretty simple
Almost everything is paper:
kraft cardstock, letter sticker, patterned paper cutout,
buttons, staples, chipboard and sharpies
Where it goes digital is with the title work
After photographing the entire paper layout,
I added the title digitally in Digital Image Suite.

Much more complex layout in this case.
I stamped the title in the corner.
The photo is attached with real hand stitching,
the miniature book pages, blue ribbon, foam flowers,
masking tape (and journaling on it) are all paper based.
Where this goes digital is with the colored in doodled circles,
the "all about me" journal strip, the letter B,
the "fun" label, the doodled scalloped circle,
the pink inked edge and the paint swatches.
This got a little more complex because
the layering of the digital elements
also had to reach behind the paper elements.

Play Hard '07
This one is probably about medium level difficulty
patience considered.
The cardstock, patterned paper, photos, thickers, chipboard,
tag and sharpies are all paper based.
The "good times" tag is digital and had to be layered
under the "hard" thickers.
Other digital elements were the word stickers in the top right corner,
the stitching and the cardboard strip in the top left corner.
The ric rac and yellow paint circles are also digital.

October Patch Work
Really simple hybrid based off a really simple paper layout.
Photos, foam letter stickers, paper flower, sharpies are paper.
Cardboard, stitching, brads/eyelets, tags, journaling, butterfly
are all digital done in Digital Image Suite.

Live Your Life 24/7 Journey

Another really simple reverse hybrid where everything is paper, photographed into digital and then I layered the word art onto the photo and the journaling to the side of the photo.

Here, once the patience is down, is a medium difficulty one.
There's some digital that had to be layered behind the paper version
(the patterned paper strip on the bottom)
but generally, the digi elements are layered on top
(cardstock, patterned paper, word art, sticky note, chipboard photo corner)
Life At 30

Super simple one here...just added the journaling after the fact.

I Heart Your Old Soul
Just a bit of layering the stitched hearts (digital) behind the thickers (paper).
Cardstock, ribbon, patterned paper, KI embie, sharpies, thickers are paper.
Brown patterend paper, staples, stitches and stiched stars are digital.
Even the torn/curled edge is a digi element added after the fact.

Full Color Learn

Really easy. Everything is paper except the cluster of journaling tags. On that cluster, everything is digital (brushes, stamps, journaling, staples) and the red rubber band towards the bottom of the page is also digital.

Flick Play

Another simple hybrid just because not much hard layering.
the title and large photo cluster in the center are all paper.
Everything else is digital added after I took a photo of the paper page.

Do You Remember?

This is an easy one except that with the circle cutout, when you digitize a paper layout, of course anything you cut leaves a white background. So had to do a bit of dodging and burning to cut the photo but still leave the kraft cardstock as I didn't think to notch the photo in the paper version. All said, the Heidi rub on, photo, white label, question mark and patterned paper are all paper. The title, the circle lable and scalloped edge and heart (and the journaling) are all digital. The staples are paper, but I digitally duplicated them for emphasis.

Dizzy Luv

This is one of my all time fave reverse hybrid layouts because I honestly thought the paper version was pretty sparse. This is one of the few reverse hybrids where just a few simple bits really completed the layout. The paper bits are the patterned paper, brown flower, photo, fuzzy sticker letters, sharpie, tags and paper frills. The word art, cardstock strips, staples, vintage pharma label and the strip of tape in the lower left corner of the photo are all digital.


Another very simple one. All paper except the journaling which I added as a digital layer on top of the white labels after digitizing the layout.

At The Fair

This one looks a little more complex than it is. Added the journaling digitally to all the white space areas after everything else was paper scrapped. Then to add the layered effect of the journaling being under the vintage fan, just duplicated the fan and added it as a digital layer on top of itself.

All of You Make Me Better
Some slightly difficult layering of digital elements under the bottom right photo.
All the labels, stitching, word stickers on the photos, "Love You" stamp are digital; rest is paper.

2nd Fiddle Assistant
I think this was the first reverse hybrid I did with the thought in mind that I was going to do it. all the stitching is digital and I ended up adding the cardstock too.
The rest is paper including some stamping (the journal block, stars, lettering).


This is one of the more complex hybrids I've done just because of the layering. The cardstock frame, "&", chipboard tab, thickers and circular clear stickers are paper. Then I layered the art mark overlay under the paper elements and the journaling was layered on top of the art marks, but under the paper elements.

Monday, December 22, 2008

latest goods - Asher's Class is a must take!

Be sure to sign up for Ashley's Class
She's cool, scrapbooking is cool, the class will be cool.

Still I do.
Was mostly working on the wedding album that is kicking my butt.
So here's what else I've done as well:
But we did have lots of other fun stuff happen this year. Although most of these pictures are not from this year. Like I said, I'm a slacker.
For half a minute, we had Haute Spot Challenges at SiStv where the Fashionistas would challenge you to do some something or another. This challenge was to scrap for/about someone you had never met. I only met this dude online, back in college, was totally my first internet crush, right down to sending me a baby picture which was my first warning about internet love. And so it goes.

I have lots of pics of him with camera in hand. Which, I would think, would suggest that I've also got camera in hand to take said pics. But I don't know, so many folks are convinced I can't take a picture to save my life so maybe it's just magic (yeah, I called you out, and what). Anywho...(I miss Alex...dude Alex, not girl Alex). This was a fun simple one with just some journaling (digi) bout what we each see through the lens/art/science/adventure of photography.
Just a quick collage of the boys in my life that just totally rock my world.

And it wouldn't be a scrap session without some music inspiro (live your life) and some deep journaling to try to motivate myself to do something rather than just stare at pieces of paper for hours on end.
Thanks for looking and be sure to check out my posts at Scrap In Style TV where I'm Bernadette (really easy, imagine that) aka SiS # 57. Really. Check it out.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wedding scrapbook cover photo

Sneak peek (smile)

Love you mom!
Photo by Gerald Pope Photography. Check them out! This is the scrapbook cover page for the wedding photos I'm abitiously trying to get scrapped in time for Christmas. Okay...Christmas 2009.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Non-Conforming to the Non-Conformist

Truly...since the 22nd? I've been a very bad girl. Why people check in daily I have no clue. But for your patience:

At the Fair: So I go to the fair. All ready to win me a gold fish. Riddle me this. How is it not okay to win goldfish but it is okay for kids (most in the midst of a screaming fit) to entertain us by trying to hold onto some mutton across a dirt field for their dear lives. I tell ya.

Do You Remember? Speaking of agreeing to be stuck with me. I snapped this photo a week before that infamous date when we had to go get our papers in order. Dude was crazy sweatin'. Looking back, lots was going on that day and I'm just happy he let me get a picture in the midst of it all. I don't remember the exact date, I just remember it was like a week or so before our actual wedding date. Hence the title. I keep forgetting to ask him if he remembers the date. I'm sure we could track down a nice muni worker who would dig it up.
Queen for a Day: Once upon a time, I was queen for a day. And that day (and that pageant) was a HOT. MESS (of the HAM type, yes dear). On the plus side, I was in HotLanta and as such, I can still claim that 2 out of the 3 times I've been in Atlanta, I was on CNN. It would be accurate to even say that everytime I've been in Atlanta on purpose, I've been on CNN. With a real important talking role. Uh huh.

Same Push: I had a different idea for this layout. It didn't quite come together like that, but the gist is the same. I was going to go all "I am woman, hear me roar" on how we always do it all but really, I've never done it all. I'm too super focused on any given "something" at a time to be a jack of all trades like that. In any event, my master's degree was a stitch in the side. Let me tell ya. Same push to get it done. Studious, but in non-studious ways. it is my upbringing. If I don't have to try, I typically don't.

Split: Love. This. Layout. Each photo really has layers of meaning and the journaling around the edges just kinda really details how split a personality I really can have. How people can stand me in intense doses (ie, Alex, Robert, Liisa, Rachel...people who should know better...only one, sometimes two of which knows my middle name at any given point in time--yes, I checked, I married a dude who didn't think it important to know my middle name which kinda leads me to believe he didn't do the background check I told him he should do...poor lad). Anyhow. Oddly enough, no high school pics. Hmph. I'll have to get on that.

Call it done. Enjoy and thanks for stalking...I mean...coming by! Yes mom, I'm working on it.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bookworms (she still does it)

Well, yes, that way too.  But more layouts are in store.  You can peep them quickly here:

Some with more detail are Below plus two extras I still need to post at SiS but you'll get here first:

I heart your old soul
I heart your old soul: I love the colors and textures to this one.  Almost as much as I love those photos of that adorable child.  I can't wait to have some of him of my own.

Play Hard 07
Play Hard '07: I LOVE watching the two of them together.  They of course jive because it is all about gaming.  Love how this hybrid layout turned out too.

Sagitarian: This one started really simple.  Then I went to town on it digitally.  I saw a cute t-shirt that had all these "sagitarian" traits on one side and the sign on the other side.  So I figured I'd go with it.  Lucky you.  Or shall I say lucky me (smile).


Friday, October 10, 2008

The Words

Behind the layout.  As promised.

Focus Vote

When you flip up the top flap:

Read between the lines...focus. Read between the lines. Connect the dots.  Are you tired yet?  Tired of being scared of what might happen instead of hoping for what could happen?  Does your life depend on this? Will you have a job tomorrow if you wait in long lines to maybe have your voice heard?  Read between the lines....Does it matter enough to you to be so impolite as to actually talk about politics?  Did you ever think you would see the day?  Read between the lines..Do tears come to your eyes making it hard if not impossible to focus on what is really at stake?  Read between the lines...Is it your home?  How about your little brother?  How about your safety?  If you happen to live on a coast?  how about your basic way of living if you live on a gulf coast? Is this the time? Is this the time to say one thing but do another?  Read between the lines...Do you really believe in campaign finance reform? Are you really putting country before self ambition?  Do the polls matter that much if no one tells the truth rather than their own version of "facts"? Read between the lines...Does everything have to be so political?  So lacking in common sense? So overboard and underhanded?  Is it really okay to win at all costs? What happened to common decency?  What happened to at the very least being respectful of other people?  People.  Fellow Americans. Why does it always have to be such a long drawn out game? Complete with scare tactics that prey on the worst of us and then implore us to trust and have faith that really everything will be alright.  Read between the lines...What is the worst that can happen? Will it really be that bad?  Read between the lines. Are you sure?  Where is your faith now? Where is our faith?  Why are we even here?  read between the lines.  I thought we had come for enough to connect the dots.  I thought we were better than this.

Thanks for looking/reading.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

But there was nothing to see here

And for your patience, a flood of epic proportions. Wonder what's on my mind lately (smile).
Enjoy and thanks for hanging in there and waiting for something to squirt out of my brain again.
Baby Card
Baby XO card. I have cute babies on the brain. Like JF's beautiful little boy. Congrats Jody!

Empty Words
Empty Words. Probably my fave of the bunch. Very simple, very ready, very much sums a lot of it up right now. All I can say is thank the Lord I've got R to snuggle up with.

Flick Play
1st Flick. 2nd Play. This one is totally fun. Flicking through travel mags and clipping pages came across some great fall shots. I so miss the "northeast". Only been there once and not really in the fall, but one of these falls I'm so going back. (Hybrid)

I Do. Another simple one. Rare with no journaling but was just using up some scraps. This was a fun and simple one to do to document July. Without July pictures of course.

Worldly. I've sat on these pictures forever. Waiting for the perfect paper and reason to scrap them. So I got off of it. One of the things I miss most about my last job is the crazy travel. Only the part where I got to meet lots of really great scrap people in person like all the ladies pictures here.
They are like stars. shiny. beautiful. unique. out there bit right here. I travel and travel so that I can see the world but really, I don't have to be anywhere to be with them. some say i scrap to be worldly. at the best, i scrap t be other worldly. to meet and play among the stars. just to be of this world.

Thanks for looking~!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Yes. Why Yes I still Do

Just not lately cause the job is kicking my butt, I went off and got married and then I managed to drop my camera day before my wedding. Lovely.

I just got a new one (that takes AWESOME SOC pictures!) and I can't wait to print up some pictures. And scrap them. Really.

In the meantime, I finally managed to get the gigabillion pictures on my computer somewhat stashed into meaningful categories so I'll do an oldies but goodies prep for the newcomers:

Stay sane my crazies. I'm trying.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

I still do

Out of ashes Everyday May 2008_5








She creates

The Sophisticate Sneaks

check it all out at SisTV.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

If you had no patterned paper | Impression Obsession

So if you had no patterned paper, but you had a great little nephew pic to scrap, a bunch of stamps and some cardstock, whatever would you do?

Well in my case, I'd grab my Impression Obsession stamps of course (smile). I heat embossed some fun filligree hearts and the words down the side of the photo are heat embossed too. Add a flower (to a BOY page?! I know I know), add a heart, add some colored ink and cardstock and voila. Just add cute photo of nephew to finish it off.

Fun eh?

I think so! Join in and show me what YOU would do with no patterned paper and a stamp or two.

Be sure to check out these other great no patterned paper takes too: Daniela, Julie, Tina, Laura, Deborah and Penny. Impression Obsession stamps rock! If you want to win some, you should hit up Penny's blog and enter here. Be sure to tell her I sent you (smile). I'm kidding with the last.

Have a great week! I know I am.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Scrapalicious stuff

So...there is a TON and a half of good scrap going on. So let's get to it!

At ScrapInStyle there are soooooo many new and neat things going on. Probably my most favoritist is the Design School. Specifically, because Adrienne is going to do this amazing floating scrapbook.

Floating scrapbook? Yeppers! Check out sneak peek photos here! (Just scroll down past the cupcakes *smile*).

At Impression Obsession, there are a TON of new stamps that I am absolutely in love with.
One of my most fave new sets is the Weeds and Wildflowers set. Penny, who I'm on the DT with, is giving away a set on her blog. Run, don't walk to see about winning them!

Pretty soon (I think), more on my own SiStv class to be offered this year? Uh huh (smile).

Monday, April 07, 2008

Yes, yes, yes

I do still do the whole scrap thing. Had a lot of stuff going on in life and stuff to get done so here we go.

Remember the new Fashionistas at Scrap in Style? Well this really fantastic french chica is my little sister Fashionista. She's got one of the freshest, coolest styles ever. I'd have her in bed with me to digi scrap anyday. Well...hanging out on the bedroom floor.

Beyond that, today was our anniversay. Three years ago I felt so very alone and desolate. I mean, I was surrounded by people and felt invisible and empty and pretty "useless". I mean I was doing big things and was working it. Just about everything in life was perfect EXCEPT for "home". I was struggling with the usual inability to let go without closure and then 2 hours late and still ready to skip class, I met him. And my life has never been the same.

Photo in this layout is one of my fave photos ever--from one of my fave places ever. And of course the guy is my end all be all.

Yet another reflective layout. Last year, right before I said yes to forever with R, I was out recruiting back in upstate NY. Where I tried this last time. Went back to the place. Pretty crazily beat down now. Which reminded me that there was a huge hole in the floor that we had to just go with "it will be fixed" when we booked it. No matter. The willow tree is still there. And I took a moment to sit. Think. Wonder. Hope. And love again. Thank God to love again. Love that shot of my ring on the Napa grapes. Love. It.

And then this past weekend, I ended up spending ALL DAY (and by all day, I mean all day) volunteering, politicin' and getting elected as a Congressional District/State delegate at the Washington State Legislative District caucuses. For those still utterly confused the short of it is that Dem's select their presidential candidate via a caucus. The precinct level caucus (where EVERYONE goes to vote) was in feb. that is what CNN cared about. at that level, we select delegates to represent our precinct at the legislative district level. LD caucuses were this past weekend. The delegates and alternates from across the state go to their respective LD caucuses. At my sight, the 7th, 8th and 9th Congressional Districts held caucuses. In my LD, from approximately 200 delegates we elected 12 (6 men, 6 women) to go on to the Congressional District caucuses and state convention. I'm one of the women. First is the CD caucus which I am a voting delegate at. Second is the state convention which I am also a voting delegate at. The delegates elected from these two levels go on to the national convention in Denver. I won't lie. That would be AWESOME! But chances are slim. So I need to get most of my final photos for my photojournal essay done at the next levels (CD and state). Likely, that will be the end of the project. I'd love to do it for another 6 months though. That would I said...awesome.

Unfortunately, not all is awesome in the land. although, thinking about it, I actually DO think it is awesome that there are tons of protests surrounding the Olympic games. Sure, the games are not political. But they are about goodwill. And to "honor" a country with the right to host those games given the fact that they don't allow a segment of their society to believe and practice those beliefs as they see fit? Save me the twisted, nasty America stuff. I get it. But good on all those protestors. Clever Brit trying to put out the torch with a fire extinguisher. I'd not do that (I'd be the one capturing the pictures of him trying to do that), but that people believe in something strongly enough to be active? Well. See the above.

And. Last but totally NOT least. There is this super special little boy. Who totally melts my heart. All I can say is that I am not sure who is more excited about my, R or this cutie little skeptic.

Enjoy and thanks for visiting to take a gander!