Friday, September 29, 2006 don't create anymore?

That is certainly the double edged sword. I do create. TONS. Just so much of it is for assignment and "sneak peaks" are okay but need to be taken down by... I just need to drop the dime and get a high speed card. A whole nother story.

This past week I took so many great pics. And I have so many great kits to scrap with. And so many RAKs to send off. I promise. If I owe you a RAK it will be WELL WORTH THE WAIT. Pinky swear ya.

I have a room full of fun stuff to play with and just no time to sit down and do it. That whole "no sharp objects on the plane thing. But that makes me think. Maybe...just maybe, I'm going to go ahead and pack a scrap bag with me. Take some stuff to have fun with. Especially since I keep using the same stuff over and over with now, I should just take a slight sidebag full of stuff and challenge myself to scrap a layout a day while on the road this week. How fun would that be?

Ambitious. We'll see if we can pull it off!

I did find layout/project 20 by the way. It's a file on the other computer that for the life of me I cannot get to transfer over. Looking back on those traumatic moments, I remember that I had to print it off individually (and then realized that my home printer did AS GOOD a job as shipping everything to and learn) so I did have 20. If you come by my digs, I'll show it to ya. Or when I get back in again, I'll get a photo. So much to do. Lots of time to do it in, but I'd prefer to go and contact some more mfs for the pub dinner! Boxes are rolling in. It is so friggin' fun!

Friday, September 15, 2006

19 of 20

uhhmmm...19 of 20

Uhhhm because evidently, I'm an idiot.
20 required...20.
And I can only find 19 of mine.
I hope for the life and love of all sacred I had it together enough to include 20.
I'm sure I did. had to have.
Now I need to go home and look at my actual copy.
Annoying. Almost as much...check that, not nearly as much as it is embarassing.
I'll figure it out. I'm on a mission now!

18 of 20...

18 of 20?
A Rose is a Rose...and then some

I know...I so promised to have it done before I left. So it's only fair I give you two. is the thing.

I have my least fave and one of my faves left. Here's to least fave's to get it out fo the system...

IRL (nope...not at band camp, but in real life) I liked the concept and was going for more. They actually look really cool on my window ledge. ask...where is the photo. Took a chance with this one.

There are actually three shadowboxes to this one. One, with a single flower is the first set of roses the current fantastic guy gave me. Alas, I didn't keep the first single rose.

Another set is one rose each from "that relationship". Uh huh.

And the other set is a rose from each significant event in my life--graduations (plural--I have one from high school, one from undergrad and one from grad).

I used to have these all in this really REALLY neat wood bowl. Which I no longer have. It was hard to move coast to coast. Then I had these in a plastic bag. Really not good. And in another shadowbox frame--a gold one. But the collection outgrew it and the white ones really go with the current decor...

so it goes. Not my fave, but growing on me and one of the few entries that actually gets air time now know how it goes.

And as I upload this. I realise that I'm off...gotta find two more after this...hmmm...

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


delivered. @ 10:23 am. see how it all works out when you stop stressing so much?

I so, so SO want to share that album. I cannot. But you're gonna LOVE it. But since I cannot share that, it kinda sorta seems only fair that maybe we take this old school eh? Show you how I USED to scrap?

Yeah right!

In any event, I just did a whole lotta shopping for digi stuff. What? She does digi? Yeppers...when I'm on the road. Which is through the end of the year. I have some paper projects to finish when I get home. Gotta see about taking Thursday off from work (usually we get the day after we get back off) but might just go in later. In the morning, or evening--depending--I'll get the stuff done for the Summer Bash at Scrappin Trends. I hope I'll have my kit for October at Diversity Designs so I can get that done before I hit the road too.

I've got some great ideas for three layouts I want to get done tonight. And I can actually share one (probably two) of them. Fun times!

Be on the lookout and thanks for stressing the postal issue for me so that I could let it go.

Philly is almost over. Check the life blog for why that is a good and a bad thing.

Monday, September 11, 2006


Is that the post office's way of saying "We messed up"?

Cause they did. Don't know where McKinney, TX is. But I do know where Plano is. In relation to Addison. Thank goodness for insurance in case something was missent and never delivered. Thank goodness for delivery confirmation to know where it is going. Thank goodness for priority mail to make it a bit more "urgent" that they fix that mistake.

Oh heck for not just sending it express or something like that to make SURE it got there in a reasonable amount of time. Breathing. I sent it Friday. Relax. It's Monday night. Everything is fine.

This post brought you from the fantastic town of Philly. And then she said.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Tracking...the numbers we have to track it one more time:

0306 1070 0001 5801 0859

Insured it this time too. Yeah and of course.

So 18 of 20. We're really at the point of "who knows what she posted" and's only 3 more. So I'm going to hold off on that. That way, when I get back on Thursday, I can finish out with Thursday, Friday and a Saturday flutter out with the full 20. Fun times.

So in the scrap world--was asked to do another DT. Coolness. Have to really think on it though. As I get ready to travel, I switch from paper into more digi scrapping. I need to find the site where I can have my handwriting made into a font for my computer. In love with my handwriting nowadays and that has been the stalling factor on me really getting back to digi. But I did just buy a whole lot of elements for the road. Fun times!

Also in the scrap world, got my totally cool Urban Lily Kit for the Summer Bash Round 3. Rocks! Gotta do two layouts and alter my sugar cube. Now to think how I want to do all of the above. Had some ideas looking at the paper. We shall see. Have all sorts of new pics to fall in love with so...there that is.

On the road I hope to finish contacting all the pub dinner sponsors. We shall see how that goes (smile).

Have fun and I hope to be able to check in here a couple of times while out. At the very least I hope to be able to update Colored White and get some Philly photos for the Shots Fired blog. Which reminds me that I need to pack up the baby camera.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

17 of 20...or thereabouts...

Okay okay...
17 of 20 SoY Unloved
(commentary: see...on the MBs they said it was okay to do non-layout memory related items. But, really, I think all the mini books and non-layout items in my entry did go a bit overboard. Live and learn!)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

See now...

"Some folks...they let that win just get all up in their head" is what you are thinking. But really, it is nothing like that.

Totally, TOTALLY psyched cause that number we tracked...remember way back on the 15th of that Other Month...

it totally rocked my world on Friday night. In the midst of making Enchiladas. Green chicken enchiladas to be exact.

It was a funny ring--because it was a blocked call. So, of course I knew who it was. I lept out the couch to get the phone. Only, my phone is a hata. Hata.

I touched the thing and it stopped wringing. Flipped it open and shouted hello for the hood to hear. Yeah...uhm nothing.

Sigh...was probably nothing.

Settle in for some time on :that couch: with :that guy: and the voice mail ring comes on. Okay...I gotta check that.

Open up...tells me it is from a blocked id. Then there are Ira and Kim (in order of apperance for my message) telling me what I was in denial about most of the weekend--

I'm a FinAList! Did you hear me? I'm a FINALIST?

You know what so totally rocks my world about this? Okay...moment of honesty here. It rocks my world that I get an Ipod (smile). Cause that means BF can get me something else for Christmas. Something about 6'6" tall, and warm and snuggly...

but i digress.

Aside from the ipod, what is so totally earth shattering about this to me was that for once, I did what I wanted to do and it worked! I know I know...follow your own style, stop messing on "what you think they want" and all that jazz. I finally followed my own big headed advice and low and behold!

Totally cool.

Cannot wait to share that album. Loved it before the phone call, loved it after the phone call, love it more every day.

Peace out.