Tuesday, September 12, 2006


delivered. @ 10:23 am. see how it all works out when you stop stressing so much?

I so, so SO want to share that album. I cannot. But you're gonna LOVE it. But since I cannot share that, it kinda sorta seems only fair that maybe we take this old school eh? Show you how I USED to scrap?

Yeah right!

In any event, I just did a whole lotta shopping for digi stuff. What? She does digi? Yeppers...when I'm on the road. Which is through the end of the year. I have some paper projects to finish when I get home. Gotta see about taking Thursday off from work (usually we get the day after we get back off) but might just go in later. In the morning, or evening--depending--I'll get the stuff done for the Summer Bash at Scrappin Trends. I hope I'll have my kit for October at Diversity Designs so I can get that done before I hit the road too.

I've got some great ideas for three layouts I want to get done tonight. And I can actually share one (probably two) of them. Fun times!

Be on the lookout and thanks for stressing the postal issue for me so that I could let it go.

Philly is almost over. Check the life blog for why that is a good and a bad thing.

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