Friday, September 29, 2006 don't create anymore?

That is certainly the double edged sword. I do create. TONS. Just so much of it is for assignment and "sneak peaks" are okay but need to be taken down by... I just need to drop the dime and get a high speed card. A whole nother story.

This past week I took so many great pics. And I have so many great kits to scrap with. And so many RAKs to send off. I promise. If I owe you a RAK it will be WELL WORTH THE WAIT. Pinky swear ya.

I have a room full of fun stuff to play with and just no time to sit down and do it. That whole "no sharp objects on the plane thing. But that makes me think. Maybe...just maybe, I'm going to go ahead and pack a scrap bag with me. Take some stuff to have fun with. Especially since I keep using the same stuff over and over with now, I should just take a slight sidebag full of stuff and challenge myself to scrap a layout a day while on the road this week. How fun would that be?

Ambitious. We'll see if we can pull it off!

I did find layout/project 20 by the way. It's a file on the other computer that for the life of me I cannot get to transfer over. Looking back on those traumatic moments, I remember that I had to print it off individually (and then realized that my home printer did AS GOOD a job as shipping everything to and learn) so I did have 20. If you come by my digs, I'll show it to ya. Or when I get back in again, I'll get a photo. So much to do. Lots of time to do it in, but I'd prefer to go and contact some more mfs for the pub dinner! Boxes are rolling in. It is so friggin' fun!

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