Friday, September 08, 2006

Tracking...the numbers we have to track it one more time:

0306 1070 0001 5801 0859

Insured it this time too. Yeah and of course.

So 18 of 20. We're really at the point of "who knows what she posted" and's only 3 more. So I'm going to hold off on that. That way, when I get back on Thursday, I can finish out with Thursday, Friday and a Saturday flutter out with the full 20. Fun times.

So in the scrap world--was asked to do another DT. Coolness. Have to really think on it though. As I get ready to travel, I switch from paper into more digi scrapping. I need to find the site where I can have my handwriting made into a font for my computer. In love with my handwriting nowadays and that has been the stalling factor on me really getting back to digi. But I did just buy a whole lot of elements for the road. Fun times!

Also in the scrap world, got my totally cool Urban Lily Kit for the Summer Bash Round 3. Rocks! Gotta do two layouts and alter my sugar cube. Now to think how I want to do all of the above. Had some ideas looking at the paper. We shall see. Have all sorts of new pics to fall in love with so...there that is.

On the road I hope to finish contacting all the pub dinner sponsors. We shall see how that goes (smile).

Have fun and I hope to be able to check in here a couple of times while out. At the very least I hope to be able to update Colored White and get some Philly photos for the Shots Fired blog. Which reminds me that I need to pack up the baby camera.

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