Thursday, March 26, 2009

Why, When, Who and What - on Leaving SiS

Officially - March 1.

I no longer have that bright little red F star next to my name at Scrap in Style TV.
All in all, I need to be purposeful and make a difference. There is a ton (okay...a ton and a HALF) of talent at SiS just oozing out your monitor and like my work life, my love life (ouch) and my life life, I just feel that I gotta keep it fresh. New challenges, new goals, new hills (mountains lately) to climb, new springness all around.

I thought I could totally just go cold turkey on the scrap with no scrap room in sight. I just can't quite that stuff man. So I'll be around. Commenting on your stuff and getting inspired. Occasionally looking at the box of scrappiness I just COULD NOT pack away (it is just so fun to touch...).

And yes, scrapping.

Keep it real, touch people, be you and watch out now.
hunkering down for 2 years (or so) of white bread, American cheese and mayonaise sandwiches.
The sacrifices we make for the American dream.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A year to grow on - blogging flow

So by now, you know I've resigned at Scrap In Style. Yeah and it goes.

So I think, while we're staging and not doing anything remotely resembling LIVING in this house for the next few billion months, I figured I'd post a scrap page recap a day (or, as often as I post since we all know daily isn't in my vocab). Just to open up the floodgates and try to convince myself that scrapbooking is essential daily living again. Wouldn't want to forget how to do it and all.

This first one is for Ms. (Mrs.) Ohio who wants to know all about scrap.

A Tale of 2 Beach Bum Lovers

Love this page. Six photos (the little circle photos around the main photos are tiny condensed photos), one piece of scrap paper from my fave 7gypsies. A lick of ribbon (not sure by who, I have TONS of ribbon scraps, really...I packed the boxes), a couple of chipboard hearts (Making Memories) painted red. Some chipboard letters also painted red (also Making Memories) and some left over letter stickers I had a while ago. A couple of great stamps (the dotted circle and the tiny heart). Some hand journaling that tells the story of the title and some stamping to list out all the different beaches we've been to together.

TFL (again)!