Thursday, March 20, 2008

Her name starts with T...

Went to and the lucky number was:


Accounting for doubles and triples on those special days, (just went 1-38 and then went down the list for two or three more times as appropriate to add your extra entries), I'd like to say a hearty congrats to:

TracyP said...
Awesome Awesome!!!! Love KI and since I haven't been able to snatch on of these anywhere:):):)!!! Your so FAB to being giving one as a RAK!!!!!:):):)
8:50 AM

Congrats Tracy! Be sure to send me your mailing addy so that I can get that to you.
Tomorrow after all the running around, I'll just drop names in a hat and pull one for a special little extra treat as well.

Thanks for the comments on the album! One of my most favorite projects to date was entering that KI contest year before last. Soon as I saw the Color Theory line and how each literally focused on color theory (moods and sentiments around particular colors) I knew my theme immediately. So happy I'm in love with a guy that was so willing to be "out there" on this project.

Be in touch TracyP before I have to give your planner away again (smile).

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TracyP said...

Thank you so much Bernadette!!! I have been so sick! And WOW that definitely made me get up off the couch!!! You Rock:) And thank you so much!!!!!