Friday, September 15, 2006

18 of 20...

18 of 20?
A Rose is a Rose...and then some

I know...I so promised to have it done before I left. So it's only fair I give you two. is the thing.

I have my least fave and one of my faves left. Here's to least fave's to get it out fo the system...

IRL (nope...not at band camp, but in real life) I liked the concept and was going for more. They actually look really cool on my window ledge. ask...where is the photo. Took a chance with this one.

There are actually three shadowboxes to this one. One, with a single flower is the first set of roses the current fantastic guy gave me. Alas, I didn't keep the first single rose.

Another set is one rose each from "that relationship". Uh huh.

And the other set is a rose from each significant event in my life--graduations (plural--I have one from high school, one from undergrad and one from grad).

I used to have these all in this really REALLY neat wood bowl. Which I no longer have. It was hard to move coast to coast. Then I had these in a plastic bag. Really not good. And in another shadowbox frame--a gold one. But the collection outgrew it and the white ones really go with the current decor...

so it goes. Not my fave, but growing on me and one of the few entries that actually gets air time now know how it goes.

And as I upload this. I realise that I'm off...gotta find two more after this...hmmm...

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