Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I've got style!

Blue Media style that is. Got a call for a layout--number 12...the infamous Moments. I love that layout. So simple, so clean. Love it. And it got picked up for pub. Finally.

Much love to all.

So I have a whole bunch of layouts I did on the road. Didn't take the scrap supplies as I wanted and that is probably a really good thing. But did do it to it digitally. Got lots to share and hope to have lots of internet time thsi coming week to get some of it posted.

Till then!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

WHAT?! MM Idol?!

Yeah...that was my reaction when, after seeming forever of no internet access, I signed in to my email to find out that I hadn't made the top 5. I was like "well, duh...1000 entries, that's no shocker".

So really, I was thinking that it was a standard (but really nice--in wording and thought) mass generated email to everyone who entered.

Then it dawned on me.

Girl, you are one of the 20 finalists!

I think I about sucked all the air out of this here 10 story hotel. Yeah, I was beyond shocked.

Not in a "well, it would be really cool, keep the fingers crossed, sure I have as good a chance as everyone else please, please, please call me KI" kinda way (smile).

But in a genuinely "Oh snap, I didn't even get to worry over this one and what a pleasant email to come online to" kinda way.

You know what this means right? Well, aside from the cool notion (cool notions being those that are always handy to have when you're on one of those "I'd rather be doing something else" moments) that this past year has shown me love from Scrapworks, KI Memories, Making Memories and the lovely Effers, to me, this also means more confirmation. No, not that I create cool or great things. Far from that. But confirmation that doing it "just because" is just as fun. It is a lot less pressure. It is tons more rewarding. Not creating for calls. For this, they said you could enter new or old stuff. I entered all old stuff. Didn't ask anyone which pieces I should enter, I just entered some of my faves. No, they were not totally all MM'd out. No they were not totally complicated and technique heavy. They were just my faves. Kinda like the KI album--wasn't all KI'd or Color Theory'd out. Was a bit more complicated and definitely very me--not sugary sappy sweet (cause, honey, though sweet, the sap runneth dry when adulthood showed me the reality light)--but very...I don't know. Just me. Not preachy, but "consider this" debatable. In a very subtle way. You'll see.

But anyhow, I totally digress. So which pieces did I submit? I submitted...14 (You Inspired Me), 12 (Moments) and 7 (Pieces of Her) from the SOY entry I posted here. Check em out. Next internet access moment I'll post links!