Wednesday, April 26, 2006 need love. I understand. I have three's hard to keep up with all of them. And with this scrappy know that I so post everywhere under the sun so I know you all are a bit more forgiving...

Okay. Really, there is no excuse. So a little treat for you!

All digi of course cause I own paper anymore. Yeah...and I do. And I have lots of work there. But currently camera less so it's hard to upload. But if you stop by my pad, I'd be happy to share!

Not to mention digi is addictive.

Look me up (imanisasa) at 2peas and you'll see the inspiration for the one above. Some would call it freestyle. I will call it graphic expose. It really FOCUSES (believe me...or don't) on the real lifeness of...well...real life.


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Alison said...

I LOVE this.
Checking you out a 2ps.