Sunday, April 09, 2006

Oh I think they like me...

Oh I think they like me...

Okay...I listen to crap. And what? But really...I do think they like me. I'm still a survivor. Yep, Yep.

And whoa...I get to shout a big one come the 15th. It's not huge to most folks, but this is so completely, totally, up my niche. I'm appreciated...I'm known, I'm actually sought out. How ya like them peas?

Download queen tonight...all sorts of digital goodies galore. Scrapbook Bytes...Designer Digitals...Peppermint Lots of great folks. Evidently, I'm a big fan of Jen Wilson--racked up like $30 worth of stuff from her tonight. And I could have probably managed $50 more if I didn't have BF asking whether I should be spending up the vacation fund. Or something like that.

Time to upload a pic. And get on home.

What a fantastic weekend indeed.

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