Friday, March 14, 2008

Yes you may have another...or two

I know I know. For being so good, I'll give you two!
Front side of color coordinated photo tags.

Flipped side of color coordinated tags.

TFL! I'll count all comments twice today (two entries into the pot) for being a slacker yesterday.


Trynity said...

Okay so it leaves one to ponder,
just how do you manage to do it ?
"It" of course being your innate ability to astound, amaze. and awe me not only with your visually stunning art, but also your words, which ebb from your pen as smoothly as the ink.

Someday, oh wise and sage one, you shall have to teach young grasshoppers just how to become one with the scrap. lol

Sharmaine said...

Woweee now they look super cool!!
Drool and love thats what I feel looking at your creations!!

Erin said...

so amazing!
love this book!