Wednesday, April 26, 2006

It is Wednesday...of course there is much love.
This is a promised one too. Very work in progress, but my laptop is crashing out on me again so I'm going to post this as is with the disclaimer that this is a work in progress. This is how I scrapped one of my Tulip Fest pics!

{ETA} This is the finished copy of the layout and it is all digi!
Check that out if you will

I have lots of little details (inking, stitching and what not--this is a direct lift of the same layout I did as a paper version) to save to this version, but I've tried a few too many times and I'm losing my patience. Before bashing my laptop, I'm going to go ahead and step away from this. But did want to follow through with posting what I have so...enjoy! This weekend I'll post the list of materials and where to get them so that you can do cool digi layouts too! need love. I understand. I have three's hard to keep up with all of them. And with this scrappy know that I so post everywhere under the sun so I know you all are a bit more forgiving...

Okay. Really, there is no excuse. So a little treat for you!

All digi of course cause I own paper anymore. Yeah...and I do. And I have lots of work there. But currently camera less so it's hard to upload. But if you stop by my pad, I'd be happy to share!

Not to mention digi is addictive.

Look me up (imanisasa) at 2peas and you'll see the inspiration for the one above. Some would call it freestyle. I will call it graphic expose. It really FOCUSES (believe me...or don't) on the real lifeness of...well...real life.


Sunday, April 09, 2006

Oh I think they like me...

Oh I think they like me...

Okay...I listen to crap. And what? But really...I do think they like me. I'm still a survivor. Yep, Yep.

And whoa...I get to shout a big one come the 15th. It's not huge to most folks, but this is so completely, totally, up my niche. I'm appreciated...I'm known, I'm actually sought out. How ya like them peas?

Download queen tonight...all sorts of digital goodies galore. Scrapbook Bytes...Designer Digitals...Peppermint Lots of great folks. Evidently, I'm a big fan of Jen Wilson--racked up like $30 worth of stuff from her tonight. And I could have probably managed $50 more if I didn't have BF asking whether I should be spending up the vacation fund. Or something like that.

Time to upload a pic. And get on home.

What a fantastic weekend indeed.

Friday, April 07, 2006

You Inspired Me

You Inspired Me
You Inspired Me,
originally uploaded by imanisasa.
And here is the flicker noted version. Go me it is worth it. There's a little challenge for you to guess away at (or sit here and actually figure it out). You have until 8pm PDT Sunday and I will have a cool rak full o' product for the winner...good luck!

Yeah can email me guesses, but I'd prefer you post them here so everyone knows what they're up against...
Happy Anniversary. No...not of blogging (although lots of scrap blogs are celebrating a year nowadays...who knew I was getting in on this in the early days...). But of meeting that lovely BF of mine.

So in tribute, I give you all this:

Shhh...he doesn't know it's for him yet...
For those of you with absolutely nothing to do, check out the post right before this one for a cool little challenge involving the heart. Super RAK involved for the winner!
Have a great weekend!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Oh happy day. Getting blog hits on the photo blog (shots fired) AND got invited to a Design Team AND found out that I'm not out of the Scrap Survivor. Wow. What a happy Monday morning. Lord knows poor BF was not feeling the moodiness yesterday.

More on yesterday on the "real life" blog (Colored White).