Monday, April 07, 2008

Yes, yes, yes

I do still do the whole scrap thing. Had a lot of stuff going on in life and stuff to get done so here we go.

Remember the new Fashionistas at Scrap in Style? Well this really fantastic french chica is my little sister Fashionista. She's got one of the freshest, coolest styles ever. I'd have her in bed with me to digi scrap anyday. Well...hanging out on the bedroom floor.

Beyond that, today was our anniversay. Three years ago I felt so very alone and desolate. I mean, I was surrounded by people and felt invisible and empty and pretty "useless". I mean I was doing big things and was working it. Just about everything in life was perfect EXCEPT for "home". I was struggling with the usual inability to let go without closure and then 2 hours late and still ready to skip class, I met him. And my life has never been the same.

Photo in this layout is one of my fave photos ever--from one of my fave places ever. And of course the guy is my end all be all.

Yet another reflective layout. Last year, right before I said yes to forever with R, I was out recruiting back in upstate NY. Where I tried this last time. Went back to the place. Pretty crazily beat down now. Which reminded me that there was a huge hole in the floor that we had to just go with "it will be fixed" when we booked it. No matter. The willow tree is still there. And I took a moment to sit. Think. Wonder. Hope. And love again. Thank God to love again. Love that shot of my ring on the Napa grapes. Love. It.

And then this past weekend, I ended up spending ALL DAY (and by all day, I mean all day) volunteering, politicin' and getting elected as a Congressional District/State delegate at the Washington State Legislative District caucuses. For those still utterly confused the short of it is that Dem's select their presidential candidate via a caucus. The precinct level caucus (where EVERYONE goes to vote) was in feb. that is what CNN cared about. at that level, we select delegates to represent our precinct at the legislative district level. LD caucuses were this past weekend. The delegates and alternates from across the state go to their respective LD caucuses. At my sight, the 7th, 8th and 9th Congressional Districts held caucuses. In my LD, from approximately 200 delegates we elected 12 (6 men, 6 women) to go on to the Congressional District caucuses and state convention. I'm one of the women. First is the CD caucus which I am a voting delegate at. Second is the state convention which I am also a voting delegate at. The delegates elected from these two levels go on to the national convention in Denver. I won't lie. That would be AWESOME! But chances are slim. So I need to get most of my final photos for my photojournal essay done at the next levels (CD and state). Likely, that will be the end of the project. I'd love to do it for another 6 months though. That would I said...awesome.

Unfortunately, not all is awesome in the land. although, thinking about it, I actually DO think it is awesome that there are tons of protests surrounding the Olympic games. Sure, the games are not political. But they are about goodwill. And to "honor" a country with the right to host those games given the fact that they don't allow a segment of their society to believe and practice those beliefs as they see fit? Save me the twisted, nasty America stuff. I get it. But good on all those protestors. Clever Brit trying to put out the torch with a fire extinguisher. I'd not do that (I'd be the one capturing the pictures of him trying to do that), but that people believe in something strongly enough to be active? Well. See the above.

And. Last but totally NOT least. There is this super special little boy. Who totally melts my heart. All I can say is that I am not sure who is more excited about my, R or this cutie little skeptic.

Enjoy and thanks for visiting to take a gander!

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